Monday, May 3, 2010

A super supportive award

I have adored blogging so very much, since I started in the summer of 2008.
Julie from Equinemine blog got me hooked!
 Little did I know...I would cultivate  wonderful relationships/friendships from around the world- with my adventures and misadventures sometimes, with my Thoroughbred mare.

Stephanie, Over at "The Aspiring Equestrian" 

has bestowed  this award to me and others. 
She has inspired me, in so many ways. She has a lovely Horse, named Fawkes, and shows and jumps and does all the things I dream of, but probably will not do with my mare.  
Always encouraging  and always rising to the occasion, she trains and rides.

The 'rules' of this are very, very simple: 
The award is the "Super Support Award" and it goes to those folks who have been invaluable, in one way or another, in your training, race preparation, or any support that you would like to recognize. 

There are no rules as to how many you can give out but do make a note of the folks you are recognizing by linking them in your blog. 
Please copy and paste the image in your blog as well~
I would Love to bestow this award to SYDNEY- over at 
"Bitless horse:Science vs Tradition"....a sweet and devoted gal that trains and rides and drives horses. She has taken the time to educate herself, and others, about some very important issues in horse well being. I love reading her blog and links she has have truly been supporting for me. 
She, by her quest for Utmost health of the horse Supports many!
Thanks Sydney!


  1. Congrats KC! I read Equine Mine and Sydney's blog too. Both are great. We are lucky to have so many interesting and educational horse people out there.

  2. Congrats on a wonderful award Kacey!

  3. Aww shucks! Thanks.

    I hope you would like the shoes. We had such issues with the boots. I like the renegade hoof boots best. I still have a pair of easyboots that are unused if you know someone who has a horse/pony who would take a size 00. We found, especially compared to metal shoes our horses were less fatigued, had better grip especially on pavement and on wet surfaces compared to shoes. They also outlasted metal shoes. When we were done 8-10 weeks on metal shoes we could literally bend them in half with our hands because the toe was so worn. Borium spots were slippery so that was not an option and caulks didn't do anything. We got on average 20 weeks out of the easywalkers. Amazing. I can't wait to hear about how your adventure goes with them. Anything you want to know wear/use wise on them please do ask.
    I'll be posting the award this week. Thanks again!

  4. Just checking in to say Hi... haven't visited lately, but always thinking of you, friend.

    Nice awawrd!

    Patrina <")>><

  5. rofl!!! What a funny award banner. Cracked me up!

    Lock 'em and Load 'em up, Kacy!
    Congrats to my friend...and to Sydney, too!


  6. On the easywalkers- If you do use the pads you can indeed cut out the pad with an exacto a few weeks in when they are still on the horse.

    I do not use the pads unless theres snow. The shoes are a little harder to clean than metal/barefoot so you do need a good strong metal pick. However I didn't think there was an issue unless your horse specifically needed pads for a reason. I would go without them honestly. Indigo was fine and she gets stone bruises easy.

    Talk to Mike Barriault. He is the distributor for Canada/US hes a farrier and very informative. I do believe he said he used a type of silicon or other hoof packing? I am not entirely sure. We have one owner around here who went to the clinic and used the easywalkers that used the pads because their one gelding has foundered.

  7. Congrats Kacy! And congrats to Sydney!


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