Monday, May 24, 2010

Walking Confidently on the pavement!

We tried out our NEW EASYWALKER HORSESHOES Yesterday....we like em! No more slipping!


  1. thats so great, I had a friend that used those shoes too.

    However, I MUST know where you got those riding jeans!!


  2. High tech hooves! How are those things attached? Very glad that Wa's new feet provide both of you with confidence on the trail.

  3. I love the sound our easywalkers make on the pavement. Kinda like the song of metal horse shoes with a new beat.

  4. Brooke at "Equi Fashion"- is the best for customer service!! She located the riding breeches for me and also sent me the shirt...without charging me till we knew it fit!
    They have them in Dover..."Goode Rider"Jean rider, are they comfortable as butter!

  5. Nails...just like horseshoes. The differance is the ability to absorb shock and to have concsussion occure like a normal heal would. So the hoof and leg health is improved by 100%...vets are really liking them for any horse that has hoof or leg problems..they help I figure..I can't go wrong with a healthy hoof and leg!

  6. I love how they don't make that horribly tinny sound that metal shoes make. They fit well into a nature hack much better, so you don't scare away all the wildlife.



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