Monday, May 24, 2010


~ from barefoot to hoof boots to EASYWALKER horseshoes.
The TB mare has pretty tough hooves for her breed. It
could have alot to do with she was bred for stability. Her TB Dam was sound and never raced , her Sire was raced but retired early. He was solid. My mare has never raced and has been fed a low sugar, moderate protein diet. She has only had STEEL shoes once in her life at age  3, just to have had the experience and to be well behaved for professionals.

The first few years we rode mostly in arenas....nicely manicured and soft footings from sand to hogs fuel and some just plain dirt.

.... but we would venture out to trails with some "Easyboot Epics" on the fronts for the rocked footing of the horse parks near us. They worked okay...unless we trotted . What a pain they were...cables and gaiters and OH, what a pain they were!! We did that for a year or so  till, she completely ripped them off, everytime we went out!

I then tried the "Easyboot Boa's" . They stayed on but were CLUNKY..then that cable broke..and I tried to replace it to save money..and my husband tried too..NOPE, out they went. Then I tried "Old MAC G-2's"- Another clunky boot that would get wet in our Oregon Mud, stretch, then  twist .  Once the mare tripped, because of them and fell on me coming up a very uneven trail. OUT they went!!

Beach riding is about the most perfect place on earth for barefooted horses...but I can only do that maybe twice a year. Plus, if I wish to ride the Bay side of the places we go to at the ocean..that requires boots too!

So basically, our riding terrains call for Hoof boots rains making for softer grounds we have in Oregon. They make for softer hooves when we go to the trails and  graveled forestry service roads- we have to ride upon here- in abundance. These rocks are more like small boulders, and it is necessary to protect the hooves.

 LAST YEAR~ 2010~ I found Sydney at "Bitlesshorseblog" and she introduced to me another alternative alternative method to boots. "EASYWALKER" horse shoes. They are made of a shock aborbing Co-Polymer material that flexes and concusses-almost as much as a natural hoof would. It is the closest thing to natural I have found for the health of the hoof and leg of the horse. PLUS...they don't slip on pavement. I like that.

After trying the shoes out and liking them so very much for the riding I do, I wanted to have a BASE LINE in Thermography done for the mare before I reapply the E.W. horse shoes. I also wanted to see if there was anything to know about my hoof boots.

My mare seemed be be telling me about them.
Every so often I would catch her grunting going down hills(with the protective boots on) or she would do a "Stringhalt" walk, in the hinds.

The THERMOGRAPHY done after only 2 rides with the latest hoof boots I found to try- "CAVALLO SPORT"- the results of them on the mare...not good at all, and damage would ensue if I continued to apply them to Wa's hooves. I felt terrible that it was this bad!!
 Below are the results. My image is NOT as defined as the real image..I took the photo of my Equine Therapist's camera's view.
RED HOT what we saw from the hoof boots!
Need I say..OUT these go too!!!

 I have contacted the Cavallo folks describing my results..the owner did write to me, and today she is to call and we will discuss what the Thermography findings were, and the mare's obvious discomfort wearing them. I am also happy to report- my investment of $126.000 will be refunded by the Co. ! ****Though this result may not be the same outcome for you and your horse
 Please be careful of Hoof boots that extend above the hoof!!!

One thing I credit  the EASYBOOT folks for is that they are accountable to list "mileage" that  any given boot is suggested to worn for...because of these problems of restraining the horses natural movement and gait with the taller boots- being restrictive in design.
The trauma to my mare was  not only at my mare's fetlock/back pastern area, it was in the front of her leg as well, in the muscles that lift her toe. I am so happy I have a Qualified person to help me discover  I may have injured my horse-unknowingly!!
 Of my entire mare's body...this was the only RED HOT place. She would not allow us to touch it.

I have been cold hosing and applying cooling therapies to the mare all week...she seems to be healing and regaining a normal stride.

She was very sore, while wearing the boots the day before on the second walking the point of lifting her legs unnaturally so.  I had to take the boots off midway through he ride and strap them to the breast collar, to ride with me homeward.

I am waiting to have the Easywalker horseshoes set again upon my mares hooves.
I have found a barefoot specialist that used to be a farrier. She has agreed to set the shoes for me. I anxiouly await the the muddy spring of Oregon has softened my mare's hooves to the point of no riding on our trails at this point.
Below is the Post from last year's first applications of the E.W. shoes.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

MAN-  have I waited soo long to ride like I have -not a care in the world- meaning: knowing that my mare's feet are not being hurt and I don't constantly have to look down at the hoof boots!

 I normally  have to make sure that the hoof boots have not twisted, or flown off. They are too expensive to loose! And not to mention...having to pick and choose where I ride as to the depth of mudd,  and or steepness of the hills. No traction with the hoof boots.

AND...untill today...I did not realize how upsetting and bothersome the boots had become to my mare too...her slipping and groaning, and balking at hills....always pensive.

Today, it was so different! 1 day after the EASY WALKER HORSE SHOES application. We strode familar sloppy trails..and my mare was NOT apprehensive! That was HUGE!

I now look at the pile of OLD Boots I own ...much stock in Easy boots(that were NOT easy!) and Old macs-EB Boa's....Cavallo's...
You can say the past 4 years have been me trying my darnedest to remain- barefooted- and fancy- free.

Well , that was not really it for us...though-for a TB- she has excellent hooves!
 My new Farrier dude took hoof caliper testers to her make sure she was not tender and to get a read out on her personally.
He was well pleased, and noted that she had excellent heals and  good concavity .

The mare took to the new shoes and walked confidently upon her gravel paddock.

FUN stuff that I have not been able to do at all with my hoof what We did together Yesterday....
I had my NEW GOODE RIDER Couture Jean Breeches on, and we went for a spin.......

See VIDEO Posts below~


  1. gorgeous new shoes .....any girl loves new shoes of course!!!!. and got to love the new pocket detail.Hope you enjoy strutting yourself out on the trails

  2. What a relief for you, happy trails KK!

  3. It's looking good.
    What is that on the 'All kinds of new' pic?

  4. Hmm.... Ok... I'm going to do some investigation on those.

    Is the new video of you and Wa jumping? if so very very cool!

  5. They are cool lookin'! So do they glue on?

  6. I am SOOOO glad you like the easywalkers! They really are a new breed of shoe. Please do keep us updated.

  7. I can't view the video's however it says they are private D:

  8. So many great choices in horsey shoes today! I have been through your scenario before. UGH. Frustrating at the least.

    We have just hired a new farrier. I need someone who understands the feet of 29 year old Cadence. Our last farrier just wants to treat every horse the same. They are not all the same!
    Also, needed someone who has worked with a lot of weanlings. Our old farrier wanted to be aggressive with Annie. Really P*@*#d me off! I don't want her to be fearful of having her feet trimmed. He was setting her up for a lifetime of fear!

    Keep us posted on the new shoes. I am really interested in how the next few weeks go!
    Wonderful day to you! xo, misha

  9. Kacy, nice looking shoes but I am wondering....does the shoe have a solid bottom? If the horses feet get wet under the shoe what happens to the sole and frog of the foot?
    So far Gilly's feet are good and strong and needs no boots or shoes. Rocks don't bother him at all, I am so glad he has great feet!
    What video? I can't find anything to click on to see it! :-(

  10. Those are some fancy shoes, and some fancy pants! Cool!

    How wonderful that you notice such a difference in how confident and comfortable WA is. Just imagine if your feet were hurting all the time, I wouldn't want to walk anywhere!

    When I try and click on the videos it says "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request"

  11. Pretty snazzy britches you got there Kacy!! Very cool!! I've never had any luck with boots either...a major pain. Glad to hear Wa likes them and feels confident - good sign. Hopefully you'll report satisfaction as time goes on. Are they glued on? Any holes to let water escape? How long are they supposed to be left on? Full of questions, aren't I??? Inquiring minds want to know girlfriend!! I'm so happy you're getting a new truck - very exciting stuff!! Can I just say---Dodge? Kidding!!

  12. The EASYWALKERSHOES do come without the pad insert for the middle, but the farrier asked me what kinds of terrains I rode and the rocks are pretty large. The blackish stuff in the one photo is the hoof packing goo that help the sole and frog remain dry and bacteria free. There are holes in the shoes for breathing...and Wa's concavity also make gaps for drainage.

    I made an apt for 6 weeks to start with...he said 8 weeks would be going longer...but, i know Wa's hooves grow FAST....We ride hard, hoping to make the 6 week plan. I am also looking to buy my own shoes in the future and save HIS markup.

  13. They look like the bottoms of people's running shoes... no wonder she wants to fly! How do they work? Nails or glue? How are they shaped to fit the horse's hoof?

    Congrats on finding something that works for both of you.

  14. Oh KK! I forgot to tell you that those jeans make you look great!

    Also, keep us posted on what you think of the shoes for Wa. I'm curious. Casey is barefoot but I like to have a plan B ready.

  15. Jaspers mom~
    They are simular to the technology of supportive-give of an athletic shoe..the main photo of them on the site- is of a horse wearing them, next to a person wearing spots running shoes!

    They nail on, like other shoes- but because of the bar across the heal ... they feel like barefoot, giving the same concussion. They cut down on the negative vertical shock. Steel shoes cause much more unabsorbed shock to the tendons,bones,muscles.
    So far Wa has told me that they feel really good..she strides out way more- than with the hoof boots!

  16. Kacy, I took your advice and used the picture for my header, thanks! XO
    jane and gil

  17. That's wonderful that the shoes are working out so well for both of you. I may just have to try a pair of those shoes for one of our guys who has trouble with his hooves.

    Love the jeans. If I was a little younger I would go for them in a big way.

  18. those look really cool! definetly keep us updated on how they're working! i just sent the links to my vet and will show them to my farrier too to see if they might work for one of mine. he didn't do well in steel shoes, so we had him barefoot, but then the ground dried out and he got sore, so we put boots on him, but you know the problems that can come with those... these might be right up his alley!

    good luck with them :-)

  19. Amy~ I thank you for the compliment..I love sporting new things that are really great. They are so much like second skin... I LOVE them...already know I should have bought 2 pairs~ but was an impulse buy and I must not wear them every time I ride! Glad the TAT thing may work out for Casey too...I love Jeanette-sincerely so! !

    Jane~ I coo'd when I saw those tow walking into the morning rays off to greener pastures(literally so!)Fantastic shots that morning!

    Grey Horse~ I am really enjoying the ride now...nothing to worry about. PLUS- knowing that my mare's large movements are not concussing harder on her legs..these EASYWALKERS give me peace of mind for having her shod.
    All with a money back Guarantee!
    I am sending you info on Brooke at "Equi-Fashion"...she totally hooked me up with some nice wearing items!

  20. Look at your cute little bootie in those fancy jean breeches. Wow! Do they have much more stretch than basic denim jeans have?

    I bet they are very pricey, though. They make your bootie look like a million dollars!

    I may have to look into those shoes for Apache one day. All of our trails are rocky and steep.

    I can't wait to read/see updates on them as Wa wears them and after she has them removed.


  21. Hay Liss,
    THANKS for stoppin' by and for the compliments! I do love those breeches!!!They are SOOO stretchy...the best ride yet in breeches, for me. The cut is nice on the waistline...
    Ya, "Goode Rider" products are more $$ than some others. I have bought the $30-$80 pairs of Breeches and been disappointed in the cut and wear.

    As You may have guessed....I AM VERY HARD on my gear... Companies/manufacture's Could TEST any clothing or Riding equipment with the mare and I!!!
    Though things get cleaned after each use...we put them to the test of limits.

    Will do,with the review on NEW SHOES- taking weekly pics of the E.W. shoes and documenting it all.

  22. I love the idea of the easywalker shoes!!! do you mind my asking how expensive they are? and can they be reused or do they wear down?

  23. I left you a comment over at your place....but the shoes wholesale to anyone at about $28 a pair...more for larger hooves.

  24. I am pretty new to your blog and apologize if you have discussed this before, but have you ever tried Easy Boot gloves? If so, what did you think?

  25. are you still using easy walkers or what are you doing now? I'm in oregon as well and interested in different options from steel shoes. I have a friend who is doing the semi-barefoot thing, but I notice these horses are pretty gimpy on gravel, after years of being barefoot. She tends to ride in gloves but those seem to be a pain in the rear ~ always coming off, twisting, causing abrasions, and I notice that her horse moves much freer not wearing them. He seems to paddle on the front and also seems to swing his hind end out to the side when wearing them. I rode him barefoot once, on a nice trail, and it was like riding a completely different horse. I'd actually be interested to see if his gait was similar if shod.

    She has also bought glue ons for endurance rides, but then you're back to conditioning in something more clunkey that this horse has gait abberations with. So, curious to know what you are doing now?


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