Friday, June 11, 2010

Here is the finished product- Recipe complete

 For those of you that do not have this already installed, by the factory, on the horse trailer door.....

Here it is all assembled and mounted......

It's a door foot ( Or "Kick Stand")..for when one is loading alone and the wind is blowing the door on you and your horse..I hate that truly, this little gem keeps it all under control!

And....the unknown little ditty of a fact when you are needing to go-go-go..and bad- bad- bad...
and the trailer is the only place...but the door won't stay shut, cause are alone. You can close the door, put a foot on the bar..and privacy!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jocelyn and Star from "For the Love of A Horse" blog.
Funny thing is..I think we own the same trailer!

I had sooo much fun reading all your comments on what this could make...and I got some really great ideas too!


  1. I would never have guessed - my trailer has this small bars that slot into a holder on the outside to hold the door open - wouldn't work to keep it closed, though.

  2. Hey! That IS a good idea! I usually just bungee cord the doors to the wheel wells, which wouldn't help with the closed part though. lol

  3. That's brilliant, Kaci! I love the new header picture too :)

  4. LOL cool gadget! My trailer has an upside down U shaped latch that hooks and holds the door open.

  5. I like this very simple fix that works!

  6. What a handy thing! I never would have figured it out. LOL

  7. I need on of those! Although I;ve never been in a situation where I've loaded alone, it could happen though.

  8. ooh what a good idea.

    So glad you are enjoying your easywalkers. I love mine but I had a bit of a dispute with my normal farrier the other day. I was so unbelievably ticked off at him I am going to find a new farrier. Though I still do regard him as a friend I do not want someone as close minded as he was being working on my horse.

  9. huh...funny you should mention your farrier and your time with him as stifling...making you want to find someone else...ME TOO!
    Though he has only done my mare once...he talked my BLOODY ear off- and about everything I find offensive as conversation(unless you really KNOW the person) he would stop and yakkkkkk it took an hour and a half... just for the 2 shoes..bloody heck!
    I am trying to get another farrier interested in learning about them. This dude..did not use the recommended nails or clenching/setting tool...and the nails are really SHARP..I am keeping bell boots on her all the time as I saw a couple nicks at her coronet band, after riding without.
    BUT I LOVE TEHM!!!!!

  10. Hey Kac--That sounds super handy.
    Kota is with your Elsie now, grief, well it simply sucks! Anyway, Jackson has had three what appear to be abcesses blow out up by his coronary band, I have three holes within probably 2-3 months. No lameness and nothing on the hoof bottom. Nothing but holes on the side. AND THE FARRIER SAYS NO BIG DEAL! Sorry, bud, they all have happened since you started on his hooves, and while that may be a coincidence, I am baffled. I want to start him on a hoof supplement, I've done a ton of research, but still am not sure what will be the best (and most economical). I may just do Smart Pak. They have some lovely products and I like Focus too. If you knwo of anyone who would love to impart some wisdom, let me know. We have had extremely wet, muddy conditions here, epscially then and as you know he is barefoot. The offending holes (all three) happened up near the (to be expected) coronary band on the right hind..... anyone out there have advice? Never any pain or lameness, just thosed holes!!!!
    Especially would love advice from anyone who used really really good foof supplements....
    Love ya, and miss
    ya Kac... I'll catch up soon. my latest post is about


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