Saturday, June 5, 2010

What does one do when riding is not an option?

Imagine, working hard and  getting off in time for a ride- or anything you wish to do outside...but it is pouring out- and even on your days is pouring out..not cold mind you (Blessings still can be found) but so blame wet...there are creeks on the trails- that lead to the creeks! 
So what do you do, when there is time on your hands, and you can't get out doors?
***YOU SHOP!!!!!

( Photo taken today in a brief bit of warm dry!)

Look what I took less than a month. 
I just looked at my Credit Union voucher for $ -It says ,
"This certificate good for 30 days from the date above". HAHA! No problem...I can handle that, and did! Got a sweet deal too...!
I no longer will have to rely on others to  haul my butt and my horses butt around! And when they change their mind or decide on doing something else... 
AND....this part is my favorite too>> I may pick up my friends to go places now...and return the favor that has been extended to me!

And..the other thing you do is:(when unable to get outside for the weather)
You PLAN for the times when you can get a way and ride in the warm dry sunsets!

>JUNE 12th -14th BEACH Trip with my gal friend JULES and Maddy mare with her stable owner and other boarder! I got 2 free nights from my PBO for boarding there a year!

>BEACH TRIP # 2-JUNE 17-20, "Two's a Team" jaunt back to the B.O.H.Tillamook Oregon..this time, I ride an Arabian I love, Dainn.

 4th of July HORSE CAMPING- Annual Silver Creek Falls Trip!( ANYONE INTERESTED IN Coming?>>>WE HAVE EXTRA STALLS!<<<)

> Horse Camping # 2
Timothy Lake-in the newly built "Clackamas Lake" area. JULY 30th -Aug 2nd.
 ( Again, interested in joining us? We have extra stalls and camping spaces.)

 Okay...I  am pumped for the summer...and even some late spring, to happen!
Getting the new 2002  Ford 350 rig ready for pulling the trailer to all these destinations!

WHAT are your plans...come on, I know you've got em!


  1. I am full of sympathy regarding endless rain. Its doing the same here. I love all your positive forward planning for your summer riding. If I could I would book a space in your team of friends to come too. Have me there in spirit!!!!!. Meanwhile I'm planning how to deal with mud ...winter weather and more rain. In my dreams at night though I'm riding in the sun shine.
    Oh and I love your new purchase!!

  2. Good plans, and great shopping! Hope your weather improves soon so you can get back in the saddle.

  3. What a great truck! On the road again for sure.

    We are getting a ton of rain right now and the temperature has really dropped. Just heard some thunder.

  4. Oh Kacy!!!! Congratulations on getting your dream rig and finding that independence to trailer out whenever you want!!!
    Sorry about the rain. Just think how lush and green it will be for your upcoming rides!
    Smiles and hugs to you and your mare and your new truck!

  5. Congratulations on the new rig! Just imagine going where you want, when you want. It's rainy here today, also, but we really need the rain, so I'm not complaining. You'll have so much fun on those camping trips. Just make sure to take plenty of pictures.


    Beautiful pics, happy shopping!

  7. Nice rig! (even if it IS a ford...). You don't have your own place (yet) but we really appreciate the long bed when it comes time to haul hay, shavings, lumber.
    I might have to think about that Timothy Lake trip... Silver Creek is too early, we'll still be haying, but... Where is the Lake trailhead?

  8. Besides trying to camp at Nehalem Bay this weekend (still hoping it'll be dry), some of those camping trips look interesting!

  9. YEA!!!
    Thanks for the well wishes all...

    Sally~YUCKO RAINS!
    I mean I do love all the Greenery but, April, May, and Now June too! are with us in Spirit, as we trot along!

    Kate! Thanks! We did have "A DAY" yesterday...good thing my mare is in shape...4 1/2 hrs of a great riding day!

    Lori~ Yea...the rains persist..I know I will be thankful for day...but for now..humm! Thanks..I do love my new rig!

    Juliette! Yea...I am so relieved to get the wheels-to-freedom!
    I mean, I constantly have to wonder if things are going to work out or not...depending on others. They change their minds/forget/or ? I am stuck pining for my plans..NOT ANYMORE!
    I found a perfect Bumper sticker for the mare and I, to put on the Truck(among many actually)As I love meeting new people and horses!

    "Thoroughbreds make fast friends!"

    Louise~ HAHA! You totally made me laugh with your parting comment- cute!

    Karen~ Thanks...I think my $WADD$ is spent now! I do the the Pacific North West for it's lushness...and yea, it is the rains that make it so!

    Evensong~ I drove into the Dodge Dealership...looking for that- and this is what I drove away with!

    I am looking into the Mount Hood area-Camp and will contact you... Hope you plan it...THAT WOULD BE GREAT !

    Eclipsefarm~ Welcome...
    love your blog too..sent you a msg and have you on my blogroll now.
    Your Grey is beautiful! I jutn joined O.E.T..and maybe will start to ride sometimes, with them. Acclimate the mare to groups.

    The mare and me jumped some yesterday, we found things at "Hardy Creek Trailhead" where we trailered to. I almost got her to jump down an embankment of gravel the park had set up... but her pensiveness and the landing area made me think twice. Someday..and now that I have transportation...jumping lessons- here I come again!

    Look forward to seeing you out there sometime!

  10. Now that's my kind of shopping trip...for something useful and practical. Nice looking new truck. Congrats!

    You're all booked up for most of the summer. Yay! Looks like a lot of fun rides planned. I can't wait for your trip reports with photos when you get back home from each one. I hope your weather is gorgeous each weekend!

    As for me, I'm preparing for a weekend of double, back-to-back ACTHA rides next weekend. I'm signed up as a Pleasure rider this time, not Buddy, so I'll actually be competing. Exciting and a little bit scary!

    July 4th weekend will be spent up in the northern mountains of New Mexico on my first ever horse camping trip! I'm so stoked!
    An entire weekend of riding, exploring and sleeping under the stars. It's what I've always wanted to do with own horse...Apache will help me make it happen. So happy!


  11. OOOOWA!!!! Liss, that is so exciting girl!!! 4th of July is my favorite time to horse camp...getting into the much quieter than the fireworks fiasco of the city's!!
    GREAT will do so well at the ACTHA!!! I know it!

  12. wow, great truck! it will be good to not have to plan and borrow and organise...just head out when you want to.

  13. That is some impressive transportation! Congratulations :-)
    Oh how I'd love to join you on those trails. Think of me and Naloma when you are enjoying the hopefully nice, sunny and dry rides.

  14. Claire!YEA! you got that right...just one more trip(this wkend) to plan and pack it all up into someone else's rig!

    Carolina~ It has a suer huge engine...bigger than i need but, i can do alot whole more later put a camper on it!

    Thanks Tammy!

  15. Wow, your own truck? How cool is that??? You are one lucky gal, I would love to have a Featherlite Combo Stock trailer for the stinker but I too would have to have a truck. Mike has a truck but it's a company truck and I am not insured on it, pooy!
    You have your summer all planned out, fun rides are in your future. Have a ball!

  16. Jane...yea Gilly would like the Feahterlite taialer...they were made for the larger warmbloods is my understanding. I looked at them once, long ago and now they are even better.

    Well, you can do what I did... just get it off then go for the other...time really does fly!


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