Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday at the Stables Rained Out

Though my friend Jo and I had decided to not convene last Sunday...too blame rainy! I still went to see the mare...this is what I saw...a small window of blue and I quickly readied for the soggy ride out -to seek to see what had become of our trails!
I was hoping that my new socks with wings...would help to speed things up!

Small glimpse of the color BLUE

I LOVE having my EASYWALKER HORSESHOES on the mare's fronts! They are showing some wear but, she is still striding out nicely- which makes it nice to practice Dressage moves now.
I just boot up  the backs for the rocky roads...and when I get to a nice stump, (for remounting later) I remove  the boots / stash them / remount.

Poor Wa...look at that face! 
Though it is good to be able to dismount and mount, out on the trail, and be able to handle your horse in many different situations....she's done that and is bored now!

I have to say,  the Wa mare is so good now...because she has been asked to do this so very MANY, many, many, times...she practically does it without out me is pretty cool!

The reason I take the time to unboot- simple answer- NO SLIDING- barefooted compared to booted.
 Going out on these same trails booted...12 inch slides, with the hind ends! It is worth it to take this time and ensure a calm ride..she really is so much better now with out the boots!


This creek was moving so fast and high...she just was was I!

I actually got dizzy when we stopped in the middle of this creek! So I made the mare move on, rather quickly, instead of tarrying.

All in all, it was a very nice ride. I think the mare was happy to get out and about...since she has been kept in most the week. Turnouts are a bit too sloppy and we want to save the grass...let it rest.

Today, week 6...we again cancelled the Sunday meet. it's raining something fierce still!
 BUT....Yesterday...there was HOPE in the form of sunshine!
OouLaLa! that I will have to write about it later!

Have a lovely weekend my friends!


  1. Well at least you got out for a bit and were lucky enough to see a little patch of blue occasionally. Love the socks, makes you look like your moving when your not. And aren't you clever hiding those boots, I bet it's like finding buried treasure on the way back when you uncover them. That creek was really moving, it would make me dizzy too! And again let's not forget to do lots of sun-dancing to bring out the bright skies.

  2. At least you got in a ride - may your rain ease up soon!

  3. We had a gullywasher last night, also. But now the sun is out. Chilly though, about 10 degrees below normal.

    I'm glad that you got to go for a ride today, did you both good. Hope the rain ceases and you get a good summer of rides.

  4. We had a lovely day yesterday, too, but it poured again this morning. Of course, now that I'm looking at the work week, the sun is coming back out! Nine more get-ups 'til school is out!

  5. Kacy! You are nothing short of amazing. I love that video with Wa's ears taking it all in! And, the re-mounting! She is so good for you. That log did not look high enough for me to get on a bareback saddle! Do you fling up?
    Still praying here for your rain to stop!

  6. Wow! That washed out trail looks like a river! I'd be scared to cross it in case Wa slipped and you both went down in the rushing water. gah!
    I love your winged socks....way cool! You were like a pegasus!

    I can't even imagine all the rain you've been going through. We haven't had any moisture since our last snow back in early May. It's just blue skies and sunshine every day.
    Right now we're in the middle of arecord heat wave....temps up to 100degrees! We rarely ever have temps even close to that up here...and not until late August. It's so hot!

    I'm glad the sun shined a little for you so you could get out and ride.


  7. Louise~ A gully wash...that sounds dramatic!

    Evensong~Yep..we are mimicing each other...not too far away I guess! Yea on the short schoolers!

    Juliette~ Wa is very good..she sidesteps up to what ever I stand on..sometimes before I get around to it..she so knows the drill...I used to mount from the ground..and it was so tweaking for her back..she seems like she rather appreciates me doing it like this!
    With the bareback saddle...U do fling myself up..bunny rabbit like..she is not like your huge horses...she is only 15'2

    Auroa~ Thanks! Good to see you!!

    Liss~ WHOA..that is some heat...
    I did have to laugh though- when you said, "It's just blue skies and sunshine everyday"....making the "It's a 100 against 5" voice from the movie "Young Guns"!! and 100 degrees! Ha!

  8. That video is great. Love those ears. She's a great horse, thinking with you and understanding what you want from her. You have quite a special bond. Give her a hug from me, will you?

  9. Oh - thanks for the lovely ride! I was wondering about the boots. Thanks for explaining - I learned something new. I like your "Mercury" socks. My trails look like streams, too. Unfortunately, I don't have a mare to ford them!

  10. It's been incredibly hot here... with very bad thunderstorms. They are just popping up from no where.

    I'm glad you guys got a ride in!


  11. Carolina~ That mare of mine has been so incredibly affectionate of late...she will most likely take that hug with a carrot-on the side!I just love her! Thanks!

    Barb~ thanks...yea, it is fun to go on a little ride now and then! Via video!

    Jeni~ OH! dramatic...we have had some really muggy is trying very hard to be the spring that it is...only a short time till actual summer!

  12. Love the socks! And Wa really looks beautiful and shiny. And bored, seriously bored. ;)

  13. Sorry you have been having so much rain! Sloppy rides aren't too much fun.
    Funny that you have a hiding place for your boots!
    Oh, I love your socks, you always have the coolest socks!!!

  14. She just has to put up with my off the saddle antics...moving tress and such usually...but -now it's the boots...she is so expressive..and the unamused face does play in...but she does stand nicely for me!


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