Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today~ Clean the house or horse??!!

Today~ Is our 19Th Wedding Anniversary and I have opted to........Clean the House this time!
Then, after Bruce gets home...we have Movie tickets and dinner plans(somewhere with 2 horses at the entrance) what fun!

On our 20Th, next year we always have intended to go somewhere fantastic..Sky car Railway trip through Canada is on the top. Visiting the Grand Lodges there; hiking to some, riding by horse back to others.(that'll be the day..B man on a horse longer than 30 seconds..will share that shot with you another time..funny!)

The other place on our list to visit is one, I know Bruce will enjoy, for his love of Vast Country, Stone Walls, History, Brick + Stone Architecture...me >>for the Vast Country I may gallop on in, Stone Walls I may jump over, A long Fox Hunting History, Brick Barns with wood interiors, Draft/warmblood Breeds galore.............
can you guess?

I leave you with a current pic from recent years Christmas Party..someone actually "Caught the moment" with us in it!! Too bad I can't remember just what we were hooting over! It was fun though~
I better get with it =as I have opted for the stall and horse cleaning -far too many times this month already!!!


  1. CONGRATS! 19 years! Wow! That's AWESOME!

  2. Looking at the Christmas picture, there will be fifty more wonderful years.
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Y^epper...we will hopefully going strong at 90!!And married for 69 years! Whoowee Gail!
    Man that's year 2058...
    I thnk we may be older than you think and look younger than we are!We are told repeadedly so..it is becasue we don't have kids.

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! And Many Many Many More!

    You guys look so happy together- it really fits and shows how much you two are in love ;)

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! You two do make the perfectly happy couple - 19 years down...looks like you're gonna make it girl! Have fun tonight.

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! There's no way you've been married 19 years. You would've had to get parental consent to get married at 10 ;)


    19 years, you should be very proud! You too look like your going to last a lifetime :). Here
    s to you and your hubby *cheers*!

    I wish I could photograph you two! Maybe for your 20th when I'm actually somewhere with my photography I'll take a trip up there and capture you some great memories of you two "in the moment." My specialty :).

    The best to you Kacy.

  8. Happy Anniversary and many more!! Hope you had a wonderful date night.

  9. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a beautiful day with your dear husband. I also want to thank you for visiting my blog Monday.

    Happy Anniversary,

  10. Awwe,
    I and B-man had such a wonderful time yesterday and last night...
    PF Changs is a nice spot to dine..got a great pic of Bruce neart the horse outside in the inclimate wheather!
    The movie was just what we needed too..all about marriage and how easily boredom,and other random seemingly normal-to our society- behaviours ravage it, till it dies.
    Yeouwsa! I married the right guy!
    And the cool thing...the Theatre were we went...actually had Thanksgiving decorations up!! Amamzing with all the Christmas stuffs outside in the plaza.
    Thanks for the well wishing and I love all you guys!

  11. Congratulations!! 19 years is definitley something to be proud of nowdays!!!

  12. Just catching up on my reading for the past few days. Congratulations on your anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful night out. I always tell people that having animals instead of kids keeps you looking young...

  13. Happy Anniversary! Any man that can put up with us horse crazy chicks is a good man! You guys are sucha cute couple :-)


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