Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Volume was sure up!

I was not up on current events in our fair city this past weekend, but I am fairly sure
I DID NOT miss HEARING it from afar.
Friday evening from the time we laid our heads on the pillow, till the wee hours of the morning, the "Hells Angels", I am sure, were in our town!
I am not joking..the noise level of those "Choppers" was amazing from where I laid my head- in my house.

Then, Saturday, right out the back forty to 100 acres...more motorized vehicles. I know, It is November and the rain has been at bay now for a few days...but how did they rally themselves to the proportion it got to, in our back woods?!!
And it seemed..they were being filmed as well...from the there was a Helicopter hanging around at the same time....very loud, and annoying for a day needing the silent woods for a head to be cleared. MINE!

So today, I planned on going to a place I have never run into the motorized vehicles, though evidence can be seen at times.Wa and I set out...we asked a few folks about riding, but all had plans already, it seemed.

This is what it looked like if you could see the sounds.... Again, Aerial Copter included....It must have been filming the new motorized things that I was shocked I could hear reverberating around me ..Wa and I were wondering which direction they would come from...they seemed looming and loud as if to come out from around the next ridge.

So, Wa and I headed quickly away and down the trails. Though, it was terribly loud, and I was praying the entire time just about, that we'd be spared the crash event of meeting in an inopportune place on any trails. Wa and I had ourselves a fair trail experience. We decided to get to the "Safe Zone"...near the entrance to the entire area is a lovely trail that has so many downed tree trunks and larger rocks. The mare walks over them easily so, but a fat thing, like this above motorized job..well, they need wide birth of soft enough foliage that they can mash it away. NOT this trail!

The first part was the it was quiet!!!

I like the diverse terrains with stuff to go over and through...Wa normally does not like things touching her and close in trails with scrubby undergrowth..but, the more I think about it..that is where we need to be to avoid the all terrain vehicles...out of sight on narrow scrubby paths!

We had some water crossings today too..the video makes it looks much smaller than it took the entire trail up and there was no way around it!

Then, there was this obscure path I spied on the way back, not for the faint of heart, was the dooosey of a creek it took us to. The creek lay in the bottom of a 3 foot or so, drop. It looked doable, but I decided with it being late on the ride..not to chance it may be a twice done jump as I know not where the trail goes . Maybe tomorrow!

Washashe was a really good girl today and I think maybe one more day out there on the trails of Sun, then we'll get to work inside for the winter.

Lessons for Jumping and flat start in Dec. With my eventing trainer. I cancelled them due to my surprize, last minute "NO" on lesser board at the stable...but with gaining 65 clients from my husbands 21 year old barbering base of clients...I think that was the boost I needed for the go ahead to invest in Us for the future of riding! I will remake them all tomorrow. My husband is giving up barbaring now, and going into nursing.

Untill we meet again, happy trails!


  1. You two are awesome! I <3 hardcore trail riders. Congrats on taking lessons, I expect lots of updates on it! One day I'm going to progress to jumping, I promise!

  2. Funder, you better try it sometime! I think you'll like it if your horse does...if they don't, well they won't!
    Funny thing is, outdoors we go for it over any obsticle, indoors it will be weeks with ground polls and cavalettiis..working on rythem, timing and such.

  3. Oh, I'm such a doofus, I meant to say CONGRATS to your hubby on his career change! That's exciting but scary - good for him for going for what he REALLY wants to do.

  4. Hahaha!
    Yea..this is the third time looking into something in 4 years. He became a "Sworn in" Reserve Police officer last year...that was a year and a half almost gave him a mental breakdown though. Public servant he is- but NOT that kind!
    He seems to really love helping people of all kinds, Makes him a very fulfilled B-man!

  5. I find choppers to be incredibly annoying. I just don't get the point of the noise level. It seems like they like it the louder the better.

    Sounds like another fun adventure you and Wa had out on the trail! Can't wait to hear about your eventing lessons.

  6. Eventing lessons??? Oh I am so!!!!

    Your trails look exactly like ours do up here. It is almost uncanny to look at your pictures!

  7. Good job and such a beautiful area to enjoy.

  8. Eventing?! LUCKY! I'm hoping to be able to teach my mare to jump...she can do it, but it's messy.

    Washashe is SO PRETTY! I envy you, riding on a beach! I've always wanted to do that...I mean, the picture at the top.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog! :)

  9. Hello Tara, yea..they are so wierd with the noise..and now there is some new one I can tell it is larger than the one in the wake on the trails is destruction! It make me think =of a hover mare does NOT want to meet it!
    Yea, I did not loose mylesson spots, she called today and I got them all back!

    Mellie,yea, I thought our woods looked simular from your trail pics too!They almost look rainforest like.
    Well, eventing is just 3 sports...statium jumping, cross country, and Dressage. She has doe well in it and today I got looked down upon for going elsewhere by a friend..but, would you take a painting class from someone that only had a nice painting?

    Yea, I do so enjoy it Gail!

    Hiya Daisy!
    Well, the coast is one of my favorite places now to ride and I am going to Post the place soon is the coolest place to go!
    Thanks...Wa is my baby, I jsut love her and my sister thought she wan't anything to look at..NOT ME..I think she is fantasticly handsome! Aw, but that's a mom fer ya!
    Yea jumping should be started over ground polls and Cavalettiis for them to kn ow where they are and add more each time...timing is everything and that will build the confidence.


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