Sunday, November 23, 2008

Intrepid road Riders

Today's ride we set out to build up the hind -end-muscle, for my friend's mount is low on hind end strenght. She wants to race up all hills and won't walk.
So we planned to just ride the local roads, less mudd and more dry surface area. Sometimes the slip- factor makes the horses want to get a run at things we took that factor out.
We were joined by another boarder today, which was fun, I haven't ridden with 3 horses for some time.

About half way down the roads..we could hear motors coming....and it always makes your heart race some, wondering if they will stop in time and if they WILL STOP at all! So far, the guys I have run into out there...have been nice enough to cut the engines off...when I make the cut sign across my throat. There were so many of them this was wild...about 10 it seemed..on various vehicles. They waited nicely for us to pass and get a distance away and then roared off, up the hills, on the Wonderfully sunny November day!

The last hill before home...she knew there was something ahead...and the horses ahead knew that something was coming....I saw them kinda spooking as I came into view.

The only hitch in the day for me was when my friend's forgot why I had been riding ALONE for month's and only with one other rider at a time...My mare is soooooooooooo
competitive! I hate to fight with her face for control and us being in back =with others taking off in front...well, it makes for a messy and sometimes dangerous situation for me. Washashe can't handle it and I am not going to make her anymore. Either we trot together...or you let me go first. And maybe my friend thought it would be okay, as she could trot ahead of me when there was two of us. But dynamics do change things there was three and I was last!
I was not happy. And I know I need to be more up-front, before I ride again with others.
It was a darned nice riding day though!
Cool out and grazing in the "Gloaming Hours"

Jsut look at this mare's gorgeous Velveteen cooler!

Our shadows on Wa ~

All in all , it was a nice ride..just got to get it through to my people....lets take care of each other!

Oh my mare...what a pill =that I love!


  1. Another similarity between Raven and Wa. Don't we all know that she was bred to RACE? She does not like to be behind. At all. Otherwise sounds like you had a great day and like the whole coast is getting some nice weather. What a treat!

  2. Arwen (our barb racing mare) could never accept being behind, unless it's "just a walk". As soon as any horse begins to cantor, she's heading for the front and nothing else!

    Greetings from West Africa,

  3. Yea DP,
    hope that Raven continues to be getting herself healed(by you) and in racing form!
    Walking behind, is another animal, but faster paces is out!

    Hello agian Ester,
    Yea...walking IS a different animal!

  4. Did I mention, I envy you???
    I would love to ride more. It is dark when I get home.

  5. Ha, I'm with you, I like just one trail buddy, the more is not merrier! Less doesn't much matter where he is in line (well used to not)...I never understood how some riders would just start trotting or even cantering off without even a headsup- I've always been very courteous in that respect:-)


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