Friday, November 28, 2008

Meet Tommy and Bonnie our stable kitties

These two sibling kitties are the sweetest things...Tommy or otherwise known as Clyde sits on and in anything you put down. He liked the shelter of my saddle this time. They are about 5 mo old now and they are fluffy ,cuddly, and purr instantly upon hearing your voice!
Very hard to they never stop moving and running around...except when they sleep!

Tommy is very adventurous and finds cubby ways through the outdoor boulders.
They are well loved by all..except, of late, we seem to have many more dogs they hide themselves well! Smart kittens!


  1. Cutest! I love barn cats. The barn I'm at is without cats, but the dogs are very good mousers. I 'm feeling better and even went for a few rides. I think I am half leasing a horse for now but still would love to come out and meet you. Hope your holiday was great.

  2. Cute Cats! I need that color to mix with some of mine.

  3. Hello, to you gals! Yea, those kitties are the black and white.

    A, glad you are feeling well enough to finally ride! Yea!
    Yes, please do plan on coming out sometime.Glad you found a horse. Lincoln has been getting some calls..nothing promising yet.

  4. We have two lovely barn cats too, including a big tabby who has been known to chase the dogs - quite a character!

  5. How could you not love a friendly barn kitty??? These two are obviously no!!!

    Breed Wa to an Arab?? That would be a great cross. I have ridden many Anglo Arabs, and they are either really good, or really nutty...teeheehee!!!

    About that beach house...oh yeah baby!!! I would love to come down and stay there for awhile! I will have to wait until I am done with that darn school thing though. :(

  6. Cute!!!! I have two barn cats of my own and I LOVE them to death. Those two are SO cute--identical! lol

    Thanks for all the comments on my blog, sorry it takes me so long to get back to you! :D

  7. T Horseman,
    There are packs of dogs here and they are wise to lay low-
    Like to see that Tabby Character first love of a cat was my Micheal Madison Cat...15 pounds of tabby! let me know when!!! and I am going to try to get C-ing Spots(what IS her name?) to come as well. May- June- August???
    July we horse camp at Silver Creek Falls again.

    Mellimus, They are almost identical...the female siter has a slight dot on her lower lip..and that is how I tell them apart...except Tommy has really gotten much bigger .
    =Don't ever worry about getting back ,all in good time!I know where to find you and can !

  8. These two are absolutely adorable, although they look like they could get into a wee bit of trouble given half a chance. I love 'my' barncat where I work part time. He's a cuddler, too and the drooliest cat I've ever met (!)

    Hey...did someone mention a beach house...?!?

    Thanks for stopping by my place to visit and leave a lovely comment. I always enjoy meeting new friends.

    Don't forget to enter my Giveaway!


  9. Those two are just too cute! I am not surprised you had trouble taking pictures that do their action justice!!!

  10. Barn kitties are the best!!! Those are so cute...I love black and white!

    I just found your's really nice...I will be back!

    Enjoy your week!

  11. Love the kitty pics!!
    Cats are my second favorite animal :)

    Word verification: reezesse
    The name of a European WB maybe? LOL

  12. Hello there my little dahhling!!
    What's been going on?? I feel like I've missed something...going where?? horse camping??? really?? Catch me up you silly willys!! I'm sooo confused here - take pity on me huh?? BTW - it's Lorie - nice to meet ya!!

  13. Lorie!! Nice to meet you!

    well...since you and Mel are somewhat close...thought we should get our selves together this summer next and go to the Bay Ocean house with the horses and family..there is so much room..did you go look at it?
    Let me know what you think...K?!


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