Monday, November 17, 2008

I fooled her!

She tends to look at me if we tarry for too long! She is funny that way..hoping for a treat... thinking,"maybe that girl is just getting one out..that is why she has me waiting!" Today was a work day...getting the trailer ready for the detailing/ bearings and electrical checkup it goes for on Wednesday...everything OUT!
The trailer guy also said..."uh, we don't want any manuer to deal with, so scrub that stuff out for us..." Whimp! I was thinking today...the hay that the cow he eats for dinner, probably has horse manuer as a fertillizer for it!
So one more thing to do Wedsnesday before I drive 70 miles...yea, my sisters Trailer so it is her pick of the place too.

After I got that was about 65-68 degrees here today again, with SUN!!! SO I had to go to the trails for a the warm up, before the arena... YEPPERS> the ARENA<>
I need to proove to myself that she knows exactly what I see, she has been just so violent in the all think I love the trails ..and>I DO> I DO<>

So since it had dried out enough to go faster than a walk..I trotted up the main trail and over the three jumps..very nice and relaxed..starting to foam some white her jaw was relaxed. I walked back down the middle trail.she did not even look towards home. Good sign.
We trotted again, from standing...nice trot departure with power and then up to the new fallen tree, we jumped, and I made sure that I did not sit as we came down, but remained in two point. We took the second trail towards the tree grove..practicing half halts to sitting trot and down to walk and halt.
A couple turns on the forehand to change it up.
Then in the tree grove, which has many wonderful alleys that run between a track that goes around the entire grove on the outside. It is quite lovely to ride in and practice Outdoor dressage.
So I took the first lane two point, as it is the steepest alley. I remained trotting, and practiced Renvers then leg yield, back and forth a few times while posting. I went down a lane
in a sitting trot asking her to take my fingers in her lips lightly so...she did very nicely.

Once we got to the bottom..I let he have long reins to the ground for three or so strides then
slowly picked them up for contact and leg yeilded to the right and then to the left. And as I did to the left I slightly picked up my left hand and squeezed her with my leg there too..YES! She picked up the left lead canter from a nice walk! NO problem...I practicaly thought it to be!
I half halted to trot and back down to walk..leg yield left then to the right and I thought and did the motions for the right lead and>she was awesome!
I was thrilled...and thought to myse lf Who needs the arena!!! But..I knew..I would go there anyway I had to...I was to meet my friend Alicia, so she could jump.

We went on in the was jsut Alicia and I. Wa was relaxed...but I decided something...
I was going to introduce her to a new pattern tonight...only walking.
Plus, there was a multitude of polls set up and things to have to look at and manuver.

We did our patterns, and up the quarter lines with three leg yields in and three out and bak to straight.
And also, we did loose rein serpentines, my favorite, with her being soo sensitive to my weight shift from the inside stirrup to the outside stirrup. I never have to use the reins at all usually..unless she gets it in her to head home and then she ignors me all together!I like to do lines through the arena with my arms stretched like an airplane..turning them the direction I am to go..she does well with this too.

So, she tried to trot twice...but I assured her, we are walking. I think she fully anticipated me asking her for the trot..and maybe she wanted to...but, Tonight was about a good ending and I had all my wonderful transition rearing, no evil eyes, or boltling .

I fooled her..the arena was so calm and she was blowing her nose in relaxation..foaming her white lipstick! Only Walking!


  1. I LOVE that picture. Raven always turns to look at me just like that when she feels we have been stopped too long.

    Sounds like our two girls have a lot on common -- great on the trails, but a little freaky inside. Congrats on a great day!

  2. I love the braids you've done, what a coiffure!

    (Barb) horse greetings from West Africa,

  3. Success! I know that felt great.
    I love the braids, I was thinking of braiding my Haflinger. Charme has such a long mane. Is it difficult to do?

  4. Ohh, that sounds like a wonderful ride! Dixie will turn her head like that and stare at me / lip at my toe. Maybe it's a mare thing?

    That's a wonderful approach to getting over the arena panic. Really good call, just walking!

    Have you read Centered Riding by Sally Swift? She suggests the airplane arms too. It's a great book; I've read the whole thing and I'm just now gradually starting to incorporate it.

  5. Oh thanks sweetie DP,
    I have always known that this mare and I have been paired forthe restoration...of the both of us.

    HIYA Ester! I am trying to get her mane long enough to do a "Running Braid."
    Will come see you at your Blog place!

    Well Gail, the successes are one at a time...and next time= will be it's own event...but I have hope!
    Braiding comes easy for me...been doing the horses for ever. It really is not that hard and it had kept the mudd from getting worse in the thhis point, it only gets on the outside of the top.
    You should try it! I wanna see pics too!!

    Funder it IS the darnest thing when they do that...I love it too..
    Ya know, out of the repertoire of books my sissy gave me (3 boxes full) I do have that one ..could be that I got it from there too!

  6. love the picutre!!!!!!
    you live in oregon!?!?!? my "aunt" (not rly my aunt but she kinda is an aunt figure) lives there!
    do you know anyone with the first name of jen? she has a horse named Mr. E?

    you know how awesome that would be if you did??!! ch'yeah!


    check it out!

  7. I love those braids, so cool! I am almost ready to get back into riding. Today is the first day I actually feel pretty good, only the slightest pain. This was all a big wake up for me to pay attention to this body of mine instead of always looking outside of it. I had acupuncture done a few days ago and that was the best so far. I am going to try that again next week. Still looking forward to meeting you in person. Sounds like you are having a great time with your horsey.

  8. I love that picture of your girl! She is so beautiful, and I think you're exactly right. That is what she thinks!! I can always recognize that "here comes a treat" look they get. Good for you two, sounds like a nice ride.

  9. Wa is so beautiful, and I am glad that she is beginning to relax a little bit for you. Wasn't she rearing up a bit for you?

  10. Beautiful picture, what a hairdo!
    Sounds like you are onto a great thing with the arena work. Harley hated the arena work would have much rather been on the trails anyday. Miss him already.... but probably only because Frankie is at the trainer's barn. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

  11. Yea Mellie, she was very naughty...but I now wonder id the bit I was using was bothering her...hope I ma not making an excuse for her, but I since have gone to using just a mullen mouth(straight Rubber) And we shall see
    soon enough!

    Hi TR Cowgirl!!
    Yea, that's right...anoher monthy at the trainers exciting though!
    Yea...I do love to braind the Wa's hair while she eats a bit of hay before riding. It is kinda a ritual for us.
    She seems to like it too~

  12. What a great photos of your horse. Those braids are so cool!

    I enjoyed reading about your trail dressage moments, too.

    Sounds like a great riding day.

    New Mexico

    ps, my word verification says 'natrally' :)

  13. Lisa,
    don't ya have to ponder sometimes what the word veri has you spell..and sometimes how it matches up with a post sometimes!
    I do love my mare and how she is..even her tantrums!


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