Monday, November 24, 2008


It was soo foggy today, driving out to the stable to Trim Washsahse's Hooves. The fence had no visible ending, also the fields, they dissapeared about- 10 feet in!

Washashe is pretty good about me trimming her hooves. Sometimes she will sit back when I have her in the normal"hoof picking" today, I had a baggie of oats, over to the side, and I would frequently put her hoof down before she had the incling to do it herself and give her a bite. She seemed more willing to go longer inbetween while chewing. Today was so warm and nice out again...the nights are the upper 30's. Thought I would put the heavier blanket on her. I rethought that as I am not able to get there and take it off if it like today...all warm. So she will go a bit longer with the rain wieght with neck cover.

I like how she seems to be participating in the whole me tips for how she likes to travel on them well balanced!
Good job Wa!


  1. Awesome! You and Funder both do your own trimming -- something I would like to learn to do. We had our trimmer here today and Raven was great. A little stiff, but be walked her out between feet and she was fine.

  2. I am not brave enough to trim the big guys. When I had miniatures, I did trim.
    Beautiful foggy morning!

  3. Good job with the training today! Dixie likes to try to fall over when I've held her foot up "too long" and I've been tackling it about the same way - I give her foot back before she starts pulling, and it seems to be slowly working.

    And a lot of trimmers I've read let the horses "tell" them when the trim is good. I know, it sounds kinda like goofy hippie silliness, but it also makes sense. No one knows better than the horse what's comfortable and correct for each hoof. Listening to Wa is a good move!

  4. Yea, I am still a newbie at it...don't use the nippers yet, just the rasp. It takes me much longer than the pro's hanse Wa's boredom and also maybe stiffness. I do walk her out inbetween feet and sometimes even with one hoof.
    She is good.
    Is Raven always barefoot?
    Wa has good hooves for a Thoroughbred.

    I actually can't beieve I am doing many of the horse things I do Gail! Drive a 3 horse trailer..trimming..but I have a bit of "self compettion" ...I like to try harder and make it farther for myself.
    Yes, the Fog made it mysterious today!

  5. Hi Funder, worked this time..but next time? Her mode is= usually once something will work. But I think the fairness of stopping early, she'll be nice to me too.
    I think this trim will be good for our training in 2 weeks time!

  6. your blog very beautiful and more info ,make me excited. Congratulation!!

  7. I love your horse's name! What does it mean??

    Is Wa barefoot too?

    Ali does all of our footwear using local tools, and we have yet to give it a go, but the rasp seems like a good way to start...

  8. Wa sha she~ "People of the Middle Waters" Osage tribe
    Yes, Ester she is barefoot. Has been shod once in her life at 4 so my sister knew she would stand for it. she has nice hooves, and I feed low to no sugar/carbs for theat result.

  9. Must be the time for pedicures. My ponies get their tootsies done this coming Friday. Good for you, my little farrier woman!! I don't do my own trims or shoes. 5 is too many and it looks like a lot of work to me!! We have shoes put on the two main riders in late spring and then every early fall the shoes come off. The other 3 are barefootin' it all year round these days. Saves us some $$ which is always a good thing. Have yourself a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
    p.s. what is the bay house??
    my Ladde got his first shockwave today. So sad to see him drugged - my sweet baby!! geez, I'm such a baby where he's concerned.

  10. Hi Spots!
    Well, yes, my back was yelling at me today..with doing all four feet. I ususally do 2 then give it a day or two and do the others.
    The Bay Ocean house,will post tonight about.( w/funny old time pics of us!)
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING~ I am thankful for YOU!

  11. You go girl!!! My sister trims Sienna the Pig Pony's hooves, and when Bo is barefoot, she does his as well. She doesn't touch Waska's though, as he foundered with his previous owner, and his hooves are tricky.

    I have never been brave enough to try it, so you are awesome in my!!!

  12. Well Mellie...I also had an awesomely=sore=back the next day!

  13. Wow! I'm impressed! You look like a pro to me. Gorgeous horse!

  14. I had no idea you trimmed her hooves yourself, that's very cool! Has she always been barefoot?
    I love that foggy pic, very cool!

  15. Strawberry L and Denise
    Thanks for the compliments...I love that mare!
    She had shoes once when she was 4 or 5...learning to do it is why my siter did that.
    I have had her almost 4 years and all the while- barefoot
    I am still learning with the hooves and angle and all of it. I do it about 2 times then get a check up on her.
    I really had a sore back last Wednesday after the 4 feet...gonna stick to 2 at once next time!

  16. THANKS Carolynn!!!I just love her and we both put up with each other's moods!

  17. I rasp Klein as needed between trims. Let me tell you how much I respect farriers after doing it without a stand a couple times. And that's even with her being a good girl like always.
    I love the last pic on this post. Wa is beautiful!

  18. Wow, check you out trimming your own horse! Impressive!

  19. OH..thanks Stace..your mare is equaly FINE and Handsome!
    Yea this last time really put my back into spasms...

    Tara hello! yea I am crazy!!!


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