Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving..a horse tale

When I think of the events leading up to having my mare Washashe given to me by my sister all has to do with my friend Gemma. This is she and I with our husbands at her Beach House. When you see me on my mare with friends on the beach...this is where we stay! An Awesome Equestrian Retreat in Tillimook, Oregon Coast. CHECK IT OUT...MAKING PLANS FOR NEXT YEAR SOON!

Gemma had offered me to ride a spare horse one spring getaway 4 years ago, after I had mentioned to her, that;"I used to ride."
I had tried this the year before, but she did not take the bait of me mentioning it that time! I mean, you don't just say, "hay..I ride well and I want to come along. Wanna take a chance on me?!" I was so exited that I cancelled all my clients within an hour and off to ride a horse after 25 years on the ground.

I looked ridiculous!!! I went to get some breaches..and the mostly western shop had only these almost white ones. I did not have a helmet or proper riding I wore my cowboy boots. They all thought I was from outer space and held their breath as I rode this little spry Morgan mare with her own plans to go her own way usually.
I did okay and they all relaxed after aout 15 minutes.

So, after riding Panna mare for a year or so...I kept calling my sissy about horse related questions and she finally said.."You need this mare". It was a mare she had bred from my mom's filly out of her brood mare. She had been started and also had been sent to some very harsh training that I am, to this day, still trying to overcome with her. When I got her, she had been out to pasture for almost 7 years. my sister did not have the time or the place to ride. Thanksgiving time Mare came to me in 2004. She was full of fire and a friend had taken her in for me..and I would go and brush her there was no place to ride or even lunge. She trailered us out once a week to ride(me taking my life and putting it n Wa's hooves)
I call this "Two Fatties Meet"...... Gemma took the photo. It was the very first time I had seen her. It was the day before Thanksgiving.

I made up a song about her. I would sing it on the way two and fro to see her .
Sung to the tune of "here we come a wassailing"
Here she comes the Wassail mare, among the leaves so green
here she comes a wandering', the fairest mare be seen
Love and Joy come to you and to you A Wassail mare too
And God send you a Wassail mare too!

Me and the mare now~ Gemma and her Gelding Romeo~

full of lovely memories of past joys and kindnesses that spill over and out of your hearts to the present times with those you love and all around you.
I am thankful for all of you here in bloggertown..sharing our times with our equines.
Praise God! It is great to be alive!


  1. Thanks for the lovely story and lovely pictures. You and Wonder Wa have come a long way together on the neverending road. Hope you both enjoy your weekends.

  2. What a touching story and a wonderful ongoing story too. Beautiful horse!
    Happy Thanksgiving! Make some memories!

  3. Happy T-day! I was wondering what the whole story of you and Wa coming together was...sounds like you both needed each other.
    I've only ridden on the beach once with Lester, it was a blast- I'll have to post the whole story one day, as everything that could go wrong, did.
    You're lucky you get to go so often!

  4. OH and thanks for noticing my new header!~ yes I've digitally drawn both of them...the one I have up now is a xmas card I did for 2003...I love to draw/make a cards I just never get stuff done on time anymore.

  5. I have a secret desire to make cards! That is so cool that you have DP!
    Yes please post about the beach horsein' adventure~

  6. What a great story!!!! I love the title "Two fatties meeting!!!" I just snorted my!!!

    Hope that you had a great Thanksgiving, and I am off to check out that link to the ocean place!!!

  7. Yea...Mellie..I am thinking you and C-ing spots can come to the beach with Wa and me!You are somewhat close.

  8. I loved reading the story of how it all began. She's so lucky to have you!

  9. oh and I love your outfit in the picture on the chestnut Morgan!


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