Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A " TOAST TAG" to my Friends

Saddle Mountain Rider
Nominated me for this "TOAST TAG"..thanks a whole big sip!

My Toast is for the many wonderful horsefriends I have here and at home. I sip from my water bottle...I raise it to YOU :

The hydration YOU give to me, is in the SOUL! YOU support me when I am down and out and cheer with me as I accomplish feats I never imagined with my mare!
This sip is for YOU, my lovely horse face friends!!! CHEERS!

I would LOVE to pass this " TOAST TAG" on to:

Marvel, my new found friend
Marvel, you astound me with your compassion and heart! I Toast you~

Stacy with her Percheron mare, I Toast you and your desire for correct training and Equine developmant~

Jewel, My Jewel of a Friend!
I toast YOU For your your heart for the Horse, riding correctness with growth at all times. The fact that True relationships are your passion . You encourage me to grow in both~

TAG~ You are it, for the good!!!

So here are the "Toast Tag" rules:

1. Display the "toast tag" logo in your blog.

2. State your "toast".

3. Put a note into Adventure Girl's comment section about your toast. ( )

4. Include your link and invite her and her readers to view your toast.

5. Then "tag" 3 other unsuspecting bloggers. Tell them that they must notify Adventure Girl of the toast as well as the blogger who "tagged" them.


  1. Thanks sweet Gail,
    I have found that my horse community here in bloggerville has and is a great resource...even to my soul, becaue of the support and understanding.

  2. Awwwwwww we are honored!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh btw, jumper reading, are you looking more for info geared toward horse, rider, or both?

  4. What a lovely post! Thanks for all your support and for stopping by my blog so often. I've got good news! hint , hint. Will post about it soon.

  5. Thank you for checking in at my blog, "You may be a Pony Cousin, if..."
    I have carefully considered all of the factors and have determined that there are bloggers out there who are just as "horse crazy" as the Pony Cousins. However, i have found many, many bloggers who have taken "horse crazy" to new heights!

    Check in to the blog:
    Find out if you have what it takes to be a Pony Cousin!

  6. are such a sweetheart!!

  7. I toasted you back! Hehe

  8. Thank so much for your kind words! You just made my day! Sure great having cyberspace horse-y friends! Cheers & tipping my glass your way!

  9. How neat! So glad the love is being spread around;) Thank you for the so sweet comment! I will now look around your blog;) Take care!


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