Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's a Stick up!

When I got my truck finally last month, I had a friend say,"Okay...I will start looking for bumper stickers for it". 
That got me doing it...wanting it to be a Red/White/Blue theme, I went to "Cafe Press" bumper stickers...man on page 500- I swear they have a million of them, I had only found 1. 
So I looked over the web site closer and found= YEP, I could make my own!
What do you think?? Pretty fun eh!
I actually go another one too...that is of Wa mare and I riding the beach. It reads, in R/W/B also, " Riding the beaches of life, with my mare".

Can you guess where  I put them on the truck? 
Do you like Bumper stickers or have ideas for some you'd like?


  1. Your new blog picture is stunning! Wow. Love the bumper sticker too. Is this the horse that doesn't like arena work but goes well on trails?

  2. Hi there Carol! Yes..the TB mare Washashe..aka Wa mare, she is the one that could live and die = without ever gone in another arena!
    I am going to start training again soon though..in an outdoor one. She dislikes that a little less...and throw in some jumps and cav's...it'll go even better for me!

  3. What a great idea! You don't miss a trick.

  4. Ok... I don't have a picture of the stickers but I have two...

    I Ride A Draft, Makes My Butt Look Smaller!


    Nothing Like the Feeling of 17 Hands Between Your Knees!

    didn't know I could make my own ~ I will have to do so!!

  5. Those are great bumper stickers. I like mine though it's in my tack trunk, not on my car. It says "A woman needs two animals; the horse of her dreams and the jackass to pay for it"


  6. I am guessing these are on your trailer doors.

    Mine is by my gas tank. A Haflinger with the words, My other ride runs on hay.

    Isn't Cafe Press awesome?

  7. You are always coming up with great ideas. Love the sticker.

  8. I've always wanted a sticker for the back of my trailer warning drivers that the leak from the bottom was not water, hoping this would get tailgaters to back off.
    Ala, in a life full of 'things to do' this has never made it to the top of the list.

  9. I bought one for the horse trailer that says Piaffe this!

  10. I guess one cannot go without a bumper sticker in the USA ;-) In the Netherlands they are not nearly as popular or as original as the ones I've just read in your comments. Love the one you made yourself.

  11. What a fun idea, making your own horse bumper sticker!

    As for where you put them... I have a non-tinted back window so I like to put them there :)

  12. Kacy, too cute you are so creative! I like bumper stickers but not on my car. I want to make some static window clings with neat saying. that way if you wanta take them off no scraping, just unstick from the window!! :-)

  13. How fun! When I got my trailer, I wanted to put some sort of vanity plate on the truck. Something like LetsRide or perhaps a bit more clever. My husband told me he would never drive the truck again if I put something like that on it! LOL! Maybe I should have! ;)

  14. Kacy! I love the sticker - it is SO great - so is Cafepress - You know I love that place!

    I like to read bumper stickers but I don't like them on my car - I do have a license plate that says "MAIZIE" though that I love.

    When I was in college back in the 1980's I saw a bumper sticker that I loved -
    "Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a schizophrenic and so am I"

    I thought that was hysterical!!!It doesn't have to do with horses, but it is funny. Yours is better! Not funny, but beautiful. The love between you and your Wa and Mother Nature! Sigh!

  15. I dont' really like bumper stickers, but I don't mind the static clings. They can come off easily and don't shred or fade like the stickers do.

    I'm guessing you put yours on the rear window of your truck? Don't you know they call them BUMPER stickers for a reason? lol! Just kidding :D

    That one:
    "Nothing Like the Feeling of 17 Hands Between Your Knees!"

    cracked me up...so naughty! lol!



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