Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend Reflections dinner in the toaster

After the last few days of trauma and extra work( next post will explain)...this was my reward to myself! kind of meal...
Polenta with Pesto sauce on some..and Marsala sauce on the other.
Romaine leaf with Yellow peppers, apples, feta, dried blueberries, cucumber...topped with Paul's spray on Italian dressing.
And a cold one....the last of the "Mikes" hard  pink lemon aide".
The Toaster made it even more creative!

Join James and his Reflective friends, for the weekend of similar fun Photos!


  1. Hehehe ! very nice reflection and the food would be ideal for my husband he loves polenta !!

  2. Well, at least you know HOW to relax! I haven't seen that flavor of Mike's here in Florida. I do so like the Cranberry Lemonade flavor....
    Hope all is well, and you get to de-stress and ride this weekend!

  3. I am drooling!!

    Great photo and great food!

  4. Very cool reflection! Great capture.

  5. Absolutely excellent! Brunch seems like it was ages ago now and it's only been two hours! Yum!

  6. yummy photo Kac - I am worried about your trauma - eager to hear the details and hope you and Wa are ok! xoxo

  7. Trauma?!?!? Can't wait to hear/read the story.

    But yum, this looks like my kind of dinner too :-)

  8. Looks yummy! Very creative reflection.

  9. Nice shot, looks yummy, yes, you deserve a relaxing meal all right! Hope things are going to get better for you. ;-)

  10. Yum indeed! I can almost smell the sauce and taste the vegies polenta and fruit.

  11. It looks great! The reflection and the food. I better go eat lunch now. :)

  12. Trauma? I hope nothing is wrong with you or the horses? Yum to your tasty toaster treats.

  13. The toaster didn't make this photo did.

    I've never had Polenta. Now I want to try some. You made the plate look like a piece of art.

    I'm glad you are taking good care of yourself, especially in light of what happened. My nerves would be shot, too.
    Are you still sore?

    How is Wa? Is she starting to heal?

    I'm so worried for you and she. The photos you sent me were frightening. But like you said, it could have been much worse.

    Is Pantz ok? I bet she is a little sore, too.(I'll send you a personal e-mail in just a few minutes)


  14. Ok... food is good... but are you OK??? Between your hint of "trauma" and Lisa's comments I'm a bit worried!

    ** Hugs **

  15. What time's dinner? I'll be right over.


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