Monday, September 13, 2010

Bitless, Pantz style

                                Pantz  rather enjoys a  bitless bridle... I have noticed she fusses and pulls her lips
                 back less. She grits her teeth  too, with a bit . My sissy and I, may be the only riders use a  bitless on her.

                                    I have used "Dr. Cooks" with her, and of late, my own "Nurtural bitless bridle".
                      My sissy, the one that has 3 of everything ( I have 2) found this nice rolled nose band in her tack. It was on an- older than the hills- webbing headstall....I cringed some, who cares if it is frugal...I don't like the mixed mediums!
I took it upon myself to re- headstall it- upon the 3rd unused headstalls of my sissy's tack items she let me borrow it some 4 years ago, when she brought me my mare.

So, the healing of the mares and I, has kept on moving along. I rode Ms. Pantz mare yesterday...she was good and a bit out of shape..she had a tough time keeping up with the 26 yr old Morgan mare of the property! I am looking forward to her therapy apt. Plus...My sister and I are changing her diet...she is a tough keeper mare..worries alot, looses weight very easy.
We are going to start to give her "Senior Source" with her Senior feed and Timothy hay with supplimental Orchard grass. I hope this gives her some more weight...I may get some stabalised Flax meal for her as well...she WILL NOT eat the Source stuff...I am really goning to have to mix in well!

Here is someting to look forward to for me and one of the mares....
My Private barn owner and I have plans to go see our former ,local riding partner, James!!
He now lives in BEND OREGON. He moved there in the spring, from Texas. He disliked Texas so much, and yearned for the Oregon hillsides & dales he is renting a home and boarding for now...but come OCT. he will move his horses home, to a place he purchased and is working on ...readying it for the steeds and himself.
                                                     Since the accident of Washashe mare and Pantz last week...I was NOT going to go for the trip...not the fundage $ available, since the latest vet bill. Or -the sound horse ....but, I am considering taking Pantz mare.

                                              The mares recuperating in the fields this week

Me looking at foliage, walking back from the fields.
      Sorry,  pic is is from my new phone...trying to figure out how to make the images bigger still.
                                         Wa mare yesterday, after her therapy session-via me- stretching her and finding out that her "compensating" hind leg is out..maybe at the hip? So this Wednesday...they BOTH have an apt. with the therapist!
                                 I will see if it is a go for Wa or Pantz to take to Bend...I am leaning towards Pantz!

                           Here is where we shall be keeping the horses!! Click brochure pic, to see more.

                                     This gal TK, that owns the Eagle Bear Ranch lodging, says that we may ride right into the downtown of "Sisters",  hitch our horses up to many different sites, and have ourselves some lunch! I am so into well as riding the Pacific Crest  Trail- right out the back gate!
And one ride will be to MIRROR lake, that James rode to with a new riding friend, a few weeks ago.

                                                                 Here is his photo, from Mirror Lake !

I may be down from Blogging for a time...this post, I have been trying to post for over a week....the computer is really on the is 10 years old and I am going to have it serviced and such.

So until I can post and edit the way I need to...please be well friends and I will try and visit via my Cell phone.
There is soooooo MUCH to share right is killing me not to...but this hour to do a post maybe or maybe not for the birds!

 KK and the Mares~


  1. Kacy, have fun and be careful! Gilly and I have been riding and working on trailer loading, he is doing pretty well. I haven't posted much of late myself.

  2. Have a great trip! I hope Wa's hip will be OK. Looking forward to your pics of Bend - a place I may visit next spring.

  3. That would be a sidepull as it works, or in "correct" terms it's a jumping hackamore.
    What a good girl pantz. I hope you have fun on your trip.

  4. KK, I am just now catching up on my blog reading and oh my goodness!! Thank god that both you and the mares are OK. So very very scary. I can not even imagine how you must have felt when you checked in on Wa mare. Hugs and love and extra treats are deserved all around!!

    I hope your computer situation is remedied soon :)

  5. Have a wonderful trip, KK. The horse facility looks really nice.
    I love the header photo, and the fern. You take the best pictures.
    Are you doing OK?

  6. Yea! Jane...great news about the time spemnt with Gilly horse!

    Barb~ Thanks...I have all hopes that my mare will recover fully...she is pretty fit and her muscles are strong for holding her bones right.
    Hay!! you let me know and I will meet you there, in Sisters, for a hug and maybe a ride if you like!

    Thanks Sydney!
    This particular Jumping Hackamore, is about 40 years old! My sissy has everything!

    Yea..I was mortified and jsut today actually...have felt better about the whole thing form a standpoint...the mares are looking so much better..even yesterday my mare had me shaken up...just not herself.They got back to morte routine today, I think.(I even rode my mare for 25 she felt lovely...)

    Terry...You are so good to do know who it goes in this department.
    Up till today, honestly speaking, have been really off my game and totally cocncerned with the processes of healing the horses.
    Yesterday was badddd...
    today was like 90 % better.
    I am happy to say...
    "It's gonna be alright!"

  7. Kacy have a wonderful time. Love the sound of the whole trip. Hope your computer comes right too.

  8. Kacy! I love the photo of Wa and Pantz healing in the field. Your trip sounds absolutely divine! Have a great time. Good luck with your computer too.

  9. The trip sounds fab KK, hope the computer is fixed soon!

  10. Looks like the trip will be fabulous... can't wait for the pics and your amazing descriptions. Thanks Kacy!

  11. Enjoy your trip Kacy hugs those mares!

  12. It looks beautiful there. Hope you have a great trip. I'm one of those that has two of everything too.

  13. What a difference a day makes huh? Glad things are getting better. Enjoy your trip to Bend, looks beautiful! Your computer has served you well, 10 years is a long time. Take care!

  14. I'm glad Pantz and Wa mare are recovering well...and you, too. Another fabulous horse vacation?? I'm so envious and happy for you all at the same time!

    I've been without internet and computer since Saturday because our computer's power source died. We had to wait for a new part to be delivered. I just got back onto the computer today :)

    I hope your computer woes can be fixed lickety split.

  15. I, too, have a hard to keep mare and here in AK it's even more difficult because of the lack of/price of good feed stuff. However, what worked for Voosh was to feed a mixture of complete horse feed, hay pellets, rice bran, millenium gold and 1000 iu of vitamin E soaked in hot water once a day. Sure has kept her weight up even with all the riding I did in May, June and July.

    Enjoy your trip to Bend. I was supposed to be in Pendleton tomorrow but couldn't get everything together to make it to the RoundUp this year. Maybe next year!

  16. the first photo in this entry is just lovely
    nice composition and the soft blur is a nice touch

  17. I am very glad that everyone is on the mend! Have a good time in Sisters!

  18. Hi hi,
    glad to hear you're both on the mend. Didn't you visit your friend James when you went to a wedding? The lake looks absolutely beautiful. Have a great time, but please be careful ;-)

  19. Kaci...I hope that you and the mares are out enjoying the trails together (I just read about your mishap).

    Oh, and we ride Bo and Waska in homemade sidepulls as well. They are much happier without bits in their mouths. : )

  20. I just read your comment on EV - How are the mares? OMG, a LION? (ok, a cougar, same thing!)

    It's one thing for them to injure themselves, I mean that's bad enough, but a predator?

    I hope they are doing better and that there's some sort of solution for this dangerous situation.

  21. Hi Breath...yea...

    I am in shock a bit still. I about threw up when I saw my mares clawed up flesh and Pantz's -swollen solid- hind legs from tearing around and away from what occured the night before outside!

    Now, am in shock from my PBO response to me. She is being totally rude...not caring and defensive about it.
    My request(as if I don't remember asking for my mares in at night last week- or- was it before even?!!) She is saying I did not ask it of her, she remembers not.
    I know I wrote it down too..I usually write down, in several locals, things I think may be overlooked, that I wish to happen.

    THAT =is now besides the least show concern,freindship... even if a mistake in handleing was done. That is now done and over...

    I have asked for my requests to be honored, and therefore my trust restored. Simple really..the concept.
    And if you don't want to do what I want, have the courtessy to say "no, I have other plans", or "I'm too busy", or" You're freakin out of your that?"-

    Hoo...makes me upset to think on it still...but, the mares have had 3 days inside now, paddocks near to the barn- with lights-
    I have hand walked them and cold hosed them. They seem to be healing.
    The D.N.R. (DEPT OF NATURAL RESOURSES) man said, that it was probably a YOUNG Cougar, not going for the throat, but the hind ends of the mares. Maybe it smelled my mares open wounds from the wk before...thought of a nice meal.
    I hope it susstained some good kicks, to keep it hunting deer instead!


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