Monday, September 27, 2010

Healing myself and the mares

I have to say, that healing me , my mind after the last 2 incidences, has come with difficulty.
My mind has been shaken, with coming off Pantz and the Cat attack on the horses.

 I had kept the mares in the open Stall/ Paddock runs for 6 days...hand walking them  daily and taking them out everyday.

Using liniment and massaging them. Poor Pantz's hind legs  have stayed so swollen. She is off her feed and is seeming to be depressed.  It reminds me of when My sissy competed with her...she got ulcers. She is acting a bit like that, again...very worried mare.
So, I was afraid for them and I did want to put them out, in the fields again. Wa had open wounds still, and that scent of blood from the road running incident may have been what attracted  the Cougar in the first place.
 It means "weakness" to a predator.

I have a new thought about the "Original Spook"-  weeks ago.
Pantz mare can be spooky sometimes...she sure had been with my sister and I, days before she dumped me in that VIOLENT spook, that made me loose the both of them.
THAT is what I am remembering the mares really wanted to turn and run a few days before, on a ride.
 They absolutely WOULD NOT CONTINUE down a trail, just a few miles from the pond. My sissy was almost unseated then.
Could Pantz and Wa mare smelled the Big Cat Predator then?

I am believing that more may have been moving through the area...and I unfortunately, chose to ride near the pond that day.
Ducks may have caught Pantz's eye...but the SCENT of an animal, altogether different, made her whirl and dump me!

6 days and nights later....I conceded to allow my PBO to put the mares out to field- BUT- NOT the same field of the attack. It is too close to the woods and smaller.

So-Last Tuesday, she was walking them out of the barn together. She probably thinks differently now about what she chose to do with her truck with  a horse turnout blanket hang drying off the end of it...
WA mare went BALLISTIC!!
 She saw that form- 3 feet off the ground- in the direction of the woods, and reared and whirled around the the right and to the left.
 My PBO said she was thankful I had done so much round work with her...she kept out of HER space as she tried to flee.

My sissy and I came out the next day, to tend to them and  maybe get them out for a small ride. We noticed Pantz was really sullen as we tacked up....
Sweet Wa mare...looking at me always.."Whatyadoing KK girl??"

We decided to take a short version of a ride...just to stretch their legs...WA was not wanting to go down the hill and kept the halter on her ..I suspected 3 weeks off may be like this.
My sissy ponied us for a time. She was very groany, and unwilling, as we went down the hill.

Pantz was REALLY , REALLY OFF. Short striding in her hind. When we returned, 20 minutes later she would not eat anything we offered her.
We put them out to field,  for a time, after liniment baths...Wa mare prepared a spot to roll for herself...
BUT- after much toil and going down to her forelegs, she abated trying ..for it must have hurt too much to release all the way. That was going to be rolling on her road fall side.

She got up right after this move-

Poor mares..they are still very much affected by the incidents....
Healing continues....for me too.
I have NOT wanted to ride alone..on either one. I stopped by the vets office today, to hand in a release for Wa prep for our move on Saturday to "PAINTED FOREST STABLE". The gal that was at the front desk told me a story about a Cougar in her driveway...she is less than 20 miles away.
And visiting my new BARN today...the owner said that her friend that lives in a nearby town, has shot 6 Cougar this year...and was stalked yesterday, on horseback, by one!
Okay, I am looking forward to a covered arena and riding with others this exploring times will be on hold for some time...
More time, for healing.


  1. Oh, KK, I'm so sorry for you and the horses! I had hoped you were quiet because things were going well and boring. ((hugs)) to you and the mares, and your Sissy too!

  2. I am thinking that even Wa mare, who has not been so fond of indoor arenas, will be relieved and pleased to carry you in an indoor arena after all that has happened.

    I am so sad for you and the mares. Even though you are always so upbeat and positive, this has to be so traumatic to go through....for you and the mares. I think you're brave for even getting back out on a ride for 20 minutes after everything that happened.
    What is up with this influx of cougars anyway? Is there less food to eat within the forest, or just too many cougars for the habitats and territories available.

    I sure hope this is the last of your equine related troubles my friend.


  3. That's very sad. Poor girls must be in such mental stress from the attack and poor mama.

  4. I'm so sorry you're going through this. The worry about your horses and loss of confidence after a fall is a lot to deal with. I hope things improve soon and good things happen!

  5. Very sad that you and the horses are still so worried - it should ease off with time. Does Pantz perhaps have an infection? - that would explain the depression and disinterest in eating.

  6. I'll bet the girls did see something bad (like a big cat)!

    The boss mare Ginger that I used to ride - if she didn't want to go somewhere you SHOULD NOT go there - she always knew.

    I hope that things get better soon for all of you... it's sad for Pantz losing her friend to the new barn :(

  7. Oh KK, I'm so sorry. All the commenters above me say it so well. Big hug for you and the mares. Poor Pantz.
    Thinking of you :-)

  8. Oh, and I also wanted to say that I love your new layout! And the photos in the sidebar are terrific. :-)

  9. Kacey, I'm so sorry this happened to you of all peeps. You are so strong and positive, but maybe a change of scene is a good idea. Good luck with that.
    If Pantz had ulcers before, she may be having troubles again. If she's on medication/antibiotics, she may need some stomach help, ulcer gauard/pre/pro biotics for her gut. Poor thing. But you've probably already thought of that.
    Sending luv and healing to you all!!

  10. You, your sissy and the ponies need to catch a break. I sure hope Pantz gets moved over with you ASAP. If you think she is down now, wait until Wa is not there. I can't imagine having cougars in this area. So sorry for you and the horses.

    Isn't that new editor a pain? Why did they have to go for a change? thanks for visiting and the kind words.

  11. The horses' instincts are correct. They have been both spooked and attacked. I have a couple photos of mountain lion scat if you haven't found any pics on web. The cat sometimes leaves claw scrape marks near the scat. The scat will be in broken segments and filled with fur.

  12. You are doing the right thing Kacy, taking your time to heal. You and the mares have been through a lot. Hope everyone keeps on the mend.

    It's sad that you & Wa's adventures are on hold - but I'm glad you aren't riding out with the big cats on the loose!! Yep, a covered arena sounds pretty good for now. Hang in there. Wishing you many healing horsey hugs!

  13. Fund~
    Love ya girly...thanks so much for the healing sentimants~

    I have thought of that very thing with Wa mare...though she dislikes the arena..I pray she may feel the value of me giving her a smooth ride...sure footing and not hills with it!

    Well, I am still upbeat...deep down...just the changes coming, and the pains my mares have endured being stressed and injured. PLUS- blow to my friendship with my PBO.
    It is gonna take time to heal that too..she realy has no clue that "boarding horses" is not just feeding/cleaning up after them them and walking them out to pasture.
    It is more the NOTICING of small and sometimes blaringly LARGE changes in body and mind of them...

    I was in a barn once...the owner was all concerned about a certain horse -laying down- in his pature.
    She said he NEVER did that.
    I left for a trail ride...when we got back, that horse had been "drenched" by the vet and was on soaked hay for COLIC. She saved a $35,000 horse from a lot of potential pain and also maybe, his life being shortened!

    She noticed his symptoms!
    I will never forget that.
    I need to know that someone can notice..and not me, that is not there too.

    Yea...but, we shall come time!

    Thanks dear!
    I hope things can smooth out, as well...doing my best for that...balance!

    Yea...was reading about ANKY's problem "Le PUY" blog. Sounds that Pantz has grass again..gonna talk to her more. She did have an infection before...white blood count very high. It is so hard to get my sister to do thinkgs differently..if it IS NOT HER IDEA!

    I know...they do know what is up!
    It is sad for pantz...but I also watch my mare with Pantz...she is not able to Pantz moves her and moves her. When I was at another place with them both...the grasses were so much that I had to put muzzles on them(for a short time) and Pantz was so pissed off...she chased Wa around, for the better part of an hour!Each day, she'd chase my mare around.
    So, I am happy for mine, nut sad for Pantz..they will see each other still though..and who knows..My sissy is really thinking I'm making a bad move..she thinks it is "controlling" where I go to. But- she can't fault me for leaving from where I has proven to be hazardous to both human and horse!
    So...I hope that me proviong it is a nice place will win her over to move there asd well....IF-they ever have an opening again!

    You always make me feel good, thanks for your sentiments dear!

    I think another blood test should be done..that is how we found out she had problems before...she lost weight and was tucked up then too. She is such a hard keeper!Poor thing!
    Thanks for the nice thoughts our direction!

    It is true...if it were not for how complicated posting has become...I may have been able to post of the nice time we had, days after that last post...will try to make it- my last post -till I come online again!
    I know...I am worried for Pantz too...Though my sissyn does not want the PBO to turn Pantz out weith any other horses...I think maybe the mare on the property woud be would help Pantz

    OOOU...I HAVE been seeing this scat! When we did the mare-walk the week before...being on the ground and looking for my own footing....saw lots of that!

  14. Poor Wa! Poor Pantz. I know what it's like to have a horse that is afraid of the monsters out there. Before I had Indigo her previous owner took her on a long ride in Tennessee. They encountered every type of wildlife you could imagine but it was Indigo that would smell the bear and get all upset, a mile before it even appeared. This might be something to think about but maybe desensitizing wa/pantz to an airhorn and carry one with you when you are on trails. We carried them up north for the bobcats which my friends little brother got chased by. It's worth the 10$ for an airhorn if you ask me. We had a few run from us in the bush when we were going to the river to go fishing.

  15. Ya know...That is a great idea...since someday, I'd like to shoot from the horses saddle, too! Thanks Sydney!

  16. KK
    this is sad....for all of you. So glad the Lord spared all your lives. I will be praying protection for you guys and I pray in time all will heal.

    I'll have to go back and read a bit farther so I can understand what happened :0 )

    Love to you and sissy - and your beloved horses.
    Patrina <")>><

  17. HI KK sure hope things calm down for you girl !! I sure long for the days when and Wa can find peace.

    I hope the new place works out for the best. And I think I'd be desensitizing Wa to a gun really soon!

    Maybe to start with bells and airhorn and Sydney suggests.

  18. Wow Kacey what a scary worried time you have had. Hugs from down under here in NZ.

  19. I've just read back over a few posts I've missed to see what was happening with you and the horses. Oh my, you've had some really bad experiences lately. I hope you heal and the horses do as well. Maybe soon Pantz can join you at your new stable, she could probably use Wa mare's presence for security. Even though all this trauma was a miserable experience I'm glad that you are all recovering well.

  20. It sounds like this is turning out to be a fairly large setback for everyone. I fear cougars on trail rides and actually scan the trees and cliffs for them when I ride. Ultimately, I'd think the horse would smell it before I spot it anyway.

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    OMG - I just finished reading about your mare's injuries! Those scratches had me gasping out loud! I'm so sorry you're dealing with this, I sure hope her (and your) mind and body heal quickly.

    The new barn sounds amazing, except for the cougar....

  22. Poor mares! Poor KK! Speedy healing and recovery for you all!

  23. You have certainly had your share of it lately! My first horse Bill, that I had with me for 19 years was the best trail horse ever. One day years ago, we were getting ready to cross a bridge over a drainage ditch that we had crossed countless times. He flat out refused to go. My friends and I headed back to the barn. A few days later, the bridge collapsed as a hiker crossed. They have such better senses than we do.

    P.S I am developing a mailing list of like minded rider/trainers/competitors who are passionate about preserving the principles of classical dressage. Check out my posts, and if you like what you read, I hope you will help me to promote it. My goal is 100 subscribers initially:

  24. Catching up with your blog and so sorry to read about recent events. Scary, scary, scary!!

    So sorry the mares were injured and traumatized. Such a helpless feeling for you and your Sissy.

    Hope the horses heal physically and mentally. Hope the horse moms heal emotionally.

    P.S. Did you report the suspected cougar attack to ODFW? The bios need to know where and when cougars are causing problems.

  25. Whoosh, what a story, what an ordeal. Please try to remember, though, that you might be exactly right about what caused that first spook and fall, leading to the mares running off like they did. If there was a wild cat nearby -- and it seems there was -- then that's what the situation was about. I totally get your fear, but I also think the circumstances may have been completely unique. Starting up again in a new barn, with an indoor arena and the focus of more lessons, sounds like just the right thing. Thank you so much for telling this hard, hard story, and good luck to you, Wa mare and Pantz.

  26. Poor WaMare! Poor Pantz! Poor you! It's going to take some time for you all to heal body and mind, but you will. You will be back on the trail someday soon, enjoying life.


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