Thursday, September 18, 2008

Endurance training taste

Lastnight was really fun with the owner of our stables and a local Oregon Endurance rider that trains right in our "Viola Canyon" in Beavercreek....though I think it extends to Redland as is a BIG ol' area we have to ride in! We took trails that either of us from Templeton were aware of..and we'd call them "Deer Trails" to be certain of origin. Wow, glad I took the sure footed Pantz mare..did not even venture to take photo's where no horse has gone before...well, the tried and true Endurance horse has!

I asked this gal, that times in at 6:11:00 (that is 6 hours)usually for 50 miles or better regionally so, in the PNER Family News(Pacific Northwest Endurance Riders, Inc.) if she would head up a training day for our stable on taking "Vitals" of our horses. NOT just for the endurance riders! We all should know resting heart rates and temps and good hydration of our equines.

So this winter, we shall do a training seminar I think...more to come....

It was a fun ride and we went places that I'd, nor my stable-owner-riding-Partner has seen or been to...and I said something about marking the trails ...the respionce was..."Mark them in your Mind's Eye">>>leave not a trace<<<> So that the motor bikers can't find the new places we'd gone..okay...Visual-memory..kick in!!!

Wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on by they went in nice easy trotting.... this is something I do think my mare would be good at and I have been told that she is the right Skin-Surface ratio-for or it too. BUT, humm....if I start to trot all the time and rarely walk, I am wondering if she will ever be calm again out on the trials??? It has been what is keeping me back now= for some time, her being so competitive and all.

Well, it remains to be seen I guess...she'd have to learn to be surer footed and trot galloping.

Off to the beach again see you when we return! Equine mine is coming this time!!YEAAA!


  1. Sounds like a lovely ride and way to spend your time!

  2. Love this post. New trails are fun and exciting. Those endurance riders have my respect - it takes conditioning to maintain that pace.

  3. Yea...sometimes at the expense of their mounts too... CRAZY...riders!


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