Thursday, August 28, 2008

My matching sister/horse

It was so very nice to get out of the clinic atmosphere to the trails with my sissy...who incidentally-matched her pony! It was cute...we just walked off into the woods . whew...glad it is over now too...we have cantered quite a few times now...without incident and I thank the wonderful gal Colleen for knowing my mare...better than I, to let me know, that canter should be in every arena ride~ even just to do it for a 20 meter circle.

Of course, yesterday I found a new spot out in the woods like a lane...a large and long lane to practice my cantering & opening my pelvis and sitting still in the was cool!! Today went better too, asking and recieving a calm canter with the mare snorting each stride as she does . I released the reins, and putting my inside hand behind my backside to increase my bend for her, she did the high blow canter all the way!

We loved it and she is GREAT!!! Good times!

Pantz Appy and Kelli sissy


  1. What a cute head on that appy. And, of course, i love that spotted butt. Sounds like a wonderful ride, very relaxing. Dont ya just love it?

  2. Yes, I do love those rides..just relaxing and fun, out in the woods. It has been rare to be able to ride with my sissy...she is working so much.Her little Appy Pantz, is such a cutie!! Drill pony turned Dressage pony lately with a gal sponsoring her for lessons!


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