Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Like Going Home

It was sooo nice to finally meet up and saddle up again with my freinds from Two's-A-Team. It was soothing and fun to be with these down to earth and mature gals.... I eally missed them! This day was Jeanette's last ride for some time as she is with child and riding is NOT on the list of activites the doctor recommends for her. Glad I could get in on that!! We are now planning all kinds of adventures for the month's to come...and I am so glad to be back with them again!


  1. Sounds like you had a long weekend. I'm sorry.

    Onwards and upwards!

  2. Oh...gosh..may you have been talking to miss J? Yea..we ALL 3 did it sounds like!!! Lets shake the dust off and allow the fertilizer of life to enrich us!
    Thanks for the reminder to keep looking up!

  3. I'll bet Jeanette is going to really miss getting to ride in such beautiful surroundings. Best wishes for her in the birth of her baby. I look forward to reading more of your upcoming adventures.

  4. Hello again,
    well Jeanette is planning to allow "20 meter Circle of Life",
    and I to keep her horses going this winter in lessons and clinics.
    She is trying to sell some of her heard and is planning a fabulous outdoor arena, so we may have our own clinics and such next year.
    She wants ot ride "Simon" the michanical horse, down in Calif before she gets on a real horse again. We shall she'll fall in love with love itself in her new child!


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