Friday, August 1, 2008

Horse Lovers Unite!

I recently met a gal online here that some of you will recognise from her own Blog....

She and her husband moved to a new Stable last night and allowed me to join in the fun of getting to know the new surroundings with the horses. I totally loved meeting her and we plan on riding again soon..this time with me and my Washashe-steed as well!

I had fun pretending to be a photographer as she rode her Arabian and got him acclimated to his new digs...that she said..he may have thought to be just another clinic or show setting as they do travel a bit. He and his horse companion seemed to settle in well, and since they only live miles from that location themselves...all the better to check in and make sure all is well for their equine loves!

I wish! I did play the lottery the other day..anyone know if someone from Beaver creek won?! Cause this gal and her husband will be welcome at my fabulous Horse Haven Stables I am building when I WIN!! And her trainer!

Out for now~on the trails~in the arena~behind the chair at work~ one of the three

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