Friday, August 1, 2008

Perfect Horse-Husband

Last night while invited to visit with my new Friends the first time at the stable they moved to...I observed an awesome sight...a man who grooms, and feeds, takes a walk about in the new turnout fields with his gelding. I loved it!
Here are some other of my "limited" artistic photo's from the evening...


  1. I just noticed your comment on my blog...sorry! I am assuming that you are Jewel's new Pal, seeing as how Tonka and Booster are on your blog :)

    Welcome to blogger land! Your horses look happy and well-cared for. Does the name "Washahe" mean anything? It's beautiful.

    I really enjoyed reading your little "ditty" about the woods. I also feel that way about nature and the environment :)

    Look forward to visiting your blog, and maybe I will see you at DevonWood too...I plan on coming down!

  2. HI there!!! Yea it is the Lovely Abu Arabian and Jewel!
    Washashe means: People of the Middle Waters" which is the Oasage Tribe my mother is from.
    The Mare Wa is a third generation filly from my mother's broodmare she had in the 60's 70's. I will post a pictoral on her since my sissy just sent me pic's from back in the day!
    Be talking later...

  3. Ms. Jewel is going to be world famous soon. isnt she a great gal? I am flying all the way out to Oregon from WI to spend time with her...she better be worth it!!! haha.

  4. Hi! Just found your blog and i had to comment on these photos. They caught my eye because they are like art! I just love them. I'll be back.


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