Monday, August 4, 2008

Out and the backyard


We went out yesterday to one of the first places my girlfriend Gemma,(the one that started my riding craze up 3 years ago)took me several times.
Mollala River Corridor. Or "Hardy Creek", as I know it.
It is very close to drive to and just amazing views.
So we took "Loony's Trail", off to the right...never gone off to the right before, only the left.
Come to find out ,after the fact...that it is called a "More Difficult" trail.Hense why Gem never took me there!
Har....And, I may have never taken that trail if I had read that first!

My mare has this affliction with walking...if she looks a direction, she steps that direction..and if there is not a trail- in that direction -0-because of a cliff side- or something like that...whoa...there she goes!
I was up on Mount Hood one time on a trail like that....even when I got off and walked straight in front of her ...she almost walked off. Maybe it is her eyesight..or no children have??!! mare and I have determined to have solid ground on both sides of us when we ride.
So even though she stepped- once too many times -over in the wrong direction and I had to dismount, I loved that trail. It had a cool bridge and man those trees were neat!

We came across some die hard mountain bikers that thought I had a gun in pocket..nope, just a
cell phone!

We cooled out by walking down the last road home just loose! Be looking for you out there!

As Always~


  1. Hehe, some days my mare gets the same affliction yours does. It's like she's on the sight seeing tour for the day LOL.

  2. This sight seeing tour has lasted longer than I like...and I wish it would end...casue I do like to ride those high trails for the fantastic views! I think endurance riding may be canned with her affliction too!

  3. I'll bet that the mare enjoys being out on the trails, especially if she is with other horses that dont take off and leave you when you need to take a moment to "focus" her.

  4. I miss trail riding.

    hey, I couldnt find your email on the blog...could email me if you have sec? (


  5. Yes...I am finding that I must know my riders or it an be a sturuggle with this mare that is competeing all the time...
    She is a fabulaous trial horse(aside form cliffy rides) and I want to preserve our clam nature outthere as she does seem to enjoy it tons..she has started to "Highblow" at the walk now, which jsut cracks me up something fierce!


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