Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Going Back

Days of yore, jump saddle

I have decided to revisit a "Feel like home"
place. It has been some time since I have felt comfortable, as I was truly more interested in my mare's comfort.
So, while she has been nice and comfy...I HAVE NOT!

Stubben Tristan

Yea, I am talking about saddles again....Above the Stubben fits nicely on the mare. Sometimes I used a bumper pad to level the seat. But, that made my comfort worse. I have been getting hit in the woowoo. I can't take it anymore! I have gone back to my "Hans Biglajzer "Jump saddle. It is all of 9 pounds and so compy! It fits fine for now on the mare...since we have not buffed out with the hills as before, when we stopped using it.

And...we are going back to the mountain lakes soon too!

Pantz Mare and me in Frog lake, Oregon

Summertime colors at sunset
Yes, summer is here in Oregon. While just a week ago it was raining still (typical), it is acting pretty summery now with high temps and plans to be realized. Normally it will rain right up to the 4th of July. Not typical this year, thank goodness!
Tomorrow, we are Taking the horses to the LAKE!

Timothy Lake, Oregon with Mt. Hood 

The two mares have not seen each other for some time...it should be interesting to see the reunion. After some squeals and posturing, they will be besties again for the trailer ride up to the mountain.

Pantz mare and Washashe share the trails

I have been super busy these past weeks...working and gardening, preparing for this camp trip. I went out to the trail and retrieved some old hoof boots I "ditched" last year, when the mare was traveling funny...I took them off and stashed them in the brush. Since the Easy boot "WIDES" have worked so well, I decided to sell the "Reneagdes" back to the feller I bought them from, and send in the old  "Cavallo"boots-pictured below attached to my saddle.

Ditched hoof boots- those days are OVER!
I sent them in and did the "TRADE UP"  through the  Easy Care Company.

You are able to send in an old pair of competitors hoof boots , once a year, for 50% off Gloves or Back Country Gloves. THIS is a GREAT DEAL, since I have finally found some of their well thought out and designed boots to fit my TB mare.
 The invention of "WIDES", has made us two fillies really happy!!
The Rear EB Gloves came in the mail in record time. We've had some very nice outings with plenty of trots and canters. 

All around Glove boots and revisiting the "Jump Saddle"

Time for some of that summery goodness of cooking over the open flame, telling stories till your eyes are drooping, eating "smores" (trying a new recipe) and riding, riding, riding!!!

My mare, the Daisey!

See you all when we return to town again, next week.


  1. Have fun. Too bad you aren't closer, you could try my saddle. No smacking of woo-hoo's here.

  2. Have a great time on your trip. I know what you mean about being uncomfortable in a saddle. It's hard to find one that fits the horse and you to perfection. I finally got lucky when I had one custom made for me and Dusty. Just got lucky it fits Blue too. Got it from a company in England Black Country Saddles and it was no more expensive than buying a good one off the rack. Loved all your pictures. Especially, the one with the two girls heads together looking down the trail. Have fun and have a s'mores for me!

  3. Gotta take care of the lady parts!!

    Awesome pix as usual. Have a great trip. :D

  4. You know how much I love your beach and lake rides....get very jealous.

  5. Great photos!
    Stubben saddles aren't comfy for me either.
    Have fun at the lake!

  6. English saddles for me were always a real pain in the ass! I could never find real comfort, even as a youngster riding Point to Point. Later on,with more ass on the leather, it still hasnt been an easy ride. I have always tended to feel "on a perch", as it were. So good luck with the trip, and take care!

  7. Have a fabulous trip! I hope the weather cooperates.

  8. I can has your shirt? I'm a sucker for tie-dye. Wa mare looks fab in her duds- love those blue boots!

  9. Oh yay for your summer finally showing its warmth ....look forward to seeing lots of camping photos with you and your beautiful mare on the trails ....safe travels!


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