Sunday, August 21, 2011

...You can stretch right up and touch the sky...


                                                           Considering a path through the sprays....
Do dado Cha - do dado Cha-

"In the Summertime, when the weather is hot, you can stretch right up and touch the sky-
When the weather is fine- You got riding, you got riding on your mind !"Have some fun, take a ride, go out and see what you may find!!" (Lyric change-mine)

It's a fun memory song from the 70's...never knew what the lyrics were till I sought it out recently,on "You tube". They were not what I expected. Still, I hum this song, "In the Summertime" by Jerry mungo and now, think of riding and sprinklers!

The mare and me on a hot summers day, went up to a nearby Farmer's field. It has a nice, soft footed sawdust track around it. We have hand galloped this track before, and the mare really loves it, even to gallop on past the trail home, she'll keep on her highblowing pace-to gallop on.

This summery day in the warm goodness of it, we came across about 21 large, sprinklers... the path we normally take had overspray happening...and to veer off, was not to be done into the harrowed, soft dirt to the left. So we considered our path to take,   watching the timing of the spriknklers. The mare was alright with the varried voices of them all. Some  with a lower tone, as the water leaked and sprayed  water randomly, out of both sides..spraying us a little. Some with a higher pitch and quick to come around towards us, in watery spraying.

     After watching the patterns for a time..I asked the mare to venture forth....

She answered...are you sure KK??!!

Yea, My mare..I am sure...let's go try, and see what happens!

She was so good to try for me, not balking but pensive somewhat. I imagined us trotting through-no matter what spray occurred we'd keep on keeping on...well, that was not the case this first time through. We started and she was fully aware "WHERE" the sprayer was going and when It started to come around behind her..she definately wanted to keep moving forward. So, after we had entered the 21 sprayer lane of cross firing water was really no turning back!
I kept my wall leg on, so she would not evade or side step to the plowed part of the field on the left.  I also had to have a short cross for reins, to keep her from bolting....all in all she was pretty centered and looking ahead to the next. In fact we were almost through all of them and I had that feeling- that it could have been a disater- but had turned out nicely. THEN, she spied something at the end of the field (farmers equiptment) and thought to stop moving through. I said with a confident squeeze to both sides at once, we are still going to ride on!

We made it to the other side...ALIVE!!

It was alot of fun trying something completely different with the mare...a summertime adventure!

"Sing along with us-da, da, dadada,    de, de, dedede- we're always hap happpy.  Life's for livin'  that's our phil-os-ophy!"


  1. I can imagine that field being oh-so-different today was a major accomplishment for her to pass through calmly. Good Wa!

  2. That song was the hymn of my courtship days!!! Mungo Jerry were
    No 1 on the hit parade! Good to see someone remembers classics!!

    great shots of the sprinklers, and well done for trying something new!

  3. I sure KNOW what you are humming now Cheyenne!!!

  4. Good, Brave, WA! She seems to be up for anything. That's great, she really trusts you.

  5. Hahhah Kacy .you and Wa mare did great to make it throught the sprinklers ....I was reading along humming your tune waiting for the moment when the water came around to get you all wet ....thought that would be fun on a hot Summer day in Oregon.....but then I thought probably not a fun thing to happen as Wa mighth have freaked!!!. Love your new header photo too.

  6. Thanks for the "ear-worm" Kacy! But good job for WA to negotiate that scary trail obstacle.

  7. Out here in irrigation land we've got everything from hand-lines, overhead "circles," canals, and blow pipes to no shortage of riding fun :)!

  8. I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

  9. Constantly challenging is forever learning... which is a great thing!

  10. Not really the humming type, but the sprinklers sure sound good it must have been a lot of fun, great that Washashe was so good for you she really is a nice mare.

  11. Hi Kacy, so good to be back after a blogging break and catching up with everyone. Great to see you and your wonderful Wa mare have had so many fun rides together. And how brave she is going through the sprinklers, I don't think Spotty would do that and he is an RDA pony!
    I had totally forgotton the Mungo Jerry song, takes me right back to some happy days, I shall be humming that tune for the rest of the day now :)

  12. Sweet Kacy and sweet Wa in the sprinklers. I read this post a few days ago and though how wonderful Wa is to try new things for you. She loves you so much!

    Last night we watched Brian's favorite movie with Kevin Spacey, K-PAX...and the sprinkler scene reminded me to go back and comment about you good girl!


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