Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have heard stories

Recently I had heard of angry bees attacking some riders/horses, as they accidently rode (stomped) by ground bees. I have only been riding in certain areas, not near home, and had the familar...stomping hoof and look from my mare to know.."Lets go- Bees"! was announced and we trotted or cantered off and away from harm.

My Stablemate, here above....I call her my "TurboTeam- Trail  Rider", 'cause she was the one that told me that is what she though I was. We have been riding more and more together so, it seems to fit that she is a Turbo Trail rider too!
She had mentioned a scarey event near our barn where Theo here- I call him Black Beauty- suddenly started to escalate to explosion level, and she bolted off of him to avoid what came next- as he got stung repeatedly. I have avoided that area, altogether.

The handsome Turbo-Team riders above ...decked in new- purple rope reins- that snap on. She has watched me get off and walk my mare, needing more room in front of my mare than a leather rein length affords. And sometimes, those leather reins (if not supple) can be imposssible to quickly take off the bridle! So she found these reins online, for about $25. They are 11 feet long,easily clip on and off the bridle and perfect for her large Black Beauty Warmblood, Theo.

We headed out for a smooth 8 mile loop ride into the cool forests, across the street. It was grey and somewhat dampish...as September approaches this week. It was a nice ride but- on the way back...my mare suddenly stopped, she went sideways a few steps and I was wondering-what the ?  I turned to look at her back end and she appeared to have 3 objects on her...I thought BEES!
Then she dipped her head down quickly and came up just as fast, in a semi rear...I exclaimed to my partner something was going on, and bolted off her, as I felt what my freind had described about Theo...a building of energies under me. I quicky saw that my poor mare had an angry bee right on her muzzle and then, as she rubbed...it left a huge stinger and the welt was now appearing too.
Crap, I had to get that stinger out but now she was frantically yawning...my rider partner said walk her for a time and we headed towds home till she settled. I then looked at the sting area that had now swollen to half dollar size! She let me push the stinger out and we again walked towards home.

Once Home, I quickly got my saddle pack out (should have had it on the horse!) And found the "STING-KILL WIPE" I always thought I might need for a human...but today- My Wa mare got its soothing  effects.
She objected at first. The area was that softest spot, right behind the nostril flare. Then, she got into allowing me to rub it, I think the product soothed her and it felt realy good.

Here are the ingredients-

 It could have been worse, and I am happy it was not. I will carry my pack with me at all times now...even for the short, out and back 8 mile loop, things can go awry!


  1. Love the new header! I know all about that building of energy thing- only I wasn't as quick to get off as you were.

  2. Great new header! Been stung.....didnt like it!

  3. Ouch! You just reminded me to put "EPI-PEN" in my saddle bag, or my riding buddy's bag and I am allergic and am bad about making sure I have the pen with me.

    I too LOVE LOVE your header picture!

  4. Sorry to hear your poor mare got stung good thing you did have the wipes for when you got her home, sound like it’s I good idea to keep the wipes with you now there are so many angry bees around.

  5. Oh Kacy, your poor Wa mare, how awful for her. I got stung last week on my hand, it swelled up and was so painful. I really could have used those wipes, they look really handy to carry around. I really hope Wa has recovered and is ok now.
    What a great idea the snap on rope reins are, I have not come across them in UK.
    It was great to hear from you and read your lovely comments on my post. Thank you so much for the visit and yes, I do have pale pink bedroom walls, a bit too girly for my husband, but he does not mind too much... teehee :)

  6. Darn Indigo got stung a few years ago. luckily shes got a high pain tolerance. I felt her flinching like crazy and then looked around to see two yellowjackets stuck in her hindquarters. My other mare I used to own on the other hand got stung in a line class by one on the rump and went into a complete bronco fest. A good reason why I don't own that horse anymore she was not the brightest bulb.

  7. Poor Wa Mare! I never heard of Sting-Kill Wipe before, but I'm going to add it to my kit.

  8. OMG, your poor mare! I bet the lidocaine really felt good on her sting. So glad she didn't buck you off and run away in a panic.

  9. My mare got nailed by a wasp, right in the belly, just after I put her into a canter. It cost me a dislocated shoulder. Bees seem to get aggressive just before the frost comes.

  10. I hate when bees get after horses! Could have been a lot worse, glad you guys are ok!

  11. Glad everyone is okay! I am going out to get some of those wipes!!

  12. Oh sweet Wa! I am so happy to know she is OK! What a tender spot to be stung :(
    Give her a smooch from me!
    xo, misha

  13. You take good care of that Wa mare! What have you been up to?

  14. Where do you find these wipes at?? Need to get some!

  15. I've had such an arsenal of saddle pack items for all occurances...need to unpack it all and inventory- FETLOCK- I'm looking into getting more of those wipes ...will get back to you

    Lori hi! Yea summer business.has kept me away from sitting at the computer...will be catching up this weekend, I hope!


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