Friday, February 11, 2011

Bluebag monster

Though I did not take any photos of the session today, because honestly, I thought it would be boring, in a nice training kind of way
 of course. So I left the camera home.

It was quite amazing to see how still ( looked to be close to death)my mare could be.

Made myself do arena work again, though a reasonable day out.
I made a half way boundary line with the ground rails and began the session by asking the mare to walk halt, walk trot, halt. Walk trot and trot out to  easy trot ( collected) then back to trot out. We did this both directions and I used the one side rein again, outside, longest setting. I took the side rein off and asked for a easy canter. She is not as collected as I want...but we are just starting. I know she has it in her to almost canter in place, even on will take some conditioning.
She had again- one blow up- that did not last anytime at all...cause I just defused her by not doing anything different-but making the circle smaller and using my connection to her cavesson, circling backward rhythmically so.
So here is the funniest thing ever....I have done tons of desensitizing with Wa mare in the past...but not lately. I decided to take a training stick  into the arena and walk with has a blue plastic bag on it's end.
She was so thrown for a loop...she stood "STOCK STILL" barely breathing...while I flipped it here(very slowly) and there.

On the ground, she would barely turn her head to look at it...."um ,
maybe  it really isn't there..or um..if it is, It'll go away if I don't look!!"
I was in complete hysterics, on the inside!

I rubbed her face and shoulders and belly and rear..she would only allow herself to move if I actually put it on the ground. Then, it was slow as not to disturb the wretched monster-blue bag thing!

I ended up getting on her after this session and walking with the outside rein only . I was quite nervous earlier that day..just thinking on getting on her in the arena. I made my stomach so upset...the bathroom was my friend this day.
Well, she was good. We did long wall serpentines and short wall 10 meter circles, walk only, outside rein only.
 I asked for the directions by turning my torso and using my
inside arm to point. She responded well to my  weight shifts as her guide. I did half halt the outside rein too, right before a change in direction.

I Survived! She survived! And- she  ended up  getting treats-from that same "wretched-bluebag-monster bag"...thought it could be redeemed that way!


  1. Reading about training sessions like these is never boring, at least not to me. But what about your upset stomach? I'm missing something. Are you nervous to ride in an arena?

  2. Oh you brave girl ;-) I'm glad Wa mare didn't throw a fit when you were riding her. You're both taking steps towards some high end dressage, what about pirouttes (you know, in canter) eventually?
    I'd like to see photos of that though!

    I'm very proud of you. That doesn't sound quite right, but it is meant well.

  3. Oh, and I really like your new blog layout :-)

  4. Hoooorah! :) Those are big moments in the little ones, aren't they!

  5. Brave good girls you both are! Great job Wa and Kacy!!

  6. My little mare has always shown disdain for the arena-"focused" work. I need to write "Her Story" for the top tabs.
    But in a nut shell. She can get volitale in an arena. Though I have taken clinics and ridden many lessons ...she just pops a cork sometimes and it takes a long time to recover from it.

    She has great fear and pain memory for collected work-hense my new stance for the trail is more contact/foward make sure there is NO distinction between fun stuff and the arena.
    My stomch PROBLEMS started 5 yrs ago when I had only ONE DAY to work or ride her..for a whole year. I boarded with a friend and she trailered us to lessons once a week. Other than that, I could not work her, there was no place on site.
    In the Lessons, She rearranged where I sat so many times(landing on the ground)it made me nervious to think of riding her. does resurface from time to time.

    Carolina, One year, in lessons, b4fore she got sour to that arena, we were working on counter canter and spiral in canter...I was so amazed with hoiw slowly she could canter ans I spiraled in and then out on a 10 meter circle!
    I have hopes of doing such again with her-being happy mare!

  7. I think it's heee-larious when they creep and sneek... my mare does that too... I just can't help but laugh.

  8. I am so glad that Gilly isn't bothered by things. If he did what Wa does, I probably wouldn't ride, I'd be to nervous, you are brave!!!
    Plastic bags don't bother Gilly at all, if you wave one too close to him he will grab it. I have covered him completely with a tarp on a windy day too, and he didn't care; opened umbrellas under him, over him, held them over his head. He's a pretty laid back Blue Herons, that's another story!
    Still can't ride here but soon, hopefully, soon!

  9. Way to go arean girls!!! You were brave and Wa was brave for you.

    Poor little honey afraid of the blue bag. I am glad she took her treats out of it.
    She deserves her treats - and you do too - treat yourself to something nice!

  10. Wow long time no comment right?
    Can't cnat long but I thought I would offer my insight on bags. Mr.Pony was TERRIFIED, I mean get the heck out of Dodge and head for the hills. What I did was placed treats inside bags, but had them rolled down. Eventually I would start to roll up the bag so he had to snuffle around in them for the treats. Now when he sees a bag (we used many different types) hes quite intrigued to have them near him.

  11. I had gorgeous visions of Wa mare looking at that BLUE BAG!!! on the end of the stick. What a kind idea to put treats in it at the end ....hope Wa didn't have such hatred ideas about the bag after that. Hope your weather is on the improve

  12. I think you and Wa mare had a great lesson today. Even with the short blow up. Probably the more time she spends in the arena doing easy lessons she'll get used to it just like she did the blue monster bag. Hope you're not as nervous next time, the calmer you are the calmer she will be. I've learned this after many many years of conquering nerves.

  13. Arlene,
    You are so right! Time in the saddle, in the arena, with me pretty much, doing what I do when she blow s online...Calm, assertive leadership.
    I don't match her. This has proven disastrous, bad advice from a colder breed owner, I'm now over.
    Breathing, redirecting.

  14. Thanks for your comment!

    I'm not currently in the saddle market, but I do try to stay up with what's going on in the ansur world.

  15. Hi,
    I'm new to your blog. I went back to the beginning to get some history and I have a question for you. Now I quickly skimmed the past and I missed what happened to the Schleese saddle. Would you fill me in on the history. I have a Schleese (used) and I am very happy and comfortable so is my horse. He is a QH and mutton withered. He was very hard to fit and chincy. Now he's happy and moves well. I bought a dressage saddle for the trails because of the deep seat. I'm older and decided to treat myself. Also the fact that the saddle can be adjusted and (2) I live close to the saddle maker, were the deciding factors.

  16. Welcome QHHaflinger Gal!
    I tried to trace you back to your blog and leave the commnet response there...but no liuck fiding you that your response will be here. You could alway emial me's on the profile page~

    Well here goes~
    I have found that this mare of mine has major issues with pain. Some colder and warm breeds put up with and-do not react to-pain. This one tells me everything! Which is really good...white hairs also tell you a story on a horses withers and back...and I have had those too...and succesfully rid her back from them as well by massage/better circulation.

    I love the Schleese therory!!I have leqarned MORE FROM HIS VIDEOS than in person saddle fitters!
    I have set myself on a track for one of his saddles...till...I kept on researching and researching. It is going to take me some time before i can even afford a nice used one..I'm half way there$$!

    But, in the mean time, I thought...blast, I've just got to be able to have some stirrups and half seat and post so I have been looing into treeless saddles. Well there are quite a few and they range in price- low to $4,000 too!
    I would have never guessed that.

    IN my consideration, I have some criteria:
    >Balanced seat
    >Weight distribution(the concerns of a treeless)
    > Stirrup placement/Girth placement(learned that from Schleese)
    > Gullet and also how long the saddle is-
    if it goes past that last rib...IT WILL BE PUSHED FORWARD and onto the shoulder.
    > Twist (also taught by Schleese one will fit me,a woman, better than one made for a mans seat bones)

    Try fonding these things in a "Treeless Saddle!" Well, I did in one more than all others...the "FREEFORM".

    I was about set on that one for MARCH...and a gal at my stable is doing the Videography for "ANSUR" saddles. She has the "Classic" and is getting the "Crossover" for doing the videos. I started to investigate them...
    In the past 3 weeks...I have read all-viewed all- and -SEEN ALL- saddles, testimonies,videos,links and =I am

    One of the videos had a(Schleese saddle- no names were mentioned)
    under an x-ray type photo, to show the ridigity of ANY saddle with a RIGID tree.

    Now I'm not against tree'd saddles and bits...sometimes I ride bitless and Ido prefer it. My mare does relax so much more. I am just trying to find a mode that works for us...and the field of options has become very narrow for her hard tofit body and her temperment for my error deciding= Has become ZERO /NO tollerance.

    So, after watching videos and experiencing all the ill behaviour descriptions of poor saddle fit from Hans Schleese-
    "Saddle fit 4 Life" and also taking into consideration all the stories and testimonies of people at the "ANSUR" web site-blog-and links...I have decided-

    What's a few more months of saving for a extremely WELL MADE, Professionally desined saddle with the HORSE in mind that originated because of Poor performance for the owner of the "ANSUR" Saddle CO. with her FEI dressage
    horse,that could only tollerate a bareback pad( where I am at now)to be able to be judged on the upper level moves. he litterally could not move under the HardTree of the saddle.

    I is the "Answer" for us too~
    Though in the future,I will get a Dressage version. I am starting out with the All Purpose "KONKLUSION"-as I wish to jump and I do so much outdoor hilly riding. The forward panel seems best to start with.

    Hope that answered your questions...there are many testimonies of folks with Haflingers on the "ANSUR" site.

    Today I MEET Carole in person...and I am excited...her story is one of the most inspiring ever!


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