Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This means alot to me

Doesn't this sky look like exclamation marks,-in a cloud kinda way of course- centered on one big exclamation dot?!! Does to me!

I've been awarded this particular award so many times... to be honest - I've not kept track!
I do not mean to dismiss anyone, I do so appreciate you thinking of me and including me!!! ( I adore being included) I had become overwhelmed with my current state of mind...
1)I have Seasonal affected Disorder, and the fog of winter, as I've let on here and there, does seep into me and I function at a lower operational level than most normal folks I do get easily overwhelmed...and shut down(winter times more/summer times less)

The latest bestower is a girl named ABBIE from the United kingdom. Her blog is WALKING WITH HORSES , is refreshingly sweet and I am enjoying getting to know her. She came by to tell me she had nominated me- (I do need this kind  prompting)  So, I popped on over there and as I read her 7 personal items ...I realised (lightbulb moment) she was telling honest things, not so much proud moments and great things about herself, just her reality.
It really warmed my heart. 2) You see, I take myself pretty seriously, I'm guarded most the time. Being highly sensitive and also intuitive with a side of- high sense can be tough to be me.(funny, that's what I tell my horse about herself!)

So, I vowed to follow through to her, as I thanked her for the nice mention of my horsey blog.
 3)  Some may have noticed some not, I have written the additional "and other glimpses of life" to my blogs header name. This is for the purpose of sharing more of me here...kind of a path of faith- going ahead of me- reminding me to do so!

Anddd  ....You may have noticed something else by now...I'm not just listing my 7 items in an order, like normally done either.. letting them flow out as I write. 4) I always want to have a plan, but I adore spontaneity!!!
I think it helps me not to be too serious, as life twists and the road map!

Okay, speaking of PLAN...I did actually write down 7 items to share and so far, 1 on that list has been mentioned -haha! See, the spontaneous me.

 Here is one that goes with the Original Blog title.
5) I have learned that Horse ownership is much like seeing a  reflection of one's self; holding the mirror up to the inner being . Your horse has an uncanny ability to reflect your innermost, and sometimes, unintentionally hidden,  attitudes. The horse you love can be the catalyst to unlocking and reveling worlds of joy and also (important)obstacles to hurdle.
My horse has been used of God to comfort me in times of stress, shown me indifference's that needed to be dealt with, and all while  allowing me to breath and calm myself to go forth confidently.  And now, as I face fears to learn a language to meet her again in harmony and rhythm- I KNOW It'll be used in my daily life as well!

Yea, it's been a rough road with this mare-o-mine...for her too, putting up with my lack of riding skill, having been off the horse for 25 years. Then her putting up with who I chose to take care of her in boarding, 7 times now, having a lack of knowledge  for what mattered most to her.

6) My Motto in life, for people I meet and work around, is pretty much this: If you treat me like you like me- I'll show you love in return.
 If I detect flaws in character/ethics (say one thing do another/or are cruel/dishonest) and if my intuitive self throws up a red flag (I may not know why cognitively so, right away, but eventually I will)I will distance myself and or run(not self protect mode is set pretty high.)

7) Already...7! This was much easier than I though it would,
I love STRONG COFFEE! My coffee has legs of it's own and has been known to walk, skip and leap. YUP. In fact, if it isn't good /strong( those mean the same thing to me) I will forgo partaking at all.

71/2)....this would not be a good list to me at all- without saying- I love and adore my husband!

ALRIGHTY THEN...I did it and I feel accomplished for doing so...and also for forgiving myself, for not mentioning all my wonderful friends that nominated me(before Abbie) know who you are and know I appreciate you too!
Here's the other thing I'm forgiving myself...not nominating anyone in most(not all) of my blog friends have already been given this and the others are "award free".
So no need for rules either...I broke most already!


  1. Congrats! and you are so right about our horses being mirrors for us, and helping us to grow and learn.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, you're lovely!

    I really enjoyed reading your 7 things (especially the adorable part about your husband!)

    It's always good getting to know you!

    Kind regards and Take care :-)

  3. Ah Kacy, so nice learning a bit more about you. And I love how your 7 things flow into your post.

  4. Hey! My horse is my mirror too AND I also have SAD! Come on Solstice...

  5. Congrats on your award. I'm glad I'm not the only one that procratinates posting it long enough I can't remember all those I got it from.

    I always try to live by the golden rule. I guess treat me like you like me fits right into that. I can run pretty fast too when I figure out that's not the plan. It's not necessarily a bad thing to be defensive. It just really depends on the details, doesn't it?

    I have to wonder with all the talk about horses reflecting their owners (which I do believe) who coffee fits into that. I don't drink it because I don't need any encouragement to ping off the walls but I do wonder if horses sense the stimulant.

  6. Loved hearing your 7 things - it's always fun learning a little more about you! There are several I can relate very closely to! I love that you wear your heart on your sleeve, shows a vulnerability that's missing in so many these days (I think, anyway). I'm glad you're going to include other things in your blog too! Hang in there...spring's coming! From 1 SAD gal to another!! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing your seven things with us Kacy :) You're always sharing though, that's pretty clear from your delightful blog. I've so enjoyed getting to know you and Wa mare :)

    Spring is around the corner!!

  8. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself Kacey =)

    Spring is coming and these winter blahs will be gone!

  9. Jeni~
    I think of how easily sharing flows for you. I always love your natural style

    Calm, Forward~
    Thanks my dear,
    guess I do share..but when it's a "focused sharing" it makes me nervous.

    LORIE!!! I have missed you!
    So glad you stopped by today. you know all this stuff about me already, as you have gone through, and been there for me, in some despirate situations in the past where I was totally being persectued.
    I could have summed up in this saying, "I've learned to discern motives of others quickly and trust does not easily for me". I do forgive though~

    Rising Rainbow~
    Yea, The Golden Rule always does apply, but for those who have never heard of it!
    Yea, I had meant to post the award right away, when the first friend gave me tha award. Then it snowballed...I don't know how people were so energetic a few weeks ago,I was strugglin'!
    Coffee...well, I'm not sure THAT reflects into my mare...unles you count the fact that she'll snub the grass hay and the Timothy to hold out for the Green ORCHARD GRASS hay!

    I feel like a duel personality...cause most folks see me in the summer going great guns. Energetic riding 2 horses a day and all...that's because I'm out and about then!!
    It already has gotten better...hense the post~

    Terry~ Thanks dear..I hope to share more upbeat items soon too!

    Cheyenne~ do they mirror you?

    Abbie..thanks for you wonderful post..very inspiring, made me follow through!

    Kate~Push push mare goes. She is determined to teach me how to be stronger and an excellent horsewoman!

  10. I like number 5...just wrote about that!

  11. You deserve any award you get, my friend. And about the horse being your mirror; that only works if you're able and willing to see the reflection. And you are both ;-)

  12. Love the list, Kacy! The comment about your husband is perfect.

    I like that you didn't pass the award on. Too many awards...too little riding time! Wa needs you!

  13. I love this post. I relate very strongly to two of your characteristics - love of planning and also being spontaneous (hate feeling trapped by a plan but hate half assed), love of strong coffee and forgoing it otherwise.
    I would never have guessed you felt very sensitive and anxious (?). Not that that's bad - I just didn't know that about you. Interesting.
    Thanks so much for sending me the information about two point and it's use for equitation. I'm sold and will be working on it!

  14. Congratulations Kacy! I liked all your seven things. Glad you got the time to write them down. Hope you get some sunny days to help you feel better.

  15. congrats on the award - i love your answers! (probably because i can relate to many of them myself...)


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