Monday, February 14, 2011

Feelin' the L*O*V*E

I can only try and describe to you all (touched, teary, w/sighs of relief,wonderful and really happy) how I feel when I walk into our stable's tack room-to see this!!!(addition of hearts-mine)
I am so feelin' the L*O*V*E from my PBO and fellow stablemates!

Having oneself focused upon the calender, for all to see...
ooou, just gives ya that warm and ~we do belong~ sense!!

Wa mare is also featured on her Birthday, in March~

And the very first day we arrived to Painted Forest Stables, I turned Washshae mare into the arena....she, after having a time of antics with cones...went on over to  Big "Skye", who was stall bound in layup, for his tendon injury. She sent her "hello"and get well soon, over the arena wall.
This is next Month's Calendar picture
 (again-heart addition mine)

I'm loving this February and it's welcome changes~

So, after many days of the arena...the mare and me wanted to feel the L*O*V*E of the greater outdoors the day before Valentine's...I wrapped her in her *special* wraps for the occasion...asked her to hop into the trailer, she obliged, willingly...and we set off for a familiar and known to be mud free area.

I was wondering how it would feel to have my saddle pack on my bareback pad...thinking it would be floppy or bug me, being back there.
OH!! Very nice actually gave me a deep seat feeling (but softer) because I sat against it! Very comfy!
 I have been  so lax about putting it on the saddle, because I don't go very far, since I've been at the new place. Wa healing up as she was. It has first aide/horse and rider/ Bear mace/ water holder/hoofpick/flashlight/and some more things one may need. Just has not seemed necessary, but now that I know it such a great thing to ride bareback with, I'm taking it every time!
It actually sits OFF the horse with this padding system too.With a saddle, it slipped over the cantle and would rest on the really icky on longer rides too.

The mare really loved the NEW, though familar, riding places! She was perky and forward. Here she saw a downed tree, and though she did not slow, she sure eyeballed it!

I missed very much the wide open spaces of being higher up on the mountain! It really would not come in to focus...being so hazy and bright. I think these mountains will be my Springtime training grounds...lots of hills and no slippery mudd!

I was so happy, Wa gave me a really amazing trot , since we could be straight/flat for it...a floaty one and I got to push, push, push my pelvis and belly button towards her neck ...till the trot became an extended one! Then posting, though I had no sirrups, became easier!
We walked for a time, up and down some hills, by creeks and back onto a flatter, straighter area. I could tell by the mare's was time to allow her an all outer...there was room and we were fully booted as well.
Wooo....I brought the GPS and had it on to: chart time out, distance, elevation and speed.
 25.5mph later, I could tell there still was some reservations, we slowed to a walk with her mane all tossled and her head down, ears forward, enjoying her lungs having been filled.

The reservations, I found when I got off to share the breather with her, were her blasted hoof boots all wonky sideways! OOOU....
I had to take the lf hind off completely..she was doing a "Stinghalt" must rub her.

 I made sure to not go over the distances/times we have currently been riding..though, we added HILLS to the mix this day.
She was one tired pony!

But  I could tell, a very happy one. She and I are so much alike...needing some change in our daily goings on and also ~scenery!
We cooled out walking back together and headed on homeward after she had a drink and a bite of hay. Her "awe comon' KK girl" look

Here is the rest of the weeks glance at the outdoor stuff...good for working indoors...tehehe~

A little something we made for you, our bloggerville freinds!

I was invited to join a fun Horsey meme- "Trail Tails"

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  1. Happy valentines day to you two!! Love the calendar - how sweet of your barn mates :)

    So glad you got a ride in before all the rain shows up. I have been worried about Val's boots moving around and rubbing - we still haven't tried them out yet.

    My Mary Wanless book came yesterday. Can't wait to dive in. I'm liking your bareback pad setup - over another pad and with your saddle pack. I use my thinline by itself, but may try it your way - it looks comfortable :)

    Thanks for the comments you left - right back at you!!

  2. Glad you and Wa got to go out yesterday; I got out of the arena for a ride with friends as well.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Love that you got out! Lovely post for the Wa mare!

  4. The photo of Wa next to the trailer is a stunner! 25MPH with a bareback pad? You are one good rider and
    sound so happy with your horse and the barn you are boarding at.

  5. I love your bareback pad. Very nice.
    Glad you had a nice ride.

  6. Since I don't have a horse, I'm sending the kiss back for Wa! I love her red "anklets" for Valentine's Day. Whee - going so fast got my blood pumping! Those hills sure look green from up high. Have a great week. I enjoyed the ride.

  7. She is SUCH a LOVELY mare! (and, again, I also love your tree-covered hills!) Sounds like quite an outing, you go-fast-cat.

  8. Aww Glad you had a wonderful ride including an all out run! Love your barn that does such wonderful things for it's boarders!

  9. I've said this too many times already in your comments section... but.. what beautiful country. HOw awesome it must be to have those trails at your disposal. Jealous, I am.

    Happy Hearts Day <3

  10. Love Wa's Ear shots. haha
    happy Valentines wishes to you and Wa.

    Patrina <")>><

  11. wa is adorable! and that saddle, so glad you showed the top of it. i was wondering what it looked like. i must agree with your previous commenter. you must be an awesome rider!

  12. Oh Kacey just love looking through Wa mares gorgeous ears. She does have just the cutest ears!........So glad you had a lovely valentines day ......gorgeous red bandages for riding. Am sure it helped Wa mare feel the love on such a special day. How awesome that your saddles bags fit so comfy on your bareback pad. Its always nice to feel good in the saddle and if it gives you a good feel all the more wonderful. Look forward to your spring rides up through the forests and hills

  13. oh what a cute blog! Your bareback setup looks really comfy.

    Love for you to share your blog with us every Tuesday at

  14. Looks like a great ride. Your saddle/bareback pad looks really comfy!!

  15. Looking good! Love that bareback pad. So glad you are happy where you are, it makes all the difference!

  16. Oh that is such a sweet calender. I'm feeling the love all the way over here ;-)

  17. Good ride, Wa looks great...shame about the weather forecast, keep dry!

  18. Hello :-)

    I've given you a Blogger Award, please visit my page to collect it.


  19. Love the new saddle bag with all your necessary stuff but Bear mace? Hope you never have to use that!

    Beautiful scenery as usual, what a great ride you two had.

    The calendar pages are very special and a nice way to feel at home and welcome in your barn. Wa and you look wonderful in your Valentine red wraps too.

  20. Major sends Valentine's greetings all the way from Scotland


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