Saturday, June 23, 2012

Recalibrate the mind

Into the woods we went, the horses were calm and the breeze was flowing across our faces~

my sister's 5th ride to health on a new knee

I had to hold my mare back from "self loading herself" into the trailer, as my sister tethered her mare, Pantz, into the top stall.
Horses and humans were ready for this day-scape away time.

On the road, we timed the drive to our favorite riding spot...only 28 minutes from stables driveway, to wooded bliss! 
These trails are vast and the last 2 times I have come to ride them, NO-ONE was around, save some mountain biker dudes that were having such a great time, just like us!

The Horses heard them coming, as we were unmounted and resting in the shade.
They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!

Little did we know, as we looked over photos we took that day sitting at dinner later,  that this above shot would CRACK US UP to tears!!!
 My sister and our mares were captivated by the mountain bikers brakes, making an unusual noise in the woods.
 I showed her the shot, she exclaimed, " They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!" OH!!!
 It may have been the beer and wine we were having, or the hilarious memory of THIS YOU TUBE. Whatever it was...the day and the dinner time laughs, were JUST what any doctor would have ordered for the both of us, for health and happiness.

You see, my sister had txt'd me the day before; she was forlorn with some circumstances of life. She asked the question of me, " will you have some time to ride in the next 3 days?"

HA! Does a fish swim?
After my sis drove up from the coast, we went out to see Pantz  the first eve she was in town. We lunged her with the  TTouch Balance wrap and massaged her before and after with "Sore-No-More".

We also went out to my sister's NEXT boarding facility to confirm where she will be moving Pantz soon, before her current place is sold. It's a place we both have boarded before, from one of the -NICEST people on planet earth- I have ever met! This BO took my sis in years ago, when her  Private boarding facility in Newport, Oregon sold and she couldn't find a facility. She made a place at her facility for Pantz- last minute.... putting pea gravel in the paddock of an unused stall.  Since I was boarding there already, it involved me doing the stalls and my sis, when she was in town. It was work, but it was a nice place and somewhere for Pantz. So that is another breath of relief coming to us. We went and looked over what area again she'll be in and got a bale of her next hay. It is far richer than the current Grass and Timothy she normally eats, so a 20 day window of acclimation time should be good.

We surely will miss this outdoor arena with pea gravel /sand footing!

After a nice little ride in the arena with Pantz, we looked forward to the next day of trails, and the two mares seeing each other again!

We arrived to our destination and were already hungry, having gotten a later start, with no rushing, so we all had a little bite. I had made us all lunch.

Again, no one around at this fabulous place...we had it to ourselves!
 We traipsed around the trails that were new to us...most of them are!

My sissy caught us coming up the trail behind nice to have some photos of the mare and me.
La de da...we stroll along the trails happily!

Lovely day in the woods with a breezy coolness to them. Revived again we all were. 

Watching the only one around disappear into the woods~

Perfectly named, "Fern Creek Trail", took us delightfully down to our road homeward

Once we made it to the top of the original hill from the parking lot, we both dismounted and walked back together with the mares.

Home again, after dropping Pantz off firstly, my mare enjoyed her Black Beauty company for a late afternoon graze. She watched as I bid her Adieu from the truck~

Happy Summertimes are finally here!!!


  1. Your ride looks wonderful. You have such beautiful places to ride. I'm so happy you and your sis got to go together and she is doing well. It's really nice that you found Pantz a place to live. That's a relief. Sounds like a good start to your summer!

  2. Looks really nice! And, as a big LOTR fan, got a big kick out of your picture caption and the video!

  3. Hobbit reference made me giggle! Lovely riding - see you're still bareback though. =(

    1. Teehehe!
      Yes, still stirrupless. Very core building, and rather compy.
      I am working slowly at reselling my ANSUR AP, maybe wirh the help of another Blogger. Then I can get serious about a real saddle again.
      Until then, I'm going to work with a semi local Society of Master Saddlemakers fitter. She likes the " Thorowgood Hybrids". Adjustable, wirhout changing rail angles. Wool flocking, with easy adjustment areas for her to use without stitching. WIDER Panels .Leather and synthetic. OH And -a high either model in Dressage and AP!
      All for under $675.
      She sells all brands though, its about fit and comfort.

  4. What a lovely trail ride! And no one there but a lone biker--amazing. Great pics in the woods. Glad your sister is doing well and able to ride with you.

  5. Oh how lovely to open my computer and see a post from Oregon and the treks through the wooded forests ...just your Sister and you with those two gorgeous mares. I'm so happy summer has arrived for you and the days are to be enjoyed having picnics.....lazy warm rides and gorgeous photos for us to see ....happy days!!!!

    1. Yes Sally,
      I was traveling with YOU visually, making me happy and content, watching you and Eve dance the Australian countryside... just a few months ago!

      Thanks for the sentiments my dear!

  6. How sweet it must be to spend such quality time together....all four of you. What a great place to ride.

  7. A perfect way to spend the day. Love the new ear cam header shot.

  8. What a special relationship you and your sister and the two horses have!


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