Friday, September 28, 2012

A "Good Trade"

Sunset Riding  Sept. 2012
As we bid Summer goodbye, we welcome Autumn and it's "good trade" like-ability! 

That "Good Trade"  line and statement is from a favorite movie of ours..."Dances with Wolves". We traded June, for this fabulous September! I am loving it since my August whirred by, like a naughty pony in a big field, not wanting to be caught.

I wanted to share some GREAT news after all that ick stuff. 
My man got a new job this summer! He wanted to get out of the difficult Nurse's Aide job at our local hospital, and applied for another type of job.
 He went away for nearly 3 weeks in July, doing his other Army
 (Musical) Job. He got the call  from the downstairs Dept. of "Physical Therapy" ,  while away: "We'd like to offer you the Position of "P.T. Aide".   WOW!! Our life has changed for the better. He has a normal hours- job! I see my husband, and we do things together, in the daylight and on weekends! 
So ,we are now doing things in our garden yard, having family over and we even went camping, in Late August!

                                                      Mountain view from Lake Timothy, Oregon

This is Freyda's garden bed. She is greatly missed, but now has motivated us to start, and hopefully finish, the side yard garden. 

Freyda's place 12/25 2011

This will be a raised vegetable and herb/fruit garden. She has a lovely Rosemary bush, my sissy got for us,  to plant over her. And we have a memorial stone with her name inscribed, that my neighbor got for her too. 

This fabulous September we are having plenty of time to work outside in the garden and- I have had plenty of time to practice our arena work and then, take it outside to the trail in 'Trailssage". 

My sister caught me doing something that was blocking my mare's right track work. I have a right hip problem and recently got an adjustment and massage work done. I am almost inflexible on the right, and it impedes my aides. She had me point my left knee to the ground which brought my left leg back. AND... it totally felt strange but, as she walked behind me she said, "NOW you are even and are balanced!" My mare responded immediately, and we have had some great, calm and forward  arena sessions! Can't wait to share more on those soon.

So, that is but a taste of the neat-o-happenings of to help sissy move more!
 I leave you with a nice evening's glimpse of my man and his cat recently~

Thanks for all your wonderful words of encouragement my friends! I hope to visit more, at your places soon~


  1. Beautiful photos. Everything seems to be going very well. I'm so happy for you and your family. Enjoy Autumn!

  2. Such good news on your husband's new job! Congratulations to you both.

  3. awwwww, what a sweet picture of hubby and kitty! Wish I could get Adam to like our new kitten like that. He is still asking if I have started looking for a home for her:(
    So glad about his new job, I know what it's like to have a spouse with a terrible schedule! gotta come and ride with you at wherever that beautiful view of the mountain was once Cassie has her feet back.


  4. Love the photos! Great news about the new job! So happy for both of you!

  5. A pleasure to read all your good news! Especially love that last photo.

  6. Looking forward to more posts about your arena work!

  7. Timothy lake looks so pretty!! I have been dying to get out on the trails and will have to look into it. Life has been so busy that i think all we will be able to fit in is Tryon Creek. It is close and easy. I am very jealous of your trail riding!!!

  8. Happy September--enjoy the fine weather for riding and yard work. I know I am! Well, I'm not getting near enough yard work done, but the riding is fantastic!

    1. Imel,
      We are , in Oregon, ***LOVING*** our September! 75 everyday with overnight in the 50's .
      Got tons of projects done yesterday. Horsin' today and more moving sister, maybe garden work too!

      Hope your Sunday is great!

  9. Fall is such a wonderful season =) Rosie and I have also been enjoying the cooler temps, lack of horse flies, and getting out there and doing stuff!

    You're garden will be beautiful I'm sure!

    Congrats on your man getting work closer and you can now have "as defined by you - normal - times together"!

  10. I love all the photos - the mare's hair looks better than mine (I'm trying to let mine grow out...). Glad your husband got a new position and your sister retired. It felt good catching up with you. Take Care of yourself.

  11. great news on hubby's new position! I hear the change it has has brought. I am always uplifted by my visits to your place. Thanks for sharing.

    patrina <")>><


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