Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just keep going

                                                                                          ~ Mare walking in the rain~    
 It was raining, icky, cold out. I trimmed my mare's hooves and then, gave her a massage.
 I was avoiding going out in the cold rain. 
 I knew I wouldn't melt. That is what I told the barn owner, when I saw her briefly, " I need to just keep going, and not let this stuff stop me"!
So I DID go on out into the foreboding day.

 I recently installed the "My Fitness Pal" App back onto my new phone, and have been doing very well with my diet tracking.   It even gives me "pep talks" in the form of  "exercise  note's, as I document  Cardio /Strength and workout activities.  It is quite hilarious!   But, for me right now, super motivating. The  all to recent non- riding-winter- blaws- weight , has to leave me!

The mare and me, happily set off, breathing in the moist air. She took in liquid refreshments, as needed, and they were plentiful. 

All in all it was a great 3 1/2 mile walk...burning off several hundred calories. Today, I am a bit sore from how fast my pace was, in between the mare's grazing times.  I walked and she trotted!   The last long hill up was the killer though.  I got myself into position behind the mare. Rope in left hand, Tail in right.   "Okay", I said chipperly, there she went.   It was too slick to actually walk, so she kinda moved her feet a bit faster. I was joggin' behind!    Before we actually reached the top, I said several times, " And....." .  
It is the precursor "half halt" word I use before a change. She kindly stopped for me, after I said the "AND".   Huffing a little, I again asked her to move forward with the ,"Okay".

My goal, before long, is to be able to walk up the entire long hill, with no stopping. If the mare stops, that's fine.

                                                                                          ~ Panorama of Wa mare near Boulder pond~

That was really fun! The mare took just as much delight, I am sure of it, in munching the greens we found everywhere.

Today, now the SUNSHINE is out!    
I will be burning some of my  calories upon my bay- Grass Powered Beauty!


  1. Sounds like you're both getting into good shape. I'm going to check out that Fitness Pal and see what it's about. Great pictures!

    1. It is fun, fun, fun, Arlene.
      You can set it for any fitness program, any activity. It is what I gave to the EMT's last year...when I ran to my friends aide in the has GPS!
      Though..."My Fitness Pal" has a link to App's that can Coordinate with it automatically. I must log my own Rides and walks and runs + in ( not hard) after the fact. It goes directly to my "Tweets" though!

      Have fun, it is a good motivator!

  2. What kind of phone do you have for that app to work? I just got an offer for a free smart phone and was wondering if that app would be available? And Kacy, what are those shoes called that you put on Wa? Sugar has wide web aluminum natural balance shoes with elevated heels on her fronts only. I rode her last weekend and she is quite lame. Cannot justify riding her until I get improvement. :( I was so bummed...need to find out what can be done to help her out some. I had my first Kombucha drink the other day. Oh my - I loved it!!! My neighbors have Kookoolan Farms and this was their home-brewed Kombucha drink...soooo good! I wanted another one right away! We have been so much rain these past few days, everything is muddy, slick again. But like you, sunshine today!! Makes my heart sing!! I'm so anxious for warmer, drier sunshine days. I want to be out with my horse enjoying the woods and warmth again. I need it!! Take care sweet KK

    1. I have an ANDROID from Motorola.
      I used the "EASYWALKER sports medicine Co-Polymer shoes. Finding the right shoer is the problem...they have to educate themselves by watching the "Installation Video".
      BUT- there is a Co-polymer horse shoe out now, that may be better. Eponia..or something like that? I have have just heard of it from another Dressage blog.
      The application looks smarter and easier. I may try to glue it on as the grounds dry out. But, will have to use "bell boots" to keep the mare from stepping them off.

      Glad you like the Kombucha!

  3. I have that app, too! It is great!
    It works with Android or iPhone.

    1. It is fabulous, I am so happy I was turned onto it by my stables mates!

  4. Good job overcoming weather induced inertia and getting out for a nice walk with Wa! Glad the golden orb has shown it's face for you. That last shot is lovely, lovely.

    Thanks for the tip on the fitness pal app - loading it right now. Val and I will be taking frequent walks on the nearby paved road from here on out. His recent lameness episode led me to do hoof research and the conclusion is more work on hard surfaces needed immediately. That app will come in handy. :D

    1. Oh good C, glad you can upload that App. My sis has an iphone, and can't get the same cool " British dude"...that I thought was cheering me on but actually(in his Brit broag) is saying "Per hour", Not "Hoorah". My husband told me I was wrong..but I still take it cheering!!!
      I love the fact that I can set it to remind me to Horseback ride!!! Then there are either Green horses- I rode, or the red horses, I did not ride- all across the top of my phone!

      Oh Val...the hard surfaces are good for tightening the lower limbs tendons, i know that all too well from Wa's injury.
      I hope you post of your times soon...I miss your smiling face! ( and News!)

  5. Love the sound of the app! Indeed, sometimes it's difficult to do, but often we need to just keep going!

  6. I was thinking about hiking with Harley too--except I'll need snowshoes! Don't know how he'll react to that. I just might get back in the saddle this week. The sun is shining, the sap is running, the hand is doing well--time to get out and exercise! I can always shovel the driveway, Hah!

    1. Yea but, shoveling the drive will NEVER be as fun as Harley walkin'
      It's a real esteem booster to build the trust while hand walking into diff situations.
      I started the trails that way, with Wa 5 years ago, when I didn't know how she'd be- out in the vast wooded areas.ALONE.
      It all builds trust.
      Just yesterday, while hand walking off property, (mare walkin') right off the bat while on the small stretch of road we are near, a huge( 2 story like) truck came by a rattling and booming...I had stopped, knowing it may un nerve did but just one leap forward, and not even pulling on our line!
      That is 100 % improvement over a few years ago. She, being a SUPER SENSITIVE MARE, hormones raging, kept it together.

      Harley just needs you to allow him into many diff situations, that you have pre thought, and have answers for, when he knows NOT what to think! If you fell while walking him...what would he do? It all is something to take into account.

  7. I'm going to look into that app!
    I use "And" when I'm lunging. Like you said, I use it as a verbal half-halt, cueing that I'm about to ask for something. "And..trot", etc.

    1. WOW...neat to hear someone else uses that "AND" as a half halt cue.
      It truly works well with my mare. When I am "mare walking", and she gets too rambunctious...all I have to do is say , ..."and" And she'll slow for me. My sister taught me that...good minds think alike Terry!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog & asking 'bout me, that was sweet :) Love how you hike with Wa! The panorama is gorgeous & dreamy!! I am still amazed that your wonderful photos are from your phone. Just heard they are coming out with a 13 megapixel phone camera. A good phone is the one device to have with, for sure.


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