Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A day riding , pondering

I had a smile on my face, from the get-go!

Though part of the ear to ear was remembering something I had read 
(and snort laughed over)
"YOU THE WOMAN", which is my name for her on my blog roll. You may know her as "Grey Horse matters".

Who knew something as common as what I call the "Sunshine Blues" could be so blasted hilarious !  Having "S.A.D.D." makes you manic when the bright light of the sun comes out finally. I try and do everything at once, not being able to follow through with any 1 thing! It is Exhausting! 
But when someone like her writes it up; the talented comical soul that she is, it takes on a new light and makes us all in this disintegrating world, ( minds and bodies)  together, and it is not at all as bad as being alone!

On with a days outing we went.
Down through  to the temporary water hole, Wa mare pausing to drink from the fresh rain basin.

It is nice when riding, I never have to worry about lists, agendas being met, or forgotten!  It's all about the moment I am in with my mare.

 The "REAL TIME" of riding out is a mind-clear. Nothing else matters in the lapsing minutes into hours. Blue hereon, Hawk, Eagle and many other birds fly above us in the airspace. On the grounds;  deer, Beaver, frogs, squirrels, bunnies and the occasional cow and Llama are our trail mates.

Usually, I think only about other horse folk when I ride.( "IF" I think 'bout anything other than my mare, those animals and the terrains I travel) It's only fitting to take them along in thought and prayer, knowing of their horse lives through blogging. I leave my other life stuff behind, just  take them and their journeys various.

Lately, I am CAPTIVATED in HEART by one that has made massive amounts of progress with her new wonderful Arabian mare.
Lytha in Germany. 
When I ride my bareback saddle now, I have a partner! She is brave to do it and yea LYTHA, you'll get more buff as you ride on!

The brighter light of the sunshine appearing has given me a BOOST...obviously...I have made more posts in this week, than ever! 
So when I drop off to normal  Posting...make sure to visit my new LINK-"INSTAGRAM"- on the top sidebar!
It is a photo trail of life.


  1. Once again, I think we are in for some nice weather. I came so close to getting in touch with you this last week-end. I met my Mom at The Beavercreek Tavern for (AKA Buffalo Bills) for breakfast and had no plans afterwards, then I realized I didn't have your number plugged into my phone like I thought I did. Darn it! Any who, I am determined to come and see you and your beautiful mare. I am going to go check out the instagram now...:)

  2. Glad you've had some sunny days. Love the picture of Wa mare and the water. It makes me smile that my post gave you a chuckle.

    I agree with you that when we ride we should leave everything behind and try to be in the moment with our horses and the nature around us.

  3. Nice pic of you and your horse staring at the vistas.

  4. Beautiful photos, KK.
    Glad you're getting some sunny weather!

  5. Hi KK!, This instagram is really cool, even got my travelling companion to log on! She`ll take pics of me, and I her!Lol!! Feel like a kid again, Be cool!

    1. I'm So Impressed...You Took To It Like A Duck!!!
      Be Seeing YOU IN THE STATES!!!

  6. wow, thanks for this kacy. i don't know about "massive" for progress, but i see little steps. yesterday she tried to break free while tied to a hitching post at the barn across the street. she tried 3 times, sitting back hard, and i was so scared she'd break the hitching post! i knew that halter and rope were fine. eventually she gave up, thank god. i will be very careful to tie her in the middle of the rail next time for even more stability. so far i have never tied her up at home, because i don't think we have anything safe to tie to. good that i didn't.

    i got my saddle back from the fitter and it fits the horse better but me not very well still. also, she's so round i cannot get on without help, so i may as well just use the fancy bareback pad.

    for now her feet have been ruined by our wet climate. they were rock hard when she arrived and now she cannot walk on our rocky trails anymore. i ordered easyboot gloves this morning and will try to trade in my easyboot bares for another set of whatever works.

    i'll get it together...at some point, and be actually really riding...soon?

    (update: ooh, i just found out the easyboots shipped today!)

    1. Well, I think the whole horse shopping and finding and riding and all of the work you do towards her training- is a massive awesome thing!

      The Easycare Co. does not take Easy boots for trade( but you may have found that out) JUST competitors boots. I did another "FITTING" today with my barefoot trimmer that is a Rep for the Co. We tried the 0 reg gloves on the hinds..nope...she is a W on front and rears for the gloves!
      I brought my OLD Delta's home and am going to send them off TOMORROW with 1/2 the $price for the NEW GLOVES!!!! EXCITED!

      Hang in, by the end of summer...you can go barefoot again! Me too with mine.

  7. i busted one of the gloves trying to get it on, the gaiter just ripped 1/3 off - the stitching was no good. the other one was fine. i know enough to not yank on gaiters so it was really defective. i sure hope i *do* get a trade back for a new one! there are no marks of use on it at all.

    hey, thanks for that offer (ansur) but i cannot ride in a treeless saddle - i'm too heavy: ( and i really want to move into a different style of saddle now. saddle post coming up: )

    1. Oh! That's Discouraging. You Just Reminded Me Though...Don't Pull On The Gator!

      The ANSUR Does Have A Tree, It's JustNot Wood. I .Understand Though

  8. Love the profile of you and your horse! Perfect photo!

  9. Love this post - the dropping off of worries and lists and agendas as soon as you get on your mare. I love horses for that reason! So wonderful. The best news of spring is being your Instagram friend. I feel so close now as we exchange morning, afternoon and evening views. It is almost like being your neighbor - (cute Grasshopper!!!!! lol!!!)

    Hugs for you and Wa and kitties and B-man and all the happy raspberries!!! You live in a wonderland!

  10. It's always nice to spend sometime pondering while enjoying a good ride, and sure sounds as those it was a nice ride I love to see all the wildlife when I am riding.



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