Monday, January 24, 2011

Concur/conquer Wild Things

My sis and I finally got to go out riding -in this new year.
She comes to Portland every week for her few days off...but all have been bitterly cold, grey and wet, so trailering and riding together-not an option. This day  brought shadows...ooou nice bright ones!

Flooding rains in Oregon let up. The Grey skies with misty, dense fog lifted...just for a few hours.
 I drove quickly out to the stable...the mare and her wonderful buddy Theo, were in the farthest back field...wayyy back there!

I went to hooking up the trailer firstly, and  then, retrieve the mare in from the field so I could assess the " accumulated mud quota" upon her  and estimate my grooming time before I left to pick up Pantz and my sis, from her barn down the road.

Wa mare and Theo were grazing and enjoying being out in the sun as I arrived...they kept track of me as I hooked up the trailer.

When I finally went out to get Wa...the two horses ran around a bit...

....then met me at the gate in muddied spender!

 Neither one likes to be, and tend to get to running and worried as the other gets taken away. The day was so nice and I knew- they had been in most the I opted to leave Theo out this time...he protested with calling and pacing as I walked away with his girlfriend, my mare.

This is what typically occurs, as I appear to the mare (she was too busy with Theo in the field, to do it out there)...she empties her bladder.

I like that she does this...because, if she forgets..she gets antsy on the trail. She has rarely ever asked to "GO" while I am riding her. And sometimes she will, if I do get off to "GO". . .
We "GO" together... too funny, and that would win us the $10,000 prize..but be too X -rated!

Today, with my sister and Pantz mare, we just walked the 5 mile loop.

 Both mares are out of shape(mostly Pantz). My Goal was to go near the "WILD THINGS" that scared my mare so badly the last time out that she bolted- and I had to stop her and come back to face them off again. We did...but she is VERY PENSIVE now about this area of our ride.

Pantz went first.

Wa was lagging behind..hoping to turn and be first on a dead run- should things get ugly.....

The noisy and wild onslaught started....and my mare became very tense, trying to turn away...
These identifiable animals are in deep cover, with  thick under brush, and that adds to the scary nature of the noisy creatures!

Pantz was not as taken aback as my mare. Mine remembers some volatile creatures like these, that were allowed to chase and bite her at one of the creepy barns I boarded at.
Here they are..5 barking dogs that run up to the fence and threaten to bite.

These animals were kept away from her legs by chicken wire mesh. Of course, she did not know that the first time..but she will eventually be able to mostly ignore them...I may squirt a water gun their direction..that could help to cure their rushing up to us too!

It always helps to have a solid trail pony to help with the jitters of
one that is unsure, Thanks Pantz!

So, all in all it was a nice ride and we took a little photo op, after eating a spot of lunch in the sun.
I forgot to bring my latest gift for these photos come to you...from a "STUMP in Oregon"!

I really can't wait till my sissy moves up gets her help and we have some neat-o-times !

I just checked in with some of my fav blogs and WINTER has struck take heart in this post, your sunny days will be back, I promise!


  1. Your horses are gorgeous, it looks like you had a really good ride!


  2. Great ride and pics! Its good to ride alone, but better to ride with someone you care about!!!!

  3. What fun (except for the dogs)! My Pie will stop and go on the trail - he just slows down and pulls to the side and asks to stop.

  4. Awesome post! I just adore Wa Mare :)
    Are they not funny with the things that scare them? We have a bag of rock salt sitting in the barn, on the floor. It has been there now for two weeks. But, each day as I turn out Allegra, she side-steps it, snorts, and is ready to bolt! Because, you know, that bag might just EAT HER!
    Have a wonderful week!
    xo, misha

  5. Yay! Sister time and horse time combined! Looks like a beautiful ride. (Did you get a groovy flexible tripod by chance?!)

  6. Thanks for taking us along the trail! Living in Antarctica 'er I mean Wisconsin, right now I do miss riding! Love the last photo, Wa is gorgeous!!

  7. What a great ride. And post! Wish I'd been there.

  8. Wa mare is smart - let the wolves get the other guy!

  9. Great to "see" you again and so glad you and the Wa mare got a chance to get out and about before Winter sets back in. Lovely day to ride!

  10. What a gorgeous trail...and what's with that nice, inviting weather...while I'm back here suffering! It's great that you and your sister could take advantage. Sometimes it is so hard to get motivated. I don't know what winter is like without snow.

  11. Ride....I wanna ride!!! Still it snows here, darn it! Too cold to do anything outside you are lucky, looks like a nice day for your ride.
    Wa is so pretty, love the last picture, Gilly is all shaggy and hairy. He grew a nice warm winter coat and never needs a blanket.
    Great pix of you and your sissy!!!

  12. Oh, the happy smiles of two sisters and their sweet horses on a SUNNY day!!!
    Did you get a tripod for great photos? What fun - don't poke your mare's eye out though!

    Enjoy your sunshine deserve it!

  13. Glad you had a good ride with your sis! and worked on conquering some demons, too.

    That's too funny that Wa won't pee on the trail. Dixie pees when I go to get her, then pees or poops every 2 miles on the trail. I bet she peed four times on Saturday - then again when she got back home!

  14. Glad you had a good ride with your sis! and worked on conquering some demons, too.

    That's too funny that Wa won't pee on the trail. Dixie pees when I go to get her, then pees or poops every 2 miles on the trail. I bet she peed four times on Saturday - then again when she got back home!

  15. i enjoyed reading about your trailride last night before i went to bed and then i dreamed about wa! i had her tied to the trailer with baasha and mikael's legs (!!?). then something spooked them and they tried to pull back and the trailer started rolling and i had to untie horses fast - i yelled for you but my voice was a whisper - in a dream you know sometimes you cannot scream? well i got them all safe and then i woke up. weirdy!

  16. So great that you got a nice dry day to ride and that you have your sister close enough to have these fun times. My sister lives across the ocean and I miss her very much, you are blessed:)

  17. hey there, just found you and your 'ponies' are so cute! your trails look really nice and the evergreen trees you all have a gorgeous! i wouldn't like those dogs around though. come by for a visit when you find time, i have two 'ponies' and compete at low level eventing. take care and hope that rain quits,..we are getting snow tonight...again! going to get some hay today before the weather turns.

  18. Oh I am so happy you are out riding! I am missing the trail so much. Winter is still torturing me here in Ky and I am way beyond over it! I used to have a trail in Fl that had pot bellied pigs next to it in a fence enclosure, my mare used to fret and do all the things Wa is doing. Yes, a sure footed trail buddy helped her get over her fear of that trail eventually.

  19. Yeayyy you got a ride!!! JEALOUS !! I haven't had a leg over a back since October =( First letting my body heal, then ugly icy snowy, icy, snowy.. did I say Icy ...


  20. You're just the best to put up such wonderful, bringing-us-along posts. You and how you know your Wa mare, it never gets old to read about.

  21. I loved riding again with you and your Sis. Pantz looks so tall in some of the pics and Wa so petite! I am taking heart in your sunshine.

  22. Lovely friends: you and your sis, Wa and Theo and Wa and Pantz. Great read. LOL about you and Wa mare 'going together'. D'you think it is as infectious as seeing someone yawn? I've never felt the urge to go when one of our horses does. Perhaps I just have a strong bladder? ;-)

    (wv is lophily. I think this was a lophily story :-))

  23. I love your pictures, and definitely love your weather. We've been getting snow and ice pellets since last night and I don't think there's been any traffic on the road in hours. I'm SO jealous of your trail ride. Oh, and the fact your horse will 'Go' when you do is amazing! Too cute.
    Glad you had a brave trail buddy. Those dogs are a pain.

  24. Hi! Stopped by to say hello after you commented on my blog earlier today - enjoyed the trail ride and am glad you are working through the dog "scare" - that would scare me too if I were out on two legs OR four...!

  25. Sounds like you had a great ride. The countryside looks beautiful.

    I have found with a horse that is timid about dogs like that it helps if they learn they can make the dogs go away. Many times just a step or two in the dogs direction will make those bullies back off. If the horse is too afraid to approach sometimes having another horse do it will help get the process started.

  26. Such beautiful photos, wish I was there!

  27. Is the peeing when she comes in a left over trait from being off the track. She is off the track right?
    We have an OTTB and everytime I brought him in to the main barn he'd pee and really irritate me! One of the ladies at the barn said it was because they had to do pee tests after each race so it just becomes a habit.
    It made me not so aggravated at cleaning up after him after I found this out:)

  28. Horse M~
    Wa has never been on the track...she was from another TB mare-also, never raced. The Sire was Pursuit, and yes he raced.
    She was taught to "Go" by my sissy when she whisled..before trailering much as you could "train" a horse to "Go". She always has seen me from afar, as I walk to the paddock and she will instantly walk "Go"! It is different now with a turnout partner..she feels like she HAS to be a the gate first. She then "GO"s when we get to the stall.


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