Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Neigh year to you too!

Out and about on a Cold New Year's day ride,
When  all of a sudden we spy,  two Paint horses, Oh my!

They did proceed closer still, till a conversation did ensue!

New years greetings upon the trail this day we found,
what a nice surprize,to our riding alone!

My Girl and I tracked many things this day...
through fields we went,

and forests covered in white, we did see.

And also glancing over,
familiar territories.

We did seek out new places as this trail held some tracks of it's own, we followed...

until finally, we turned to go on home.

Yet another name sake displayed for us to admire and sigh
~ contentment with~

A Painted Forest Sky!

Then I decided to use my stable mates cute little party hat on the mare;

..and in my heart and aloud I did say,
"How very blessed I am this New Years day,
 residing happily carefree,as I had prayed!"

I  do also pray you all well my friends, and with a fine New Years Start!
And please don't worry too much about my rhymes,
they will cease sometime soon, so take heart~


  1. Beautiful pictures...may all your new year be as beautiful.

  2. Great pictures! Have a great New Year!

  3. Sounds like a perfect start to the New Year!! Beautiful pictures - thanks :)

  4. I love your rhymes! They are delightful and capture the spirit of your rides so well.

  5. Great way to start the new year!

  6. No way! Keep those rhymes a coming. Great pictures and a great day!

  7. What a great set of pictures. Love tagging along on your rides with you.

  8. What a great ride! Those paints looked like a matched set & blended so well with the snow and scenery.

    Happy New Year, Kacy. Looking forward to cyber riding with you this coming year & who knows, maybe I'll get that trip to OR sometime soon!

  9. What a wonderful ride! The painted horses, painted sky, and the painted story!

  10. I love your rhymes! The pictures and rhymes take me right along your ride with you. It's such a treat. Happy New Year, and thank you so much for your beautiful blog.

  11. Happy New Year to you to dear Kacy!
    We had rain on the first day of the new year but Gilly and I rode from the old year into the new. It was a short ride but I was riding when the new year rolled in, it was GREAT!!! The temp was in the low 40's, had it been cold I wouldn't have been out!

    Love all your pictures and your poem was great!
    Hugs to you and many blessings in the New Year! :-)

  12. Oh what fun! Love that headband! lol Happy New Year!

  13. Happy New Year to you too KK!! I hope you and Wa have an ecellent year with many adventures and much fun!

  14. Happy New Year KK! Your ride, as usual, was the loveliest I've seen. Snow, and Paint horses and painted clouds...does it get any better. I think the state of Oregon should hire you as their PR person. I have never wanted to move out there as much as I do now!

  15. As always, a fab post! What type of camera are you using? I need to step it up a bit in the photog. realm...
    I also had a great 5 hour New Year's Day ride on one of my barn owner's horses. 76 degrees and sunny, I was in short sleeves.
    I would have been riding Jax, but he HAS PNEUMONIA! Lawdy, lawdy... he is doing better, but is in light work only...
    New post on my ACTHA (one of em) ride in Oct.... hope you enjoy it!
    Happy NEW Year!

  16. Oh just beautiful Kacey ....the two coloured horses will be me and my two next year. They look a bit like Hokuey and Mosaic.
    Happy New Year to you and your gorgeous horse ....many happy adventures through the snow!!

  17. Nice post how nice you could go riding. I wanted to do the same but between being sick and it's way to cold here,no such luck. I felt like I got to go along on your ride though...thanks and great pics.

  18. I love Wa's ears in the first picture! So cute!

  19. Very nice photos. Thanks for taking us along on your ride.

    Happy neigh year to you too.

  20. Wa is a New Year's horse Queen! I'm glad she agreed to take us for a ride. The photos are wonderful - that sunset!

  21. happy new year
    loved your little story & photos
    i like the 'happy new year' on the bridle (i think that's what its called?) :)

  22. Great pictures, love the Tiara on the princess.

    Have a wonderful year in 2011 with lots of fun saddle time.

  23. Delightful! I love the perspective.

  24. Lovely poem and photos. Especially that last one. And a (very belated) happy new year to you and the mare too, with lots of nice weather and beautiful rides out. I'm looking forward to joining you through your stories and photos :-)

  25. I always enjoy hitting the trails with you and beautiful Wa! Keep those poetic experiences coming girl!

  26. Come over and pick up your award, girl! And read the previous post while you're there, please.

  27. What a wonderful trip you shared with your horse ツ I hope you will enjoy lots of trips like that with your horse this new year. I used to go horseriding every day for many years - it makes you feel free ツ


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