Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Autumn

Hello my friends!
I know that I have been absent from the Internet.
I have really wanted to tell you about all that is occurring but- Out of respect for certain parties...wanted to wait for word on solutions first, to a delima  with my mare, discovered last month.

My sister above and her mare Pantz, enjoying an Autumn sit near a pond & lunch. And -of course, reviewing phone photos. We both have been using our phones for photography of late.
We have been taking the mares out together each week to get in shape for a BEACH OUTING tomorrow...it's finally here!
 My mare really-really liked- the one, tiny bite of Almond butter and jelly sand which I gave her!! But, " such food is not horse food"..., I told her..to her disbelief!

We are having an altogether wonderful Autumn so far...yea some colder foggy days but then today, of course I have to work, is forecasted for 70!

Last week while out and about riding, my mare showed some totally scary behaviour. She was unable to walk at all.... just little short steps.
I was out about some 4 miles when it happened. I jumped off and checked her by lifting all legs and it seemed to stem from her shoulder...the left one. She could NOT lift it. This MUST have been due to the vaccination shot of  Flu/Rhino, she recently had. That is the ONLY thing I could come up with. I hand walked her ever so slowly home and massaged her, gave her another Ledum round ( Homeopathic for puncture wounds)   after we arrived. The next day she seemed good. I tried to ride on the third day, after the shot...again, about 3-4 miles out...she locked up from using her right shoulder, this time. Again, we gingerly hand walked home. I gave her another massage, and had been placing ledum and Arnica in her feed since the first indications of pain showed. 
 I finally got my order from SPRINGTIME INC. of Spirulina waffers.  They are a whole food enzyme that assist people, dogs and horses in purifying the blood, assisting in allergies and breathing problems, detoxifying liver and kidneys and ulcer helper. It reduces inflammation, stimulates the immune, and is a nerve tonic of sorts. I began giving her just a couple..she'll actually eat them out of my hand!
The time, massage and supps seemed to help...on the Autumn ride with my sister, some 5 days after -was a goodie!!

Some of you may notice something different...it may be too subtle, so I'll assist you in the noticing of it.

My current dilema  is that my saddle has hurt my mare's withers. I did not see it coming and by the time it did...white hairs on the top and sides were there, after she shed her summer coat last month. Her grunting had increased, but I had taken her Easy Walker shoes off and thought it to be softer soles in front..I was wrong.

I've been depressed and left to decide that- NO MATTER WHAT- ALL SADDLES NEED TO BE FIT..and NOT just buy the consumer-me- that is under the belief that this is the one that will work,  not reading anything suggesting one make/model in the line is different-but in looks- than the other, for horse body confirmation/structure. 
 After spending 5 years and 5 other saddles looking, well , you all that know me best here do know- I put alot of research into the decision for this treeless saddle. Don't get me wrong..it does have a structure in there- A "Flex CORE" one that is the most comfortable saddle I've ever ridden 1-4 hours on!!!

While it started out with 2 fingers of clearance.... there was NONE for the padding in the gullet to start with. See how it rests on her withers?

It has now settled to NONE when I sit upon it---without a girth! Sorry for the blurred photo..my sister was holding -an angry -TB mare to illustrate and took the photo too!
( you should have seen us doing that stunt to prove that the girth is not the problem, pulling it down upon her back!!!)
 Obviously, I lived to tell the tale!

So, in order to not ride without stirrups the entire time at the coast and at home after...we went for a quick fix-used saddle shopping.
We arrived at a favorite local tack store..and my sister started to call out the make of all the saddles she recognised, before we looked..she was always right! She cracks me up.
She got to one saddle....this one...and suddenly gasped and started fondling it, like a lost family member...

She had correctly called it as well, a "Stubben Tristian".  I sat upon it, on the fake half horse stand they had in the tack store. It felt very good to me. She then told me, after close examination, it was her old saddle. She knew because of 2 things..a divot out of the front pommel leather and an extra whole she had punched in the stirrup leathers, on  near side only.
WOW...I was smitten ...I measured the gullet "Point of Width"..it was the right looking amount. I checked it out to do a 3 day trial. It was near perfect..but the cantle was one inch below the pommel, making it have me sit too far back. I remedied that with a closed cell  "Cashel pad".

So my friends..while I may have given myself an ulcer because of stress surrounding this whole thing.... it really distresses me to think my choice was incorrect in my expensive saddle purchase... this inexpensive ( $200) solution may be alright short term for trails.

I still believe in the ANSUR Saddles. The" FLEX CORE" structure is the MOST comfortable I've ever ridden . Nary a back ache did I have, in the past 3 months! I think my mare too, as her back/shoulders never hurt her. It's this model that sucks for her..and the saddle fitter that comae out from the Co. showed me that by putting his "Excel" model on her..giving her 3 inches of wither clearance top and plenty for the sides too!
If I had only been informed of the differences...I WOULD HAVE chosen more wisely and definitely differently!!! I ALMOST got the right one...the choice would have been CLEAR to me which jump saddle to get if I had known one had better wither clearance! I was not the treeless saddle expert..but I tell you what..I am gaining in knowledge now!

My back is killing me already, from the few rides I have had on my Tristian...I had to order an "Enlightened Equitation"-" Seatbone saver- from Heather Moffit! A gal at the stable owns one and allowed me to use it..it did help!

So, tomorrow..it's off to the Beach with my sissy- and also -my Cashel  bareback-Softsaddle- I KNOW that is compy for me and the mare!!!
Wish me luck, send me prayers and just plain have hope , like I do that the ANSUR CO. honors me in the ongoing quest to correctly "saddle fit" my TB Wonder Wa mare!

See ya all soon, and I do hope to catch up with you all...and get OUT OF MY FUNKIFIED state of mind!


  1. Aww, BUMMER about the saddle! I know you were oh so excited when you finally had it :/ Hope you can get something figured out with the company soon!
    And lol, that it was your sister's saddle in the store!
    Have fun at the beach! :) Have some extra beach fun for me, I never got to go this year :/

  2. Oh no! How frustrating and disappointing for both you and Wa. I hope everything gets sorted :(.
    Those Cashel bareback pads looks very comfortable! I hope you have a great beach ride!!

    K, it's Keri from equus ink. I started a new blog :).

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  4. Dog gone it! I am so sorry. I do know how much time, energy, effort and money you have put into this decision. I am crossing all fingers and toes that Ansur will fix this problem without problems and quickly. Have FUN on your beach ride and I am sure it will help you get out of your funk. If you remember all my saddle fitting woes and finally spending more than I wanted to to remedy the problem? Well I too just started seeing white hairs coming through on Steady now. So it is back to the drawing board for us too.

  5. I wondered what was going on when you were absent from the blog rolls.

    I have that exact saddle (Tristan) in black...used it for years and loved it. Now, I have an Albion SL and use it with a Mattes pad on my 26 yo, long (sinking) backed mare. It is the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in and is good on Berlin.
    Hope you and Wa have a great time at the beach (of course I wish I could be there with you....jealous).

  6. That just sucks KK. I sure hope Ansur come through for you.

    Enjoy the beach and your sister!

  7. I am sorry to hear about your saddle. I hope you can get the model that works for Wa mare. I went on a long saddle journey for Harley, which has left me paranoid about fit and comfort. I think we are okay, but I am always worried that one day it will no longer fit.

    I had to laugh when I saw the Tristan. I have the exact same saddle. I bought it before Harley and used it on him for a year or so and then went shopping for an upgraded model. I loved the Tristan, though not as much as my Albion Original Comfort. That is my ultimate saddle. :)

  8. Oh KK! I am so sorry! That is a huge bummer.
    I went to a good saddle fitting demo and learned of a good series on youtube - here's the first one of 9 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2mKz0uP_K8
    Hope that helps.

  9. What a bummer for you and the Mare that the new saddle didn't fit properly! It's an expensive "lesson." Have fun at the beach with your Sis and the horses!

  10. Sorry to hear about the saddle, hope you can work something out. We feel so bad when "the white hairs" show up. Finding the right fitting saddle is soooo frustrating. I know all too well after my recent six month, 3 pad, searching ordeal...

    Enjoy the beach ride, I am sure it will help you de-funkify (fun word!) it's so wonderful you share rides with your sister!

  11. Melli,
    Ha yea, it was a hoot to see her having memories and now gfor me to own her second saddle ( I have the forst one too!)
    Thanks..beach, beach, beach!

    Keri !! I have missed you and your handsome Reason!Thanks for stopping in!
    YES...purchasing the "Cashel softsaddle" is one of my BEST purchases ever! I got it the first year I got Wa mare..because of saddle problems and it has served me so well over the past five years..a totally reliable standby saddle. And I can put stirrups on it for arena work... but boy, you gotta be self balanced and have an independant seat for it though..good teacher it is.
    I'll come on over to see you!!!

    Oh AMY!! crapola, darn it and shoot! YOU too! Well, sorry to hear that...these TB are so finely tuned and sensitive..thats what I love and hate about them..no lies just the truth. Gosh ...what you gonna do?

    I KNOW ANSUR is the saddle for us..after having no back issues and such a sweet feel. The mare really did love it too..but when my model squished in on her..nope..she then began to tell me off when I placed it upon her back. It is simeply the WRONG MODEL...and no one helped me find the right one..like I said, a fitting of 2-3 modles would have been the better avenue..with trial periods of riding.
    3 months is what I have read on most of the main high end saddle sites, to be the first crutial timing of reajustment and evaluation.

    IF I had it to do over- I WOULD not go through the owners...I would go through a "distributor"..they have demo saddles and actully ride in all of them and know how they work for breeds and body types.

    Lori dear!
    yes, it is a very nice saddle and after cleaning it up..handsome!Cool you have one!
    Mine does need reflocking..but the Cashel pad helps for now. I miss the movement the ANSUR allowed me to feel as Wa moved..it is an excellent saddle. I hope to get the right model.

    Jeni, thanks..will allow the surf to- wash over my worries!

    Mee too darn it all..I do love thee well made ANSURS..oh so comfortable! It is true of all horses that one saddle may not fit for life...but I was taught wider is better, with plenty pommel for clearance(sometimes wide gets too close) padding may be added to wide..but a too narrow..now that is what I have..and nothing works but a different gullet.
    I still do believe in the "saddle -fit 4 life" 9 videos series on YOu tube for anyones general knowlege base!!!

    Terry~ I LOVE the saddle Fit-4 life videos...was going to save for a Hans S saddle. Those videos are ALL FABULIOUS! I must have lost my mind when I bought my saddle knowing it pinched her wither pockets...I was told the rules of "tree'd saddles don't apply to treeless." My brain is wrapping around the facts that some FACTS in saddle fitt transend to ALL saddles!!!

    Barb~ Thanks for stopping!Yup..some lesson, we'll get through it

    Oh..I've got to come and see your place and get with the catch up. We all do have and share mostly the same kinds of setbacks with horses..thanks for the good will and kind words! Yea...I am already unfunked somewhat..it's a saddle, I still have my mare and even if I am religated to bareback..i will enjoy her all the more!

  12. Good to read you again KK, wondered where you'd been. Hope the saddle situation is sorted very soon for you and Wa.

    Trudi x

  13. Oh, Kacy. I am sorry about the saddle. I love that you are a good horse mommy because your Wa deserves the best - no pain, no white hairs. I will pray and think good thoughts - Ansur should pay you for all your good press!!!!!

    Hope your beach ride is wonderful!

    I think I gave up on saddles and TBs. I have three TBs with different shapes and withers. Pie is the only one that looks like he can handle me saddle. I pile up the saddle pads most days for Sovey and Foggy if I use a saddle at all. They are not comfortable to ride bareback, but I do it for them.

    It will all work out. I know it!

  14. Okay, just breathe now, and relax ;-) I'm sending all sorts of good thoughts and positive vibes your way to solve all your problems. From what I've read and understood about Ansur I'm confident that they will try to help you solve this problem. What a coincidence that you've found your sister's old saddle.

    I'm so glad that my saddle just fits like a glove. I have a Kieffer (Wien I believe) dressage saddle and it is perfect for me and for Naloma. Phew!

    Wishing you and your sis and the horses a wonderful time at the Beach ;-)

  15. Hi AHS! Some issues there then! Sorry to hear that Wa mare has had pain. Funny how some things dont work out.
    But I`m sure you will continue to find ways of keeping your horse good and sound.

    Funny thing is, I`ve already ordered a new saddle, and you have me wondering about the fit ! I have measured etc, and sent the wither tracing to the maker, but at the back of my mind?????......

  16. You always feel bad when those white hairs show up...saddle searches are so difficult and so often you can't tell early enough...

  17. Good to hear from you again. I know the feeling, saddle fitting is such a pain, but glad you’ve got the new saddle for now, oh and by the way nice saddlecloth looks very good. Hope you have fun with the beach ride and good luck.

  18. Hi KK, good to see you around again. Sorry to hear about your mares problems. How scary that must have been for you, is Wa ok now, hope so!
    Saddles are tricky aren't they. I've had the same problem with Rems saddle, he has really high withers and it's been difficult. I hope you can sort out your saddle woes and your back doesn't get too sore on your stubben! x

  19. Oh, my - what an ordeal - I got so worried it was something with Wa! Sounds like you are on your way to fixing it for her. Enjoy your trip! Can't wait to hear about it.

  20. Oh, so very sorry to hear about your new saddle not working for you!!! I know you did tons of research to pick just the right one too. I hope things can be worked out with the saddle company on this.
    Funny about the saddle your sissy had finding you!
    Have a wonderful time on the outing!
    jane and gil

  21. KK, I thought sure I had posted here but can't find it! :-(
    So sorry to hear about your saddle, I hope the company can find out why it is doing that. Poor Wa, glad you found you sissy's old saddle and it's working for you.
    Have a fun trip!!!
    jane and gil

  22. Oh I am so sorry for you that this has happened. It can be a real trial and error getting a saddle to fit just right.
    I really hope you have a fun time at the beach with Wa, your sister and her mare Pantz.
    Abby xx

  23. YES! This is exactly what I was looking for, KK, when I asked you to keep us posted about the Ansur. I didn't want to fork over a lot of money for one until you had time to give yours a real, honest to good try. Now, I'm curious as to how things with the company turn out. I'll be anxiously waiting to see!

    Have a good time at the beach!

  24. Sorry to hear about the saddle. Hope they do something to make things right for you and Wa.

    I've had so many saddle fitting problems with Dusty and Blue of the no withers club. Finally, had a custom one made for them (fits them both) from Black Country Saddles in England. Very nice and they fit really good, not too expensive either. I think my Albion's were more money. Since the Albion's fit no one now (they were Erik's and he got to wear the dressage one twice, the jumper one a little more before he died) I've got them with a company on who is selling them on e-bay.

    Anyway, forget about the saddle troubles and have a great ride on the beach.


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