Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Imagine. . .

Always being the one to take the photos and video of any horseback ride....I have the horse that stands, walks straight and actully likes to  relax, as I focus upon something else...
...HA! This is me focusing upon the phone, getting it ready to take a photo or two-  I got caught! The mare was enjoying the walk home, after the 10 miles we walked.
 My sister actually did get me in a few shots riding...the one that was going to be the best was a video on the surf the second day of our Autumn beach Imagine now- in the "photo" below, lazy tides going out, me and the mare walking in them..her looking gorgeous, me looking on.....

I was going to make stills from the video...and have some nice photos..BUT...the setting on the camera did not get changed and this is it!! The above photo! I do like it, as it is not posed...we were walking and talking...I smiled alot as my sis had the camera on me for like 5 minutes..tehehe. Oh well.

 The mornings were so nice at the Bay Ocean House. The water and Sunrise over the Tillamook Bay are always dreamy. My sis caught me taking shots of the Bay, after feeding the horses.

We had  farm fresh Omelette's/ Greek yogurt and coffee from the 2 horsey mugs I brought.

  My sister told me that, "While I got mom's boobalas, she got her talent for cooking" which is NONE...!!
We had a fantastic sisterly time..I loved cooking for her and we never had to go into town till the day we left, as I brought along all the provisions.
We sat in the hot tub every night, and had several rounds of coffee through out the day.
For the rest of the time......

 looked at the ocean's tide, through the ears of our mounts~

Went head long into the winds~

Pondered the sands of time~

Followed the lead mare~got our feet wet

Stood for moments at a time, taking in the serene views~

Had smiles inside my heart for my she took a gander back to me, smiling as we left the shore for the dunes~

Of course for me, photo editing on my phone photo's, is always a treat!
Made this into an oil~

These few, I turned into a memory collage, for us both~

One never knows the number of his/her days or times of life. Yet, while having the times of your life, being consciously aware to have a thankful heart ,  we may celebrate God's goodness openly and with all~

Thanks for sharing these times with me!!!


  1. Oooohhh, your overnight trail rides and beach rides are always so serene looking! They sound so enjoyable; one day I'll do that too :)

  2. AHS! Good stuff! Love it.......lets have more!

  3. OH, such a beautiful area of the country you live in... lucky women!...

  4. Here I was today worrying about you and the autumn light (or lack of it!) and then I discover THIS FABULOUS POST!!!! I forgot you were at the beach with your sissy and horses and perfect beach and did I say...perfect Wa mare! Oh, how dreamy?!?

    You are certainly living the life and I can think of no one better on the planet than you and your sweet mare to live that idyllic life!!!!!

    Mom's boobalas - you crack me up!!!!!

  5. Beautiful photos - and what a great time you had!

  6. That looks so totally relaxing and perfect!

  7. OUTSTANDING PHOTOS! So many.... Like living a fantasy.

  8. There is a heaven on earth! I've just seen it on this post. Lovely, just lovely.

  9. How wonderful!
    The photos are fantastic - that one between the ears of Wa and Pantz is art.

  10. Thanks my friends...having you to share with- is always like another vacation!

  11. What a fun time! How wonderful to have a sister you can share with like that. Truly a blessing:)

  12. Hi Kac! Yes, I do tend to pop out of the woodwork now and again...
    I just moved Jackson to my trainer and instructor's barn, a much better fit for us in the long run! Lovely beach times you and your sis seem to have had, love it!

  13. Oh wow what a beautiful post ...I have been off the radar for a bit ....was so nice to open your post and see fab times with your Sister. The view between your gorgeous mares ears is always a treat ...happy days

  14. What a wonderful post and what a wonderful time with your sister. Beautiful place to be...both the land and the heart.

  15. Just gorgeous photos of a peaceful happy time spent with your horses and your sister. Don't think there's anything better in the world than doing what you love with who you love. Thanks for the beautiful scenery and happy feelings.

  16. Glad to hear you’ve had such an awesome time with your sister, and you both got so many great photos too, nice effect you used on the photo to make it look like an oil painting. Great post.

  17. You know what is important. Such a pleasant, happy, lovely and loving post. Glad you had such a great time. Feeling all happy too now.

    Thank you ;-)

  18. Beautiful pictures and as always looks so gorgeous there, wow, what a wonderful time you and your sis had. I would love to ride Gil in the water like that, looks like fun!

  19. In TOTAL awe KK, I just LOVE that scenery, mega jealous girl but good to see you enjoying it xxx

  20. What a great trip! I'm surprised it isn't difficult for horses to walk in the sand (I know nothing about horses.) Beautiful photos - thanks for taking us along.

  21. Just gorgeous! This post made my heart sing..Thank you for that, sweet friend!

    Annie is having her birthday #2 giveaway! Come by :)
    xo, misha

  22. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful! I envy your beach rides. Woudln't it be grand to be near mountains, beach, woods... Ah to dream.

    Sorry you lost your riding buddy. :((

  23. So sorry I'm just now catching up. Your visit with your sister looks absolutely heavenly =)


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