Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sighing and snorting

The mares Pantz and Washashe,  having a good munching on the fall grasses just a few weeks ago...after the weather we've had recently, grasses don't look so much like this anymore! The weather has changed for all, and drastically so!
 Hang in , those who have Snow in October!

Everything seems to be on the slow down around here...there are much wetter times afoot and colder. The mare is already in her blanket days, mostly because till a week ago- we had the warmest, nicest autumns...I was riding in short sleeves, but the mare...she started to have Toxic Bug Bites. She is ULTRA sensitive and the mild weather brought some nasties about...I showed up  after being gone just overnight to find,  a dozen welts-on the mare's hind end-ooozing a very crusty serum. When I picked them off, they left a bald patch, the hair came right off! She was not fond of me attending to them, but they itched as well as hurt so, I got the job done and applied "calm coat" to them all.
They were right on down to her legs as well. Having the blanket on stopped 90 percent of them and now, with freezing temps-hope that kills those suckers!

Last week my sis came over to ride, and we enjoyed the sunshine~

I've gone back to Bareback riding...oou that does feel good. Happy SNORTING happens often, from me and the mare! Well, I sigh.
The few times I have ridden out on the Tristian dressage saddle..it has not been comfortable...so it will be for flat only, after I have it customised for the mare soon. 

~A sad note~
 Took a farewell  ride too last week, with my sweet Blond Beauty girlfriend...she also has the blond beauty horse, Skye~

We have been through some times together..good and some  rough, but always ending sweetly.
She met a neat man and decided to go on adventure with him...so she gave a short notice, packed up all, and drove cross country with her steed to his ranch.
Last week, we met for our last ride (this year-this place).

We sure had some times of high adventure this past year...my favortites were the times we rode into the sunsets!

 Our horses will miss each other as well, they found some interesting things to ponder while we rode together too!

I had gone out to see her off last week...but after 2 hours, I went on my ride before the weather turned on me...of course, she came while I was out riding,  and when I returned...I found a huge hole where her trailer used to be in the row..and just small remnants of her leaving...as I bawled my eyes out!
 She leaves such a HUGE hole in my heart too...

We hopefully will share more times together, as she may move to Sister's, Oregon sometime- if all goes as planned.
For now, memories of our times together will be there always~

Our Joseph trip. Morning stroll with horse and friend

So my solace has been found while riding out alone these past few times...the mare seemingly happy, snorting as we ponder the surrounds of where we ride.

When I returned from our good, yet wet ride yesterday...the mare had donned a fall display upon her fuzzy nose band. She looked right at me, as I captured the image.
 Love this mare-o-mine

Hope your lessons, rides, times and plans are coming along for the best this Fall.
 I am just enjoying the slower pace and looking forward to this new chapter in life's book of times.


  1. Sounds like quite a bit has been going on, so sorry to hear that Washashe was bitten so badly by all those nasty bugs, Niko is still being bothered by bugs I think next summer I might have to get him a fly rug. Also sad to hear about your friend leaving but like you say you had some good times together and hopefully she will be very happy with the changes in her life and let’s hope you’ll meet again someday.
    Anyways happy riding must be off now.

    Ps, your mare is very stylish with her decorated fall nose band, great shot.

  2. Poor Wa getting bitten by all those nasties. Hopefully the frosts will see them all off. And I am glad your friend has met a nice man to go and have an adventure with, but so sorry for you that your close riding companion has gone. I am sure Wa will be of great comfort to you on all your autumn rides. Love the shot of her with the bright leaf sticking out of the noseband :)

  3. I've lost many a good friend when they picked up and moved across the country, you say you'll keep in touch but life gets in the way- hopefully you two will be better about keeping in touch than I am.

    I'm still super bummed for you about the saddle, if it was next year I would buy it off you but I can't afford two Ansurs in one year. Maybe one of the Startrekks with the cutback withers would work for her? http://www.saddlingsolutions.com/ST.html.

  4. Hmm, still haven't found my bestie riding buddy-seem to be at places where I'm the only one who rides..but I'm sending that vibe out so hopefully we'll get a buddy or two :)
    Wa looks great-love her strong neck!!! Back to bareback, hmmm, I finally got my barefoot Tahoe but haven't put on Laz yet. Bareback is just so awesome..not to mention EASY in terms of tacking up, lol! Enjoy your rides! xo

  5. Happy Trails to your riding buddy and her pretty Skye. Hope all goes well.
    Love those shadow shots.

  6. Terry~
    Yea...we have been talking since she left and she loves Glenwood Springs, Colorado. They will be trailering two horses to Florida riding this winter.
    Shadows may be gone for awhile ...but those riding friends are the best too!!

    Laz's mom~
    Bareback still means tacking up one of my bareback saddlepads...but it also means legwear/footwear...I can wear my muck boots if I want!
    Oh common' give your saddle a try!
    I love my ANSUR KONKLUSION and am still sorting out- IF -I may find a way to make it work with a full sized lifting pad..makes the communication factor different but, maybe not, it's a VERY thin saddle.

    I have some pretty cool riding buds...but she was IN my stable. I still have another that is maybe not so adventurious...or is she?!

    Hope you may meet up with a heart/horse riding partner soon!

    Yea...it's a GREAT SADDLE...I'm bummed it won't work by itself.
    JUST- tried it with a closed cell foam lift pad(after not using it for 4 weeks) she was pretty happy and snort-y loose) hum... though it made it look like a small boat on her back!
    I will see about your link..thanks..have to come see if yours is wonderful for you..bet it is! There are 2 styles of ANSURS that actully fit my mare. ELITE and EXCEL. They are the newest in the line (They learned a thing or two on spine/wither clearance)

    Ask me again about selling...NEXT YEAR..I'll send it to you and you may have a -LONG trial period- if you are serious...I'll take payments...cause the one I want is more$$ need time to save again anywho!

    Thanks Spotty...yea it's been FREEZING here so I think that'll do it...next year, back to the fly sheet with bug repellant inside. This was my first year without one.

    Ed~ Thanks for the sentiments...I am bummed on the loss..but such as life, it happens to be an oportunity too...someone new will be coming to board- Who knows, they may be Great!
    No..solo riding is ALWAYS happy riding...!

  7. Sorry your friend has moved on to new adventures. I hope you stay in touch.

    I too have been trying to ride as much as possible this fall. Taking advantage of every sliver of light each day I can.

  8. Gorgeous photos. Parting is such sweet sorrow--whether it is parting from our friends or leaving our nice weather behind!

  9. Awe... to have missed her must have hurt. So sorry. But there are ways to stay i touch these days. I like the orange neck band and your vest... I assume it is for hunting season? I will have to get one for my horse and myself.

  10. Oh, so sorry to hear your friend has left! I wish she had a blog - that sounds like a grand adventure she's on. I know you'll miss her.

    Hope the bugs freeze soon!

  11. Poor Wa, being bitten by the nasty bugs. And so sorry that your friend (and Wa's friend) have left your stables.
    It's the way life goes... :-(

  12. C~ Yea..it twists and truns so often...hard to settle down for the ride! "get used to diossapointment" "Princess Bride"

    That is a great Idea...I'm gonna suggest that for her to do...!Yea...so it froze for the last 3 eves..and some bugs are still out there.OH MY!

    yea hunting season and- POACHING too- in some nearby Private woods...can't be too careful- well, I suppose you could by not going out at all...but that is not my style!
    Mac Mountain tack repair- is where I got the cool "HORSE VEST" in Orange. It is awesome and easy to use...thinking about getting the Orange Quarter scarf too. They are made out of breathable nylon mesh..and as I ride around these parts and see other riders...normally they NEVER see me...but now...I can hear them talking about how "VISIBLE" I am!!!

    Fetlock~ Yes tis too true...parting is that~
    Laura- thanks!!

    Ride on sister...get in the most we can and therefore-enhanse our face value with SMILES!!!

  13. I do totally sympathise, and understand how the loss of a good friend, causes emptiness, and although they may have gone off to start a new life, it still hurts.
    My long time riding partner, has moved away too. he has been suffering from the onset of Dementia. he cannot remember me sometimes, never mind the rides we have done. I miss his company.

  14. Oh, so sad to lose a good friend and her horse. Hope they will be happy and you see them again.

    Love the picture of your Wa mare with her fall display in her noseband. So cute. Looks like some nice rides you had.

  15. Arlene~ yes some great rides we've had, some too exciting
    (Last springs lifeflight) yet, always such good company. I'll see her again, and we shall ride again!

    Cheyenne~;) thanks for the caring words about riding partners. You do understand I see, from a whole diff, heart wrenching perspective. I'm very sorry to hear of your partners mentality. That is loss for all.

  16. It's always sad to lose a riding buddy! I may be gaining one soon, cross your fingers for me! One of my good riding friends is losing her boarding place and she may be bringing her delightful little gelding out to live with me! YAY! A riding buddy!

    And your blaze orange riding outfit reminds me I need to get a new blaze orange reflective vest for me and blaze orange saddle pads for the horses soon...shotgun season begins soon.


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