Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Goodness

"Falling Back" an hour last weekend, coming out of the daylight savings time, is making  us step up the ride TIMES-in order to not be in the dark.
I readied my mare....and then hurried up to wait for my sister to pick us up.....Wa mare did not seem to mind as she grazed by the drive. It does get dark so much quicker, we had to be on our way home, before the State park we were going to this day closed.
Until I get the" Load leveler bars" installed on my trailer, Sis will be taking us places. I will feel much better about hauling mine, one that weaves if alone making the trailer rock. AND-  safer knowing the ball will never come off the hitch with them installed- for when I assume the care/responsibility for others horses as well.

.. Um...for this sunny weekend -EVERYONE else- had the same plans- Head to the Equestrian park!!! I
While it was still on the crisp side- it was dry! Look at the parking lot...almost full!

Sunny goodness we've had in these parts of Oregon mostly for November.  What a gift to ride being able to remain dry. Off we strode, on down the trail at McIver State Park. I went first, to start with,  simply because my mare has begun to balk, not wanting to go down the hill and over the bridge. She'll follow fine, but the balking at going first is what I wanted to face today with her. She and I were riding with the cushy bareback saddle and she was aside from maybe a little stiffness, no pains coming from tack... (no excuse!).

It was GREAT to NOT have to wear our BLAZE ORANGE vests and neck covers on the horses!!! I do love seeing my mares mane and neck. But untill our hunting season is over, riding here in the horse park, will be one of the only places I get to see her naturally.

My "Turbo Trailrider" stablemate took this the day before, from her phone~

Most the times I have ridden in our local horse park here, there can be a full parking lot like it was this day, but you hardly ever end up seeing many riders, for the vast space the park offers. It is kinda cool. NOT the case this day for us sisters...we met with many various riders. I normally execute a yield, as my mare is "personal space challenged" and can intimidate other horses with her uppity ways.

 I never wish to endanger anyone over right of, if they have not thought to stop out of the way on a narrow trail, I make sure I have myself off of it, and out of the way for them to pass us by. We did this quite a few times, with willing steeds and no incidents. Sometimes people thank us for yielding..sometimes I thank God-  I did it -cause they amble and allow their horse to reach out towards us or even get close enough to touch.
 I'm sorry, but to me this is not right( unless they want to get in a tangle of hooves) and so I like to take charge and get the heck out of their ways!

My sis and Pantz mare lead the way mostly, while I made sure my mare had her attitude for leading in check. She was pretty great this day.

Down by the river, we paused for the watery sights below after we had trotted the straight "Dam road", to the end.

Pantz was good today mostly, but once I headed back to allow others to pass or went further away to take a photo...she'd get uppity and not stand for my sister. Pantz rarely stands normally anyway. My sis  and I have plans to do some training next time out for "coming and going- away and back" with these two horses. Mine could care less to head away from Pantz...but Pantz..ooou she flips somewhat.

My mare's issues stem from a nervousness with new horses. I mean-remember when there was that new horse, "The RED HORSE OF DOOM" I called him, at my stable for a few weeks, while the owner was selling him-??? She was beside herself and he was not ever close to her. So my point is...she just has issues with strange horses..she takes it personal if they look at her and she can be a handful. I would practice calming her and having her behave while around them...but they would not be NEW would they if I could practice with them!
So, this sister was on me about my attitude and the way my mare acted around close encounters on trails with strangers. To me, I have overcome SOO MANY obstacles with this mare and to try to make her walk calmly ,closely by a new to us asking alot. I would much rather yield, as I said before..I KNOW how that situation ends up and a controlled environment for all.
So Once -I listened to her- actually just got guilted into keeping my walk pace up behind Pantz as we passed some strangers on the trail..their side was cliffy, ours was on the upside. Then, what does my sis do??!! SHE STOPS..CRAP-OLA...! I said, "Hey, don't stop please!!!  But, it was too late, my mare wigged out and began to canter in place before I could turn around...those poor other riders! The first horse took her at her word( her bad evil eye going out towards them) and began to act up himself, wondering where he could escape turned out okay, as I made her go by quickly but...after apologising profusely so to them, I told my sis, I would not do that again! 

 We chilled out for a second and then resumed the end of our ride that crisp Fall day.

My sis was mad at me, telling me I brought it on somehow. Well, here is where I differ greatly from her. I rather think I'm a realist and though sometime I may try to change a situation and turn it into something else..I was So NOT PREPARED to wing it today- and knew I did not have permission from the strangers to involve them in my training issues of a hyper-sensitive- TB mare!
So all that aside, we did have a great ride...the mares were relaxed and though we canter twice ,for like 200 feet, and trotted up the "Dam Road", they were very wet for thier winter coats are in. So we put theirs coolers on them for moisture wicking as they mucnched grasses.

We also made a plan for the next time my siter is in town...days from now, to have a "clipping session" for both the mares. I have had to towel mine dry several times in the past 2 weeks for not wanting to put her blanket on over wet hair.
 So...trace clips it is...I am excited, I alway love how they look -and-
love how they work, even more!


  1. Beautiful park, and ride. Glad things turned out okay in the tight situation. Whatever it takes to be safe, you know your mare best.

  2. I did clip Naloma a few weeks ago. Her winter coat makes her look like a big fat teddy bear and if it isn't really cold, she sweats even when she's just standing outside. But she really doesn't like it when I put a blanket on her. Unfortunately she has to wear one now and just live with it ;-)

    Glad your ride went well and I agree with you, better stay on the safe side in challenging situations. Especially when they involve others.


  3. Here are some pictures of a clipped Naloma:

  4. hey there from a spring NZ ....It is always strange to be at the bottom of the world and opposite seasons having sprung forward and you fallen back ....such a good idea to get motivated and get out before winter nights dont give you enough time. Cant wait to see the gorgeous clips when they are all complete. I have a soft spot for a nicely clipped horse it must be said

  5. You sure have had some beautiful options for places to ride, and so nice to be doing it with your sis.

  6. Your Wa mare is so good in most every way - she has to have a little snag now and then in her personality. It isn't Heaven so she isn't going to be perfect. None of us are!!!! At lease the parks usually are empty and you don't have to pass people too much! Love her up anyway - she deserves it for all the great rides she gives you.

    Hooray for the sunshine. We have some today again, but our warm temps are gone for awhile. It is blustery and cold today. My day for a Pie ride. I hope he is as good as your sweet Wa.

  7. Hi! come you always get such good pics?? Ah well! Glad to see you had a good day.

  8. As usual, lovely pics!! What is that saddle/pad you are using? It looks very unusual and very comfortable! You're riding without stirrups, I presume, can you use stirrups with it?

  9. I go to McIver often. I will keep an eye out for you and your sister and say hi if I ever see you. I ride a big, solid paint with a white blazed face and am usually with a few friends. My name is Tammy

  10. I do not enjoy riding around people who have no trail manners :( I won't ride my horse with the group from next door anymore for this reason. Cantering off willy-nilly up and down hills without regard to the footing, screeching to a stop without warning anyone... No thank you! I don't blame you at all for making doubly sure that you are being courteous and staying out of trouble.

    I'm thinking about the saddle, need to chew the idea for a bit :)

  11. Jules~ She is my perfect mare...I love her and really am never complaining! "A GOOD HORSE" blog said it all with her poem on the horse recently...I'll's good!

    Ta! Cheyenne

    It is my faithful comfortable(for 5years now) bareback saddle, for when I can't find a tree'd saddle or otherwise with stirrups- to fit!! I got it when I wanted to practice a more barebacked ride in the arena when I first got the mare in 2005. Little did I know that it would always come in handy when I was saddleless. It is a "CASHEL SOFT SADDLE" it did come with rinky dink, plastic, Western stirrups. I would NEVER recommend using them on trails...the saddle will slip-on-over, if any one sided pressure is used( found that out the hard way once).
    I did use it in the arena with srirrups and it was nice..really have to have an independant leg as there is NOTHING to set you in balance, over it, at all! It is a large...for the panels to be long enough...but that size made the entire length longer too...but it is soft layers of closed cell foam and never gives the mare any soreness. You can put the saddle right on the horses back without any pad...but I use does help it to stay put.

    String for savvy~
    I tried to go to your blog...but it appears you don't have one. So here is where I must talk to you for now~
    OH! I would love to meet and ride sometime...maybe just us two- sometime meet at McIver ?
    Neat, Tammy,I will keep my eyes open looking for the Blazed horse!

    Yea..I'm not one for willy-nilly...and I felt badly that those folks we were passing may have gotten the SHORT END of the I said...not the next times..I'll just turn around till I find a wider spot- wait for them to pass me! It's a Win win situation that, it is a traing mode for my wait and noit fuss.

    Yea, I am contacting some of the local ANSUR reps- to maybe trade it to them, if you don't try it.

  12. The park looks like a beautiful place to ride. I'm with you I would have yielded to the strange horses if my horse has issues with that. I'm glad nothing awful happened on the trails when you passed the others. I think Wa mare and Pantz will look gorgeous in their trace clips. Hope your wonderful weather continues.

  13. You are very wise to know your horse and respect her personality. In that way, I think it's like dogs. I wouldn't want a strange dog interacting with my dog because you just don't know the other dog, and I know my dog is scared of big dogs and can be defensive. I didn't say that well, but I'm sure you get what I mean.

  14. Terry, you said it fact, my mare acts " defensively" with most new horses.

    Arlene, thanks..the worm has now was a good run of sunny rides!

  15. Your trails are so lovely KK, I'm very jealous. I like your thoughts on keeping safe, it's you on top not sis!

    Trudi x

  16. you can contact me at

    maybe we will have a few sunny days in the near future so we can ride!

    If you ever see a black yukon xl with a small gray trailer I am there somewhere!

  17. you can contact me at

    maybe we will have a few sunny days in the near future so we can ride!

  18. You always have such great pictures on your post :) I am SO with you on the issues about staying out the way on these rides. Getting close to touching with strange horses is a big NO for me. Horses all behave so differently when out on these rides, so safety first is my priority. Your bareback saddle looks super comfy... unfortunately, my hips ache when I ride without stirrups for too long.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my post and I am so glad you entered the giveaway :) Abby xx

  19. A horse park? Wow. That sounds like heaven. Such perfect looking rides you have.

  20. I think you girls look good in orange! :-)
    Big hug from Zinder!
    Btw, my blog was hacked a while ago, so it's now at .org instead of .com...

  21. Great equestrian blog! Why not come over and post this for more to follow at Haynet an Equine Social Blogging Network


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