Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Good Clip

While enjoying the nice fall  days and riding out normally, I had discovered that my mare was sweating, but not drying off normally.
 She has her new winter coat in full bloom.
I would put her wicking cooler on, after allowing her to roll some of the moisture down in the arena after rides.. but even with that...the wet hair remained on her chest, flanks, belly and hindquarters. I resorted to also towel drying her off with little results to my liking, or hers...she hates me rubbing her, all all!

So the trace clip it is- for my mare this fall.
phone photo

 While I did not have to use it last year, with the mare healing from  injury and not being worked. This year, it is different altogether...we are regularly hacking out doors and working in the arena on the long lines and lunge.

The BIG DOG CLIPPERS by Oster, my sister used for the broader areas, were really loud. They have 2 air vents, to stay cool and blow air as you clip. They are like 30 years old and work perfectly, as she takes good care of things.
 Wa once or twice, hopped up, as my sister went under her belly area and the air blew, and hit her somewhere else!  She moved not out of position, but was nervious. I decided to use my smaller body clippers, without the air venting for the small tight areas- and under her belly. The pencil drawing- converted photo above...shows how the mare watched, as my sister clipped, almost holding her breath.

She was so good!
We would use the BIG DOG CLIPPERS till they needed to be cool- sprayed and cleaned. Then I would use my smaller, refining Whal clippers, till they would need to be shut off and cooled down.
The mare just stood contently waiting for the next break from clipping and of course, the "goodgirltreat" that followed.

phone photo converted to oil

I love this Pony Club Manual book.

 It has so much(covers about everything) GREAT information in it and of course, the kinds of clips and why to use them.

All done, we went into the light for a better look.

phone photo

I tried it out yesterday...seeing if she would get wet or not while hacking.
It was plenty cold out, so I employed my quarter sheet. She seemed to appreciate that. I appreciate my 3-step Blue B-day prezzie from my sister!

..UM...we both got really, really wet because it started to SNOW as we strode .

phone photo

As the mare and me took turn after turn, away from the stables we were refreshed by the sights.  Now normally, she would have a somewhat contrary opinion ..maybe asking or sometimes-telling me- which way to head (home!)...but having the flakes floating made all things look so new- for the both of us!
Our Pond view was very beautiful this day. We watched and waited while it snowed around- and not on us.  We were in a reprieve under big fir bows, away from all the wet, luscious flakes.

phone photo

Oh, such a sweet ride we had, trotting making transitions from extended to collected. Wa does have a smooth- as- butter collected trot, that even riding without saddle stirrups is to swoon over. She also gave me a very nicely controlled canter up and around the Christmastide farms. The snowing day somehow erased any opinions she may have had towards anything adverse!! No rushing, no tossing...It was the best.
And she was not in the least wet when we returned...nothing our cooler did not wick off in 10 minutes.
She was yawny...per usual, as I took the gear off.

Nice knowing that with this trace clip, there are no worries about my mare having cold, damp hair after riding. With some freezing nights we have had of late. Her blankets now keep her warm too, in the higher elevations of her stable location.

So all has been well on the horse front. Posting lately has been difficult, as our computer is fizzleing out. I have another post scheduled for Monday (I went ahead and scheduled it to post, as I never know if this blame computer will allow me to work online or not.) about saddle fit woes of my NEW "ANSUR KONKLUSION".

And, some more news later on  such a blessing of a development with this saddle delima. Its all good.


  1. Nice clipping job KK. What a good Wa mare behaving for the blowy clippers. Looks like you had a de-lightful winter wonderland ride.

    I must have missed the post about your saddle issues while I was temporarily out of commission - looking forward to hearing about the resolution :)

  2. Riding in the snow! How fun! One thing I have never done.

    Cass needs a clip, too. She seems to have really gotten a thick coat this year and we are having the same drying problem.

    Glad to hear there is good news on the saddle front.

    Had my first lesson with that classical trainer I told you about, it was amazing! I couldn't take Cassy as the roads were suppose to be really icy with a chance of snow so I rode her FEI horse, wow, what a ride!

  3. I wouldn't want to put the trimmers I have through the workout they got on WAmare! I liked the picture of her with her new clip on that chartreuse grass--she has such a kind, intelligent face!

  4. Wa has a hipster haircut! Love the snow photos. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. I still have that Pony Club Manual... It is one handy little volume. Love the photo you converted to oil, and the trace clips looks perfect. I'm impressed!

  6. Hi AHS! Nice clip, typical of the horses over here, especially now the Hunting season is almost upon us!

    Won`t belong before we see the Hunters charging across the fields near our house!!

    Love riding in the snow? Yes!

  7. Cool clip job! And nice photos; Daisy and I have been caught in the snow a couple times already this season as well.

  8. I'm loving that phone photo of Wa looking at the pond in the snow. It looks like a dream or a fairytale!

    I've got my fingers crossed that Gwennie will like the Konklusion, she can be such a picky thing sometimes...

  9. Awesome clip job !!! Been battling that decision myself

    Somedays I'm ready to, others I think... naa not going to be riding that much.. then I ride 4 or 5 days straight.

    Not to mention I don't have a waterproof blanket for her anymore =(

    Hope your saddle issues finally find some resolution!

  10. Wa looks great with her new haircut! I gave Spotty a trace clip too, it has made a huge difference.
    I am happy to say that you won the horse books and magazine in my giveaway! My email is on my post so you can send me your address and I will get them sent off to you. Abby

  11. Great clip job!
    Love the snow photo.

  12. Yall did a beautiful clip job! Glad Wa approves of it - what a nice snowy ride as a reward. Can't wait to hear the saddle news.

  13. Wa mare looks stunning. Of course, she was good, what girl doesn't like a new look!

    The ride must have been pretty with the snow falling.

  14. Wa mare looks really good with her new hairdo. I'm sure she feels better too now she doesn't sweat as much. Love that shot with the snow falling on the pond. And it's good to read your final sentence: it's all good. I'm glad ;-)


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