Monday, November 21, 2011

The Wrong ANSUR

My, my...this  issue of saddle fitting- It is a pain in the Patooty!

My senative TB  mare so totally agrees!

I rode my TB mare  near 15 months with the cushiest of all bareback saddles, the Cashel "Soft Saddle", in order to heal her back from the  last saddle we had tried in 2010...looking for an Answer for the next saddle solution....

 While the last used Dressage saddle I found to ride the mare in during May, June, July of 2010 was nice for the gullet/ shoulder width & had a raised pommel fo good wither clearance, it bridged terribly.
 It  also rode up against her shoulders as we rode, due to  the girthing billets  that fell  straight down, while her girth channel was forward. Yea, I've learned alot about saddle fitting on this journey.

At my wits end for saddling problems, I knew my mare needed time to heal while I figured out what next direction to go in for saddles. I got her the physical therapy for her body accordingly... and  I also knew riding without a tree, would be therapy as well-mental and physical.

So we did, we rode with our bareback softsaddle ...

And we rode......

JUNE 2010

All the while I was monitoring her back and making sure she was comfortable with how I was sitting on her. I used A sheepskin pad by" ENGLE"  under the layers of closed cell foam of the Softsaddle,and my "Thinline pad" over that.

She got happier and too!

August 2010

In late August of 2010 my mare sustained an injury due to a fall..the next week she was attacked by a cougar, having been left out to pasture with her pasture buddy Pantz, on a "nice night" in Sept. She still had some open wounds that must have attracted the cat enough to think -she was an easy target for the smell of blood(weakness).Both mares had wounds on their hind quarters from the attack, as well as deep tissue muscle/tendon damages to legs.

 I did not ride her again, till I moved to my new boarding facility .

October 2010
We took long  ride walks, on the  bareback saddle to strengthen her again, while doing stretching and deep tissue therapy every week .

I was still researching saddles and had begun to venture into the thought towards a treeless saddle.

 Healing nicely, with my sister aboard during our walk rides~
November 2010

I got the okay to do  lunging in circles finally, from my we began some core work for her back~

December 2010

She was finally sound and could step up nicely~

She shaped up and began to use all of her body* took* so* long* it seemed...but injury is like that...months and months for things to heal! And heal they did. All the therapy and time down, with careful habits, paid off.

                                                          March 2011

My saddle searching was still going and after using my stable mate's ANSUR saddle for a few rides and the mare seemed to enjoy it....

So then, after tons of research, I decided on the "ANSUR Treeless saddle". Though treeless, it was not structure- less. The technology was right on for airflow to the horses back and the gullets seemed pretty nice. I looked at so many companies, and this one was the smartest design going for billet/stirrup placement, overall balance and wonderful craftsmanship too! No Velcro holding it together, no wide layers upon layers. The structure in the saddle is truly dynamic for it's shock/trauma absorption .

My  NEW saddle, unveiled in the break room at ANSUR Co.

 Every time I  had mentioned some of my saddle fit  issues to the owner, that I had experienced with my mare before, she told me would not be issues with this design. I had to rest my worries on trusting that all I read and was told about the saddles- was true!
 LORD knows I was optimistically naive, but willing to trust, I had moved forward and made the decision.
Looking back, literally so, at this photo of  all the saddle models behind us, and the one model down front(my choice)  I now see what I have come to know as fact...different pommel and gullet sizes.
See the difference?? The 3 behind are a much different Gullet structure- being of a higher pommel and lower "point of width"- where the gullet will rest upon the horse in front.
Had I known this difference would make such a HUGE difference for fit on my mare-OBVIOUSLY- I would have spent all my HARD EARNED CASH$$$ more wisely!!!
The other jump saddle in the ANSUR line,  does have the wider Gullet/higher pommel  that would work...and I ALMOST choose that one. I sat in both and was directed from the owner to make the choice purely by, " how I felt in the saddles".
-NOW- while all this is said and written down here for the world to see- I do not wish to dissuade anyone from the ANSUR saddles. NO! That is not why I write this post. I do so to tell of MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE  and to also WARN the frustrated horse owner that may be looking into one of these smartly hand crafted and designed saddles. PLEASE BE SMART AND SADDLE FIT YOUR HORSE ALWAYS!

 I was OPTIMISTICALLY DOOPED into the phrase's in the brochure and online that said,... "one saddle for all your horses, that fits all your horses! This solves all your fitting, refitting, flocking, re flocking and saddle fitter expenses."

To tell you the truth...I SHOULD  HAVE HAD MY HORSE FIT, and I WOULD HAVE WILLINGLY PAID for it!!!  I did not do it, and paid for the expensive, but lovely saddle instead-that does not fit!

While my TB mare has a fairly typical body type for her breed, she is much rounder than most TB's and  after  riding with that wonderful bareback softsaddle for so long, making sure I had air flow, using my "ENGLE" sheepskin pad, and shock absorbsion "Thinline" over that, the mare was looking great!
She had developed quite a nice top line through the  engaged lunging and trail work we had been doing as well.
 So -the only other written warning I read did NOT cause me to think for a moment she'd be in this catagory- "For extreme conformations"..."we offer supplemental padding to use "temporarily" under the ANSUR"..." while the horse is developing a healthier shape".  That totally did not dissuade me either, to  maybe inquire about a saddle fitting- since she was full in her back musculature. It just never occurred to me that-" the SADDLE could be wrong" by being all together too narrow, without wither clearance for her.
It was kind of the point of me choosing this line and type of saddles
They were flexible and without rigid form

I am not the first person to make a saddle fit mistake, I know...but for how much I spent on this wonderful saddle, ordering it new and making sure all involved KNEW HOW DIFFICULT my mare was to fit...this being saddle 6 in 5 years. SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE HELPED ME MAKE SURE it was going to fit my mare!!! Sad but yourself, are truly your only advocate sometimes, for so much in life!

So, after riding the "ANSUR KONKLUSION" for 3 months..the mare becoming more and more unwilling to be saddled again, to acting out going down hills again. The last straw was the day I went for my first arena lesson In over 2 years (having waited till I thought she could mentally handle it for not having pain in body) ...OH MY..she exploded! 
 I said..this is NOT right and got off, took the saddle off and within a week she began to shed her summer coat to tell me the tale of woe...WHITE HAIRS EVERYWHERE on her withers and pockets.
My treeless saddle pad had actually kept me from noticing how TIGHT and CLOSE to her withers the saddle had settled to..being fully flexible.

NO GIRTH, just me aboard!

Sorry for the blurred shot sister was holding an angry mare-and- taking the photo of no wither clearance, once I got on the saddle.

I contacted the owners right away, I was so disillusioned that this could happen! I was assured kindly, that they could help me and they asked for photos of from like 10 angles, and saddle,  girth and padding. I complied, knowing that I had researched all of what I used with my new saddle!

Here, a photo from the first time I put my new ANSUR saddle on her, it does seem that there is clearance for her...yet the gullet padding sits SNUG against her withers on the sides. Since it is not a wood tree, I was not too worried.

first time KONKLUSION saddle  on the mare in JUNE 2011

Leather girth used while riding the ANSUR...though it does have elastic on the other side.

Always able to pull girth away from my mare, making sure it's not too tight~

FIRST > I was told my girth should be thrown away. Elastic is the enemy of these saddles and though I read all there was to read up on at the web site and brochures- NO WHERE did it say that I could RUIN my saddle with my girth choice. I had watched the girthing video my stablemate of "EQUINEMINE" blog had done for the company's web site. I knew NOT to over tighten the girth, I've always known that!
THEN > the saddle expert came on out to see the saddle and the other things regarding my mare. He saw that it sat right on her withers and asked me what I wanted to do or thought could be an acceptable solution. Having thought so much about this, because I had spent near $ three thousand dollars on this wonderful saddle- that was to be the end all for us, I believed.
 I said, " a new Gullet system or trade for a saddle that fit or have the Co. sell it, them knowing the clients that are looking for them..and a saddle credit."
He Then >  brought me his saddle to put on my was a newer model, that had a much larger pommel and wider "point of width" ( an unrecognised term at ANSUR, he said) for the gullet. It looked good too!! It sat far above her withers and wider away from them. It could be perfect...if I had only known to choose that style!!!

FRUSTRATINGLY > have gotten NO ANSWER from  the owners since the expert  came out...he ended up giving me two foam shims to "Tape" to my $3,000 saddle gullet...which I did and it was ridiculous! Tight fit plus 3 inches more..makes TIGHTER!
 I wrote a very detailed and sensible email, describing my continued problems and desperate need of help for finding a solution to this... to receive a note from the fitter saying...glad the shims worked and  you go ahead and ride your saddle!

So, with no solutions...I now write this blog post..I am dismayed with the lack of P.R.


Looking back I see my part in this problem. I was sorely mistaken to think that a saddle could fit - WITHOUT BEING FIT!
 I would gladly pay for the fitting to know I would not be hurting my mare AGAIN, with the wrong saddle choice.

I had to send some really ugly photos of the mare to the owner..who probably thought, "oou, what a swaybacked and underdeveloped horse, no wonder she has problems!" But, the fact is, she really got hollow and lost her tone on her topline, as the saddle began to really hurt her and sit on her withers.

I begin again...healing the mare and hoping she may look like this again by spring- fit with  her back muscled up again, and,  with no white hairs of the poorly fitting saddle!

~Post Script~
I do have some VERY HOPEFUL and  good news to share soon, about selling my 3 Mo used ANSUR KONKLUSION All purpose saddle!!!


  1. Noticed your new daughter has the same boots...really likes back to reading your post...

  2. Extremely frustrating KK! I hope they pull through for you!

    When I worked for Home Depot, many,many years ago, they had a saying...If a customer has a good experience they may or may not tell others about your business. BUT, if a customer has a bad experience, they will tell the story over and over to many people!

    Not good for PR.

  3. Disappointing, frustrating, and terrible customer service, I am sooo sorry. I really hope for you that selling your saddle will work out and if you can get what you need to out of then I would not go with Ansur again because of their lack of P.R. So very sorry. There are companies out there that will help you and guarantee fit.

  4. I have a healthy distrust of companies like this. If you won't stand behind your product and fix problems then you are not worth my time and money and I will not be buying from you ever again. After having spent a fortune on this saddle the least they could do is take it back in trade or try and sell it for you not give you some shims. And if these saddles are supposed to be a perfect fit for any horse, why do they even make shims to fix the fit. I don't personally like tree less saddles but I won't give them a bad rap because I know they might work for others.

    As you know I had a really hard time fitting Dusty and Blue. Blue wound up with an Albion that does fit him pretty well. Dusty was a harder fit. I finally had my saddle fitter come out and do tracings which we sent to Black Country Saddles in England. They make up a custom saddle for you from your horses measurements and I can tell you it was a lot cheaper than what you spent and it fits her very well. It also fits Blue which was an unexpected bonus.

    Love your boots by the way.

  5. Saddle woes, I can understand your pain. Well, a little at least. I've just had the saddle fitter out to fit Remy and Bonbon. I now have to trust his opinion and judgement that my saddles fit my babies! I'm thinking of getting a very thin pad to absorb pressure and concussion. Can you recommend anything?

  6. Sorry to hear the you're having trouble; it seems that once again it was all about the salesperson making a sale. I hope you get the right saddle out of all this. That being said, I too am not a fan of treeless saddles, but always recommend custom made saddles- I think the fit for the horse is higher priority than my fit; I can adapt, as long as the basics are there for good equitation.

  7. Oh, KK, dear so sorry to be reading this post about saddle fitting woes! Poor Wa, poor you! I too have gone through many saddles, 5 before getting the dressage Thornhill. what a pain buying saddles only to find they don't fit the horse and having to sell! Gilly is a high withered, huge shouldered, short backed horse that is definitely NOT a western horse. That's all I had ever ridden until I got him, now I am an English rider. But I'm glad cause it has made me a better rider and he now has a saddle that fits him!
    As others have said a company that makes saddles like this that claim they fit all and then when one (or maybe many who knows?) they don't want to take responsibility and help you out!!! Outrageous!!!! and not good business at all, unhappy customers are what they don't want but it seems they don't care.
    Hope you can find a saddle for a good fit for both of you! Also hope the sale goes through.

  8. Oh KK, I'm so sorry. This sounds like such a sad and frustrating experience! I agree that Ansur should've done more before and after the sale to make sure this was the right saddle for you two. My heart is so sad for you and Wa!

  9. Ohhh, what a nightmare! I'm sorry about the saddle situation, how disappointing and FRUSTRATING!

  10. How disappointing! I really can't believe that they've been SO BAD working with you about this saddle. When you pay a fortune for something the least they can do is bend over backwards for you.

    Did the fitter happen to explain HOW an elastic girth was ruining your saddle? I've tried to find girths without it and it is nearly impossible.

  11. Ouch! We have been having saddle fitting clinics for many, many years. Ann Forrest (originally from Scotland) is now located in Florida and travels all over the US. When she would come here, everyone brought their saddles and any others they could borrow. She brought a variety of new ones with her and the fitting began. Each horse was measured and had the opportunity to try all kinds of different saddles until the right fit was found. She was a Grand Prix rider and retired to set up her business. We all rode for her (like having one of the best lessons ever) and she was able to find the perfect fit for each of us. I ended up with an Albion SL and it has been ideal for Berlin and Abbe. They are not cheap either, but it was a once in a lifetime investment. Too many people don't have a clue about saddle fitting. It is worth it to deal with an expert and to get your horse measured properly. I compare a bad fit to a person with size 10 shoes trying to squeeze into an 8. It does not feel too good when you are forced to walk, trot and canter.
    I hope this company does the right thing in solving your problem. Wa mare deserves only the best. You too.

  12. How very frustrated you must be. And Wa too. Stupid Ansur company. They certainly aren't the 'answer' for you and they don't have satisfying and correct 'ansurs' for you either. They should change their name. I do have a couple of suggestions for them... ;-)

    Hope things will eventually turn out to be really good for you and Wa.

  13. Oh KK and Wa. How sad to hear about your experience with Ansur.

    Don't know if it would help or not, but once you get settled in with a well fitting saddle, you might consider a Le Tixerant girth.

    I had many problems with what seemed like a well fitting saddle moving forward onto Val's shoulders and withers, especially when we were going up or down hills. This would usually set him to bucking and other negative responses.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  14. Oh drat - hit post too quick - meant to say that the Le Tixerant girth solved all our saddle issues. Thanks to Grey Horse Matter for that suggestion. :)

  15. Judy! haha teehehe!
    I LOVE THOSE BOOTS! I am going to make a post on them. The boots- "Middleburgs"- trekked us up 3,000 ft mountains in Joseph, Oregon...Muddy Creeks In Beavercreek, Oregon and now..snowy cold rides as well.

    Best Darned purchase ever, this summer!

    Yes...I held off writing this for 7 weeks and also have tempered my attitude- through words- here. I hate complaining and maybe that is my problem with the CO. I don't like pissing people off and avoid conflict- at any chance....
    I am DISTURBED with the LACK of PROFESSIONALISM., I have to consider how I have been treated..though I still do love the technology of the ANSUR saddle. This is a tough thing for me.

    Arlene~ Well, that Balck County experience does sound good to me and for LESS$..amazing.

    If all goes well, I will be finding a new home for the "ANSUR KONKLUSION" , one that is the right-fit, for both rider and HORSE!If I can do that...I have to be open again, to traditional saddles. I have heard very good things about those and the Albion.

    Di~ I was so impressed that your fitter came out and did all -right there -for you and your steeds! I want that kind of PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. You are awesome for having that done, as your horses change shape and grow.
    I wrote you the suggestion of "ThinLINE", at your place.

    Shirley~ The saddle are very nicely made and the Structure is sound. Unlike ANY other "treeless" I looked into. After riding it for 3 mo...and then going back to a woodtree beneath me for a few rides on the Tristia-.OUCH! It was a huge differance. I was shocked.

    I have to have BOTH of us comfortable now, having been compy now myself for a change. Technology is out there and many saddles actually have trees that are not made of I will have to keep trying, unless I can find a lightly used ELITE ANSUR in our size.

    Thanks Jane! impression is indifferance to my small voice in the big pond.

    Fund~ Buyer beware is my lesson...NOTHING fits all horses!

    Mellie, yup...nightmare~

    Shannon~ Boo hiss-sadly, I've been ignored now, by them. I am so dissolusioned with the whole thing. Truly, they have fallen down on the job of service. I would think a simple phone call asking me if I was good with the shim solution..but no, even after the detailed e-mail. Nothing but silence.

    Yes, a saddle fitting would be the best for only reservations far NO-ONE comes here and to travel so far to do it with my mare, is problematic...and she has great distain for the riding for the fitter is also problematic, as her "memory of pain" clouds her true actions. She is reactive in the arena. I need to try any saddle OUTSIDE, or out on the trail.

    Yes..I'm utterly dissapointed in the Co. at this point. The owner, she of all people should KNOW how to help someone like me with saddle fit problems. She had to make her own saddle, for goodness sakes, and now, she has left me no other options- but to complain.

    Carolina~ Ha! you tell em my dear. I'm still checking on what may be done for my mare and me...unclear..not one saddle Represenative I've tried to initiate contact with so far-answers thier E-mails!

    Yes, that girth was on my list, also because of Grey Horse matters high recommendations. BUT-I got a jumping saddle and will next time, not too sure if they make one in 48 length?? Will look into it though.
    Thanks for the nice to know things are smoothing out for you ~

  16. How incredibly frustrating and what awful customer care from Ansur :( Sounds like you have a sales plan though, look forward to hearing your news. T x

  17. AHS!............I wasnt aware of how serious this issue with your saddle, had become! Wow!

    I think we have all been there at some stage. I recently bought a new saddle, tracings taken and sent, photos taken and sent.

    I have been lucky. But my sympathies are with you. And Wa mare!

    I would seriously be angry with that company!

  18. Oh KK, that sucks! Of course Wa Mare needs to be pain free. Saddle fit is so important. I hope it all works out in the long run.

  19. Saddle fit has got to be among the most difficult aspects of owning a riding horse. Six saddles in five years is just plain upsetting. Kudos to you for riding bareback in the interim and for the lovely lungeing that I see in your photos.

    I can tell that you have learned a lot about saddle fit, but not in the way that you would have liked, I am sure.

  20. What a long process, and so sad the saddle didn't fit!
    I've enjoyed reading your blog and would like to pass on the Lovely Blog Award to you. Keep up the great writing and photos!

  21. What was the model that the saddle fitter brought out that actually fit??

  22. I have one of those Cashel saddles as well--really thick under the legs (unfortunately) but better than an ill-fitting tree.

    Horses are hard to buy for! And I agree--for that kind of money, the company shouldn't be ignoring/giving you idiotic responses.

  23. Trudi~ Thanks for the sentiments..kind.
    Yes...I have a plan because someone took pity on me ..them and God!

    Cheynne..I am truly happy that you got your correctly fitted saddle!!!Wow, tracings and sent away for it...that makes me so nervious...but if a CO. took it back after I tried-if- it didn't work...that would be okay.
    I am seriously angry with the Co. for such a milktoast attitude for my plieght...just because they could afford to have a special saddle made for thier horse, when No-Other saddle wait, THAT IS WHAT I THOUGHT I WAS DOING!!

    Glad yours is so nice for you..I have seen it, it's beautifully crafted and wonderful!And if Gracie is happy...I'm happy!

    Yuppers...size 10 feet never will fit into size 8 shoes..I would be furious if I had to wear them all day and also to jump around in them! poor mare..she'll be okay...
    I may not find a saddle though it seems.

    I am so sorry that I've not seen you in a while..need to get you on my blog-roll so my brain sees you and therefore tells my fingers to go see you!

    To be HONEST..I love riding the bareback saddle and sometimes actully think I should throw in the a saddle for another horse altogether someday. One that actually likes to to do arena dressage. This mare certainly associates pain and the arena...she may be ruined for it now...she is very wary and reactive now. YES..I could certainly be a saddle fitter now if i had a line of them! My sister has the machines for leatherwork and we'd be -a team to recon with- for customer service!!!

    IMEL~ Hi you and thanks for commenting! An come over to see, thanks!!
    Yes a sadd and true story of me...learning EVEN MORE than ever on saddle fit!

    It was the trail saddle "Endeaver", which is the "EXCEL" gullet model. The "ELITE" jumping saddle
    (I almost got,and CERTAINLY WOULD HAVE) also has the longer gullet panels that start lower down from the pommel.

  24. Sorry your new saddle hasnt worked out. I know the people who make them, I have mentioned that before.
    You know during my time buying and selling tack for 7 years in a local feed store. Here in the town where the saddles are made. I have heard good and bad about them. Carol has developed them to fit the horse she has a similar problem with as yours.
    Sorry the customer service has sucked too, thats bad. Sounds like maybe it was Brent that came out to check it? And I do agree with you, they are in it for the money. Although he is doing some wonderful work on those new Western saddles.
    I had thoughts about trying them, but there is no way I could afford a saddle that expensive!I will stick with my Crates!! I has not made any of my mares sore, and no white hairs!!!
    Poor Wa, she must be uber sensitive!!

    I have also thought about getting a Cashel soft saddle! Something more than a bareback pad, but not as heavy as a saddle. I am glad you liked that one.

  25. I'm glad you blogged about the whole experience. It is unbelievable that they are not even bothering to respond to your emails.
    I'm so sorry for both you and wa. I pray a good solution will come. A girl at my barn bought her ansur off of ebay, you could always try to sell it there.

  26. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry to hear about your saddle being the problem it were soooo excited when you ordered it. I remember the day you got it.....Poor Wa mare being sore and more to the point poor you to be back to square one.
    I hope it sells soon for a fair price and you get to try a better one .....happy bareback riding in the meantime

  27. Sasha~ Mee was a difficult thing to do. I dislike negative and ther just was NO WAY to avoid telling the sis wants me to pester them some more but..WHAT GOOD IS THAT??? They have chosen through passive silence(louder than words) to move on and I must too...but , not without a warning to all or anyone who cares to read here about the failing point of this Co. with ME. It could be them... and it may not have to be. SADDLE FIT PEOPLE! DO IT, You won't regret it!

    Sally~ It is the biggest bummer. I am at square one with her again...the arena has such a distaste to her...sometimes, I wonder if I should pack it in and just ride bareback peroid.

    Richard, thank you from the inside of my heart. Yes, Thanksgiving is time to be grateful and thankful and to reflect on heritage and freedoms. Our Bounty from the Lord God is rich full and an everlasting Joy!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, I shall come on over to visit with and LIKEWISE-deposit Heartfelt greetings for you too!

  28. Boy you are a much kinder person than me. I love the first pic of your Mare, she always makes me smile. She has the kindest face....I love her.

  29. I am flabbergasted at the mess you have gone through with this. I think I would be blazing mad. Your composure is commendable. I wonder if they realize just how many people read your blog. If I was saddle shopping right now, I think I may take a pass on the ANSUR catalog.
    I need to apologize for being absent from your blog, sometimes life happens and I must tend to it, I will do my best to catch up. I enjoyed the trail riding photos, and the oil one...nice! WA mare is just lovely.

  30. I am really glad you put this up. I have had a similar experience with Ansur. My horse does not have high withers and I bought an Excel($4000.). At the time I bought it Carole, the owner of Ansur, said she would help me sell it if it didn't work out. After the summer of riding, her winter coat started coming in and there were huge white spots on either sides of her withers and roaning along the edge of where the saddle made contact on either side of her back but only at the front half of the saddle. I was also noticing that the muscles on either side of her spine were dropping down badly. It took 9 months for her back to recover enough that she was willing to move out when being ridden (with a treed saddle now). Her back still looks terrible. I had many conversations with Carole and Brent the master saddler. They blamed it on everything but the saddle. Pads, girth to tight,whatever. I tried everything they suggested with no improvement. Carole was at times downright rude. When I decided to sell the saddle and reminded her of her promise to help she said I would have to send it to her and there would be a $600. charge for credit card use or something. She invented all kinds of problems from the pictures I sent her, a cut in the flap which did not exist, wrinkles in the leather of the cantle which were there when I received the saddle, etc. Ultimately she just disappeared and has not made good on her promise to help sell it. Apparently a saddle that works for most horses is not good enough for her it has to work for all of them. Clearly it does not. Interestingly she told me that no one else has had this problem, clearly a lie now that I have read your blog. A really foolish way of doing business!

    1. Mary~
      WOWEE they are irresponsible, unprofessional folks huh!
      Reading your comment today was like going through it amount of factual information or first hand experience with my ILL FITTING ANSUR SADDLE could make them come clean about it being WRONG for MY HORSE!
      They are robbers!

      I have been contacted, through email from around the world, several times over because people interested in knowing what eventually happened with my conversations of my unhappy purchase of an ANSUR SADDLE. I have been able to tell them BUYER BEWARE...the better business agency knows about them too! They do NOT follow through for the PURCHASER's needs.

    2. I have an Ansur Classic that I am very happy with on my Arab, but does not have clearance for my Warmblood. Mary - I would be very interested in talking to you about buying your excel from you if you still have it and if it is the right size etc. My instructor has been using her excel on my Warmblood as I am pregnant at the moment and not riding, and he goes really well in it. You can contact me at Sandra

  31. I have personally owned three Ansur saddles. First was a classic dressage which I LOVED for it's fit on round horses with not so much of a wither. For high withered horses I used a Supracor saddle pad (with spinal clearance). Great saddle and the only reason I sold it was because I purchased it for my daughter and she started to show (which you can't show hunters in a treeless dressage saddle and you really shouldn't jump in one either as they are not built for that. So, I bought her a Konklusion...

    WORST SADDLE DESIGN EVER! Absolutely terrible and I personally think this is what killed the company's reputation. They should've stuck to Dressage saddles. Although I do hear that the "Elite" is by leaps and bounds better than the Konk, I still personally think that if you are jumping, you need a tree for weight distribution, at least if you're jumping higher than 18".

    I found a used Classic dressage and am awaiting it's arrival soon. I can't wait! I also use a Torsion for trail riding and LOFF that saddle to death (and so doe my horse). It's probably close to a soft saddle (love those) just with a little more durability and stability for long rides on tough terrain.

    The only treed saddle I use is for jumping and I use a Bates CC w/ Cair and the gullet system. Though the quality of these saddle is about mid range, I have not found a better fit for my ever changing baby. In the spring he gets a black gullet Summer get a blue, late Summer into Fall a red, then we go back to blue, then black and start all over, lol... LOVE it! Never had a white hair on his body and I have only approximately $2000 wrapped up into all of these saddles and pads so I'm thinking I'm pretty savvy indeed ;)

    Good luck with your endeavors! So sorry you had to find out about that Konklusion the hard way. Terrible design, I don't know anyone who's horse they actually fit properly. Not one of Peter's better ideas and it's a shame that it pretty much ruined an otherwise really great company. About 10 years ago there C/S was considered outstanding.

  32. I have had experience with the Ansur products and reps as well. In my opinion there is much more hype than actual performance in the saddle/line. When difficulties arose, I experienced an utterly defensive attitude: "Don't you dare to infer the baby might not be as beautiful as the stroller!" No one likes to hear bad news of their product, but as we all seem to have been the unwitting test pilots, it would have been nice if they had listened before ignoring. I rode mine off and on for a year and sold it. The whole experience left a bad taste.

  33. Wow, so glad to have found your blog because I was considering buying two of their saddles! I mean the whole concept sounds brilliant, right? Thank you, you've saved me a ton of $ and frustration.

  34. I feel your pain. I have owned the Ansur classic for almost 10 years and decided to buy a new excel. The owner took my measurements and decided to order me a 17 seat size. When I read the contract I hesitated asking her what if something wasn't right or it got damaged in shipping and she assured me the contract was just a formality and that they would work with me if there were any problems. Well after waiting 10 weeks the saddle came in and was to small for me. They have tried to get me to ride in it more (it's painful), said my riding was not good enough, said ALL my horses were downhill, and even had the rep come watch me ride. The rep agreed that the saddle was to small for me. After much begging they agreed to make me a new saddle at a $700.00 loss to me. I did not take that offer and threatened to talk to an attorney. They said they would take the saddle back and give me 1/2 the money for it. I paid over $4,000 for this saddle. So I've decided to sell it myself and take my loss. On another note, when I asked how much they thought I could sell my old saddle for, they told me there was a flaw in the design and some of the saddles had collapsed and needed to be remade at $1,200 cost to owner. They can hurt the horses backs and there was never a recall on these saddles. I would have never know if I hadn't called in. They are a very dishonest company!!!!

  35. Thanks so much for this blog. I am on the saddle hunt (again. sigh). Ansur was on my list, but very disappointed in the unprofessional behaviour of the company in your distressing situation, and I can see that's not a one-off. Deal breaker. Ansur is not the answer for me.

  36. I made the mistake of buying an Ansur Westernaire Enduro, which fit neither me or either of my horses. Before I bought it Carole at Ansur saddles said she would help me sell it if it did not work out, but that really has come to nothing. Also I am told that I am doing it all wrong, riding in chairseat position etc rather than acknowledging that the saddle just doesn't fit me. I have never been in pain before from the 12 saddles I have owned, but now I suspect that I have a permanently damaged tail bone. I am considering speaking to my lawyer also.

  37. I was very displeased after purchasing an Ansur Excel. The first saddle stitching fell apart and I was told that mistakes happen and I should deal with it. After speaking with Carole and having an argument because she didn't see the big deal I returned it and had to wait another 10 weeks for another saddle, so there went the riding. I got my second saddle and after three months of riding in it the metal bracket that kept the stirrup leather on broke. I called Carole again and this time she said send it back immediately, it could of been a good lawsuit if someone got hurt. Again it wasn't her companies fault , it was the metals fault. Again another 10 weeks and when I called I was told that I was suppose to pay the 120.00 shipping fee to send it back. No way. I told Carole that I had never had a problem with a 2000.00 saddle and the company in no way would of given me the hard time she did. Now I am on my third saddle and the leather on the flap has worn thru. I think their saddle use cheap leather. I have mentioned the wear on my saddle to one of her saddle makers and I got the reason because I don't clean it the way it should be cleaned. Cheap excuse. I will never buy another Ansur or recommend an Ansur to anyone. The quality is cheap and the people including Carole that work in that company are rude. No customer service what so ever. I'm sure if there was a recall on Ansur which some of them should of been recalled because I had one of those saddles, no one will know unless a lawyer is involved. My trained was on my saddle, thank goodness it wasn't me because I would of definitely been injured


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