Friday, December 9, 2011

December Bright

                             C C C COLDDD ~ and freezing....but nice and bright!

Christmastime Festivities are happening right and left. Day times, night times, visiting family, friends,  with extra cooking involved and of course, the "S " activity.  It is Decembers norm. 
There is also a fair amount of working going on now too, so sitting  here to read/write and visit , has been waining for me. Not to mention our computers illness towards functioning at all.
No worries mate, it's all good...just  life at December's- H.Y.P.E.R. S.P.E.E.D. -( Having You Put Extra Routines- Shopping/Parties -Eek, Eek- Daily)

I'm sure you all can relate, on some level.

I have still been able to get out and see my mare, even if for only an hours time, stealing away from my personal hyper speed- life's schedule. A view like this one from horseback, can reset ones counter to O!

Below, is a pure documentary shot of how one  fast paced day started recently. Thought I had gotten a nice white WASH CLOTH out of the vanity to wash my face with.... A nope, it was a roll of TP!! Had to take the pic of that blurry- blunder. HA!

Some days seemed to washed up, for the rains were threatening . I rode anyway... My gear protecting me from the droplets of cold- wet. My mind receiving a clearing and defogging, as we strode.

I have had some surprises too,  getting back at really comes fast these days.  The last time I allowed it to overtake us, by miscalculating just when it got dark while riding ..(and the mare HATES that!) I was greeted upon return by a gal  at the stable. Surprised to see me walk in at dark , She said..."OH!! look cute, let me take a photo of your mare and you! "
She was watching me fail at attempts to capture a good self photo-

  I added festive lights ...'tis the season to be jolly....

 These days of Holiday preparations ...Recalibration, from the H.Y.P.E.R. S.P.E.E.D. human,  to a slower-paced-human - occurs  for me, as I ride my mare and breathe deeply in, the countryside with views.


Mind adjustment   does starts to take me (us) over...we  are whole by the time we return again.

Christmastimes are planned and busy for all. I bid you joy and friendship now, should you not see me around these bloggin parts for a spell, I'll return shortly.
 I leave you with some visuals of  a favorite 7 mi Loop ride.   It is the one we take most often when we have no goals- but -to see what we may see, stretch  our legs  and commune with God in nature.
ENJOY...and make sure you also....find your sweet spot for recalibration- in  these H.Y.P.E.R.  S.P.E.E.D. days!!!

                     Our friendly Shadow Rider leads the way down the lane, outside our stable~~

We look on areas that have been changed...and remember them for the times we had in the shade of "Big Fir Lane"~

We continue up the road around some young Christmas trees, and head towards a farm that has many animal friends to visit~ These furry friends used to scare my mare and she would NEVER ask to go up the road where they lived. This day she asked, I obliged~

These 2 Alpacas are the only ones interested in us...the older ones seem bothered by the horse presence, and pin their ears and look foreboding. The young ones come running and bucking to the fence line!

It is always very amusing to me and seems to be interesting too, for the mare!

Cute little, fluffy thing! This one actually wants to sniff noses with my mare, but we decide to just look on~

Ooou...the older of the two is turning into a ear pinning, and rather  moody sort,  like the others.
He  stood there, all shaggy haired, and glared~

We finally head to the other side of the acrerage, riding the service road around the tree farm lands. The crisp, clear sky this day allowed us to see just the tip-top of Mount Hood, as we turned Eastward.

Onward to another friend en route, of the equine ilk~ a little Arabian mare. She hears us from a far with my "bear bell" , that now doubles as a festive "Jingle bell". It alerts the mare of  our arrival near her field. She shares this field with large llamas, parting them as she runs to us normally. This has made an impression on my mare...that they aren't as tough as they make themselves look, standing 6 feet tall. This little 14 hand looking mare, is their boss!
There she is, way at the top of the field.

She comes trotting, nickering, all chipper to see us again.  She always wants to meet my mare. But again we look on, and are friendly from a distance~

The rather unfortunate thing is -this mare has a rope halter on 24/7.
When we tarry, I am always afraid I will witness her hooking it one the metal post tops, as she puts her head over, trying to visit with us~

Having seen the little mare, and my mare having partaken of some winter grasses , we then continue on down the treed lanes~

At the end of the lane, there were some fabulous ferns, still in Autumn glory. The Summers green is gone now, and by mid winter, they will have dissapeared altogether till springtime.

They are a reminder of how things change always;  seasons, times, good times and bad...  and right attitude towards anything that hindered me, just an hour prior!

Though my mind had relaxed into a peaceful calm, my mare was on high alert for the section of trail we traveled. It's a turning point for home or 2 others directions. It nears a busy road, and also enters a forested section that has always gotten her nervous.
We tarried and looked at the ferns longer. I asked her to relax herself and after she finally did, I treated her and we moved to the next part of this restorative ride~

I chose the roadway this cold, frozen day. The trail was far too shady, while the road had sunspots for us!

We neared some of the many ponds that are on the lands we ride. Serene, reflective and so quiet- it was.

On our home stretch now. It has gotten considerably colder, in the hour and a half we were out . Our friendly Shadow Rider, that lead the way to this restorative riding, and popped in to see us here and there, rejoined us for the last time~

Frosty- hard grounds in the shaded areas~

I used my mare's "Ruby slippers", as someone called them before, to protect her feet from bruising on the crunchy wniter grounds.

While pretty, it is not too friendly for anyting but cautious walking~

We now see the long-hill in the distance. It is the final trail we take upwards, towards the stable. Since the muds have come and the steeper trail is very SLICK.; my mare again has gotten nervious and sometimes misbehaves, wanting to go faster. I understand she hates the slipping.  Anything she hates, she tries to get over with- quickly.

The mud begins on the flat, we pick and choose out way through~

Ah, the hill...and this day, since the ground was mostly frozen on the hill trail, there was no slipping and the mare calmly walked it~

Hello Big boy! Theo greets us at the turnout paddock gate~ Don't worry, she'll be back out with you, in no time~

The mare hears Theo calling, as I untack~

A short roll and romp in the arena, she greets me at the gate and says...hummm....!

Back out to the pasture, Theo greets my mare, his girl bud~

They head for the remains of lunch, Theo always behind~

He stops at the first mare seemed to know better, as he would move her off it for himself.

 As I watched, he moved her off the second pile too. Then, even before I had gotten into the stable, he again moved her off the first  pile of hay she went back -towards the second- hay pile. Theo's mom and me had put a third pile down too, as recommended for feeding horses in pasture( always put one extra flake down-and further away) she went on further, to that one.   And good thing, he had moved again, 10 minutes later to the second pile. 
I have noticed her being really hungry when I get to the stable, I think it is due to him claiming BOTH PILES of hay since they are relatively close to each other...hence the need for a third pile, further away. He can't manage 3!

 My mare has to really be persistent to eat with him in the field, he is a hay hog!!!

The end of the perfectly refreshing day with my mare was topped off by a perfectly vibrant sunset!!

All is ready in my heart and mind to start afresh the next day. A little country time always does that for words,  pressure or concerns.  Just beauty, fresh air, along with my with my Bay Beauty mare!!

Please be well and save some special times out-just for yourself!!



  1. That was wonderful. I haven't been on a trail ride in forever- it was nice to tag along on yours :)

  2. Glad to see a post from you! I hope you and yours find lots of joy in this busy time. Beautiful ride on a beautiful mare. Watch out for those alpacas, I hear they eat horses ;)

  3. Wish you could be riding too, Shannon, gettin the feel of a certain saddle! Well, so happy you came along for the Oregon version of trails.

    Funder~ yea, I started this post-last week- the computer completely shut me out...I don't have extra time to leave-come back and try again. (repeatedly) I'm hoping for electronics sometime in the near future...and Santa might not even be able to pull it off!! Thanks you for the wonderful sentiments!

  4. Beautiful ride! Felt like I was along with you two (I even felt a shiver of cold!). I always tend to get the winter blues, so it is a great reminder that even though riding is mucky, icy, and cold, we are lucky to have these warm horse bodies to warm our hearts, and that there is still natural beauty around us even in this dark time of year (dark, of course, being the short days).

    As a note, I am concerned too about the sweet little mare with the halter! I presume the owner is worried about not being able to catch her again, and he doesn't take the time to train her to obedience. I wish there was an easy answer... talking to the owner is a start, but doesn't always go well. But sometimes people just don't know that keeping halters on is a bad idea!

    Anyway, I wish you many, many blessings for you and your family and horses during this Christmas season!

  5. Wonderful post, wonderful ride! Looks like such fun. I envy you of all that wooded space to ride, as Daisy and I cavort over roads. Ah well.
    Beautiful pictures too :) Merry Christmas!

  6. Thanks for sharing you and Wa's lovely winter trail ride with us.

    That baby alpaca is super cute - and hay hogs need to get better manners!!

    Great reminder about taking time for ourselves during this frenzied season, please be sure to do the same.

    Happy holidays to you KK :)

  7. Thank you KK, Merry Christmas to you! A beautiful journey, it helped restore me as I paused and read. Beautiful places you have to ride...what a blessing. Am hoping to begin riding my wonderful Mustang soon...prayers for my calmness and bravery would be appreciated. :)

  8. What a peaceful, beautiful ride! Thanks for taking me along. Merry Christmas to you and Wa.

  9. Ho Ho Ho KK. That was one special post, and the pictures were gorgeous.
    You sound very, very busy. Enjoy the season and get back to us when you can.
    All the best, from Skoog Farm.

  10. That was a beautiful ride that you've taken us on and I do just love the rugged bottom end popping out of the pine trees glad you got time to be peaceful on the back of Wa mare ....the red ears and feet very chistmasy. Lots of sunny warm wishes from NZ.

  11. Happy Christmas dear Kacy and Wa friends. That photo of you and Wa is just adorable. I am glad someone captured it for you for all time's sake.

    Lovely rides. Jealousy as usual - 7 miles!!!! I would like to have 7 minutes together at home without coming to a road. How lucky are you to have those trails and that horse and red boots and adorable alpacas! Joy and bliss this season and all through the year!!!!!

  12. I love your blog and your photos are just awesome - lots of work there !

  13. Great photos! I love the part about Wa hurrying through the stuff she doesn't like. Harley's that way too, especially when it's getting dark. We've be caught out there a few times, and he's not happy about it! I'm sure he's convinced we're all going to die, although all I've seen are turkeys, deer, and moose. He wasn't so sure about the moose!

  14. I think we are all busy busy. :) I wish I could get in the rides you do! Love the "ear" shots. Merry Christmas to you too!

  15. I did love this ride with you and Wa. Feel all relaxed now. Thank you ;-) Love the alpacas. Great faces. My mare is scared of cows and there are lots of them here. I don't think she has ever seen an alpaca or llama. She probably will be highly suspicious of them too.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


  16. It is a very busy time of year. I think that is why I have not enjoyed the seasons as much as I should the last few years. I just want things to sloowwww down.

    As always, enjoyed your pictures. The tree lined lane is just beautiful.


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