Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Intentional Horse

While the mare is quite dejected  looking here, for this photo op,
(she instantly puts on the bored face- anytime I grab the camera) she truly had a fabulous, longer-framed lunge session with this handy 'Polo Wrap" encouragement. It really made her think and she was relaxed and reaching down, the entire session, in focused time.I was very impressed.

My sissy sends me lots of horsey stuff to read she finds over the Internet. Lately, she discovered a very informative site called, "The Intentional Horse". I have enjoyed reading about various stable management articles, responses to them and also, testimonies.
 "The Intentional Horse" Adds a cool technique  called "the body wrap" to our horse loving tool bag.

 It was designed  by LINDA TELLINGTON JONES. It causes the horse to answer a question you present to it, while free lunging or traditionally  so, with Cavesson and line.  It is a Bio mechanics session that is designed to naturally, with out devices to the face(side reins),  cause the horse to use it's body more effectively for top line development and balance.
It is exactly what I am looking for to rebuild my mare again, after she hollowed for months, due to poor saddle fit.

While December has been bright..it also has been like 20 degrees and sometimes with fierce and biting winds!
This  Body Wrap method is going to come in handy for the times we don't want to go out "IN IT"!

The mare ZOOOMED around the arena before we started this WINDY day. Lots of sounds and motions about our world, that got her excited!

Just a few days ere this frigid one, we found ourselves in a gorgeous, surreal setting...one that took my breath away and the mare seemed very content to look on as well.
Frozen Ponds.

It was like Christmas lights, across the blurry waters~

I do love my phone's camera, it seems to take pretty nice shots..as long as we are still!

Hope Your season is Bright and Cheery~ Be well


  1. Once again you got some great shots! Many years ago, Linda Tellington Jones was in Brockport for a clinic and she stayed with us. What an interesting woman.

  2. That body wrap is really interesting.

    Gorgeous lake shot!

  3. You must board in a truly beautiful place. You always seem to have so many fun places to trail ride. The pond is beautiful. The mare looks beautiful too...and happy :)

  4. Lol I was looking at the picture in my blogger thinking "gee that looks like one of the many ways Linda tellington jones uses a polo". I have a problem solving book by her and a massage book that are excellent.

  5. What a great idea! She seems to be going better in the arena for you?

  6. Thanks for the web site. I'll check it out!

  7. I read about it, and it sounds really interesting. I see you bought them... it would be interesting to see a video of your horse while using these!

  8. Lori you live the life!

    Bebe, thanks!

    Wilsonc~ The last 3 places I boarded, had some ptetty increadable places to ride, right from the property's gate. The mare and me we are happiest outdoors!

    I have friends Sydney, that go t
    ake clinics from her& love them. I should get one of het books...the one you mentioned, problem solving, sounds right up my alley.

    :) I'm not riding in the big one yet... Tried roundpen twice , of course, bareback saddle and once bitless. She stink eyed me but, I asked for go trotting or get a wap...she complied and when i got the go with the thought and no stinking attitude, I jumped off!! It's a start .

    They are just standard "polo wraps". I've got several sets, so chose RED for Christmas. I'll just leave them hooked up for lungeing ad I tend to use "woof wear" brushing boots normally.

    I did take a video...but instead of
    Going ouf to my trailer to het my tripod I used a barrel and lunged around it...took stills of her from video but computer acted up and..... I'll do another tomorrow.

  9. I thought that looked familiar, as the Tellington Jones figure 8- I wonder if the psychology behind this is why horses adapt to harness so well.

  10. Yup, saw the first photo and immediately thought TTouch! I've got one or two of her books, I really enjoy reading her stories about characters that she's met and worked with.

    Thanks for the link, KK. I'm going to check it out.

  11. What a beautiful horse. I love shopping for horse collars and other horse stuff for my horses.

  12. I have never wrapped Harley, but I have seen other horses move in a polo wrap figure eight. The long line draped behind the hocks seems to have a similar body awareness effect.

    Can I get a recommendation on the lungeing cavesson? A good one is difficult to find (and not cheap!).

  13. I'll definitely take a look at the intentional horse site. Thanks for the link.

    Do you know that film 'On Golden Pond'? That's what your photos reminded me of. Gorgeous.


  14. What a cool technique! Thanks for posting it, I'll definitely have to try it :) I need to get some polos first!

  15. I haven't used the polo wrap technique on Gabe yet, but I did use it a lot of on my old mare and it was FABULOUS! Thanks for reminding me about it! I think it's time to put Gabe in the "polo hug" and see what he does.

  16. As usual great shots of life through the ears of the Mare.Those do look like Christmas lights .

  17. Interesting idea. It's cold here too. Love the lights on the frozen pond, just beautiful. Have a Merry Christmas and give Wa a hug from me.

  18. Cool polo wrap technique - gonna look into that. Thanks for the link too.

    Love the pond pictures, and especially, the one where Wa is zooming - she is so photogenic.

    Hugs to you both! :)




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