Sunday, May 20, 2012

Made in the Shade

Happy horses, Washashe and Theo in hock high grasses.

We FINALLY got some warmer temps and sunshiny days! This is our second week of 80's and while it takes some assimilating- no problem, I get into it by riding   in the shade! 

A year ago in May, I was happily arranging a Jump trail  on the lands below the stable. We had pass through access to ride them, to the next private lands over.

NOW-A year later... this is the desolation! There is Nothing left of the entire forest down below our stables. It is truly sad. The forests are completely gone. I snuck down to just look...and this is the sight.

I about cried...
The entire forest is down, and we have no more access to ride the 1/2 mile road through to the wonderful Oregon Fishing Club lands- till....?

It leaves us with the nice, but very MUDDY entrance,  to trails and roads across the street. I have to hoof boot up for these, as the service roads are all graveled and my mare is a tenderfoot. 

I am so mad....I have now lost 2 boots in two days! One of them my $$$expensive Renegades! Only one Ruby slipper left!
I looked and looked for them- days in a row-and almost lost my tall boots to the SUCKING BOG of parts of the trails.

These are adventures with valuable lessons involved. Ones that require trust, patience and calm. Not for me- but for my mare!!
I am so sure that the times of trail blazing ,or boot hunting in this case, are the times Wa mare is sure I've lost my mind or have chosen to sacrifice her- to the wild things that lurk about in the forests!! I had walked further away than I realized, as I hunted for the Renegade boot. I was walking back and wondered IF- I had lost my horse too!? Nope, as I said her name rounding a corner, she belted out a hefty NICKER...SAVE ME KK GIRL! 
It was endearing, and she again was left with a memory to trust me..I always come back for her.

One neat occurrence  happened while I was out on foot looking for hoofboots...I found another trail, that maybe can be made to join up with the roads..and there Is no mud! It is pristine and shady.

So untill I find some helper(s) to clear a way to the main system over from this new trail, I took one last ride near the ponds...knowing, it will be some time till the mare and me can have them to serenely ride around. They also need a new way of getting to them.

Made in the shade are these rides, in memory...and blessed we are to have them!


  1. It's been a while since I've been to your blog, but I absolutely love your header photo--what a great pic of the two of you!

    Sad to see the major difference in the trails...maybe your "ruby slipper" will turn up when it dries out a bit? We are loving the weather here in central WA too--still cooler/cloudier than normal, but much better than last spring.

    1. Oh yes, isn't massively better than last year! Plus- no stupid " lock down" from a horse show virus!

      Need to come visit you too..just starting to read up with all.
      Thanks, the photo is from my first year wirh my mare. We went to the's so fun there!

  2. I hope you can reroute your magically beautiful trail KK... and that the missing ruby slipper shows up soon. I too love the header picture - a beautiful shot of both of you. :)

    1. Thanks C!
      Hope you can join up with your trail bud soon. Heal fast!

  3. How sad about the forest.
    I love the photo of Wa and Theo knee deep in grass. Happy horseys!

  4. It's so sad about losing the forest and trails you used to ride. I wish the conservationists could do something about all the destruction going on.

    Hope you find some new trails for your adventures and the ruby slipper too. Happy picture of the grazing horses.

  5. Oh WOW happy horses up to their bellies in spring grass. They look fantastic. Am so sad to see the forests down. It is always awful to see the trees all down and tragic looking. North of where I live are loads of pine forests that are not too far off being cut down. It will make the journey north sad too. Hope you find some fun trails soon ( and maybe the boots as well)

  6. That is awful about your trails and your lost boots in the mud. That Wa is so good to wait for you while you search. I hope you find new lovely trails to ride on your sweet girl!

    1. She has gotten much better in trusting me to not leave her to the forest monsters!You should have seen her when I first started to tie and trailblaze...she blazed a ring around the tree she was fixed too...we had to return to that site several times in a row over the course of weeks to get that particular trail ready for she calmed down eventually, and figured out the routine.

  7. The sun was great while it lasted! Oregon seems to log quite a bit more than we do, or at least that i noticed. A few years back, Adam and i went to look at my favorite woods to ride in in Lincoln city and they were gone.
    so sorry about that boot. How frustrating!

    1. Yea, almost made 2 weeks straight. At least it warmer rains!

      The managed forests get cut about every 30 years.
      If you ever been traveling Washington's sound area , on the far bare and stripped. It shocked me.
      They have been doing more selective cut around much nicer.

      The last 3 clear cuts I've posted, are PRIVATE LANDS. If they don't'll be higher prop taxes for them, having cut down their forest deferral status!

  8. I probably would have cried when I saw that forest cut down. Are they replanting at least?

    Sorry about losing your ruby slipper :(

    1. These are PRIVATE LANDS Shannon, so they only have to replant- IF- they wish to keep their "Forest Deferral" TAX status. The public Forest lands ALWAYS replant and they usually, these days, do selective cutting, instead of the clear cutting.

  9. On the bright side- you found a new trail. I love the header photo too, you look so happy.

  10. What a shame your forest was cut--love that jump in the trail!

    I've looked into Renegade boots vs Easyboots for Harley, at least in the "off season". Like Wa, he's got ouchy feet on gravel and rocks, but at the risk of loosing them in the muck--what a financial pain! Hmmm--he's getting shoes today while John uses Easyboot Backcountry Trail boots on the girls' front feet.

    What kind of camera do you have, KK? I've got an old SLR that's a bit bulky to carry on horseback, and I'm checking out good compacts.

    Glad you had some nice weather at last!

    1. Hi Imel,
      I thought to do a "trial set" of those newest back country boots...but I think they are too tall for hinds.Maybe the fronts.

      I have been using my phone mostly,of late, but my Canon "Power Shot" is what I normally use.
      I have a "Trail Max" bag it fits into nicely. I also carry my I.C.E. Card info in the camera bag and lip protection and extra batteries. I use a caribiner to attach it to my grab strap.

      That jump log is a bit too high! I have scouted out several other Jump trail sites across the street!

  11. So sad to see that forest that is no more. Nice that you've found a new trail maybe. Which reminds me... I need to cut the forest in my own garden (don't worry, I'll only do some pruning to make it possible to use a couple of paths again). So I'm off to do that right now! Wish me luck ;-)

  12. Same thing has happened to so many of our forest areas around here...I find myself getting turned around so easily because nothing looks the same. It is tragic and I do cry for the loss of the beautiful forests. I love that Wa nickers for you...sweet!


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