Friday, May 4, 2012

One Ride at a Time

In the fashion of " Calm, Forward, Straight" blog I thought, as I tried to get my horse's head, and mine, in frame by only an arm's length away! C has a wonderful training blog, if you've never met her and her TB horse Val...take time to go see her today!
I think her arms are much longer than mine!

It was NOT sunny the day I found my Sunglasses on the trail...but I was so happy to retrieve them from the dirty resting spot I had lost them a year ago, I documented by attempting a self photo.

We have had much rain for the past weeks and a few riding days. YES, I have been riding, rain and shine...but not too much may be accomplished in the slick, but a soothing horseback outing.

That is what I have been seeking too : a soothing, calming ride on the mare. She has complied nicely with no falls, or spills or spooks. THOUGH-I did apply "Vicks" to her nostrils twice, in the past weeks. One week she KNEW there was a creature lurking about, behind the shrubbery, yet could not see it. The Masking scent of the Menthol, made the ride much calmer all around, as she had to wait to freak out " IF" she saw the danger..and no danger appeared for her, just as I thought.

Many things are going on here in our household...I've been stressed, almost to the max. So, I have not sought to train or to accomplish, just to soothe my mind upon my mare, as we stroll along in the wooded delights.
My man has had 2 health scares, with 2 ER visits and one Ambulance ride, in the past 3 weeks. His heart the first time, and 3 days ago, he blacked out at 2:30 am..hitting the deck in the house. It was so loud, it effectively woke me up -got me out of bed to find him in a heap, on the floor. OH! That was a terrible sight and flash of thoughts all of at once! I called 911 so fast...even before I checked his breathing. 
We live 2 blocks away from the local Fire house so they were there within 2 minutes.(Almost faster than I could get off the phone and get dressed!)
I've never had so many men in the house as that morning...Ambulance, fire and all of them, right in the parlor!

None of the EKG's, or monitoring of both events were conclusive for heart knowledge for us to pursue any treatments. Though, it has my man going to the Dr. and also the cardiologist. Plus it has him taking better care of himself.

Also, our old man of a kitty Norm Thompson, became so weak and frail as he had stopped eating, had to be taken to the vet's for his last hour with us. It was a rough week and my man's boy was so good as to never miss the cat box. Norm even sought my man out, even when he could barely stand up...he layed in my man's lap, right before we took him in.

We sure loved that skinny cat with the silky long hair, even if it were only for 3 months. He loved us and we loved him! I got to hold him one last time... my man called me as I was at the stable, so I rushed home from riding the mare to see him.

Just weeks before, I was leaving the house to go to work or someplace. The  cat threesome usually wait in the window to see me arrive home, when they hear my truck's engine. But this day, I looked back as I closed the gate to see all of them, watching me leave! Glory in the window sill ledge, Norm on the table, and Martina in the back on the couch! I still have this as my wallpaper on my cell.

There is more rough stuff going on, but that will remain unwritten here...too much of a downer. I would like to share some horsey rides with you all though... just some, as we have still had much torrential weather and only some were to be had.

The most fun we've had in a long while was the day in the 80's..and sun shining bliss abounded everywhere!!  it was after we lost Norm but before the last ER visit. Funny thing was, out of the 2 weekend sunny rides...I saw NO ONE was amazingly quiet, and JUST WHAT I NEEDED after all I'd been going through. The mare was ready too. We are taking it ONE RIDE AT A TIME for our minds health, these days!
 The private land below us is being logged. We are officially kicked off of using it. It has about 1 mile of road we must ride to get to the main trails we ride all winter. They stay nice and are not muddy. That private land also had the OREGON TRAIL JUMP COURSE I made on it too...I surely will miss that!
 So, for now it is hoofin' it across the street to the logging roads. Some trails, but MUCH MUD! Hoof boots are required for riding there for us. Blessing is...we still can ride outdoors somewhere, right from the stable!

I booted up, the mare and me both. I have to walk the muddy areas, as hoof boots are rather slick and it's just safer for us to do it with me on the ground, for the short stint to the roads. We were off like a shot once we hit those roads...cantering bliss..and no matter what road I faced myself towards with intent, the mare willingly set to it. We had so much fun!
Here we stopped half way out for grass munch and lunch for me.

As you see, the trace clip is nearly all shed out, and the mare is in fine shape. I have been giving her a Gamma treat, twice a week, for muscle development. 
We rode till there were no more places to go out there..about 12 miles. No lingering thoughts of any toils remained. 
This one ride made us both smile( I think)...we ripped it up, on a certain sandier stretch of straight roads. The mare came back down to a nice trot with her 'High blowing" happy self. Just gotta stretch those legs like that sometimes!

So that's it for now...some training news to share and other stuff about my sis and Pantz mare, next time.
Until then, It's one ride at a time~ for health.


  1. Dang, it always seems like things all happen at ounce. Glad your man has made it through ok.
    Hang in there! It is supposed to be close to 80 Tues or Wed!!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear of all your troubles, and my condolences about your sweet old cat! God bless you for taking him in and giving him a loving home for his last three months. We sure do miss them when they go :(
    Love that picture of your three cats, 'stacked' up! So cute :)
    I'll be praying for you, for His peace that surpasses all understanding. "I will not leave you nor forsake you."
    Hope things get better for you soon :)

  3. Have been worried about you...and it seems, with some reason. Glad your man is doing better. I had a scare like that a couple of years ago, but it turned out not to be my heart. make sure he does the follow-up with all the docs! My prayers are with you guys.

  4. Spending time with the mare is the cure-all. Sorry for your bad times and hope you are out of that lull now. Scary with all the dr visits!

  5. Best wishes for your family. You have really had a rough time lately. I am glad that your mare can give you some solace.

    Her conditioning looks excellent, by the way.

    I am sorry about your sweet cat.

  6. Was wonderin where you've been....good to hear from you.

  7. Beautiful photos, and post Kacy. Altho clearly some sad and worried, there is also much beauty to be found. So much heart shines through, primarily yours. You & Wa connecting on the trail, especially in a time of need, is priceless.

    Norm was lucky to be in such loving arms, sorry you had to say goodbye to your sweet kitty. Always hard, no matter how long we have them. Hoping your hubby finds some answers, the unknown is scary(er). Sending hugs & best wishes, as you continue, one day at a time. It's really all we can do, that and find solace in all that we love.

  8. KK -

    You are too sweet! Really glad to read a post from you and the mare, and happy that she can help with those much needed mental health breaks called riding. ;)

    Hoping everything calms down for you and your family as spring progresses.


  9. Oh Kacy, so sorry about sweet old Norm, but I'm so glad the last three months of his life were good and full of love. And your man's health scares are worrying. Hmm... stress related perhaps? Hope there's nothing wrong with his heart. Fingers crossed for you and him. Hang in there... sometimes if it rains it pours. Thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes and sunshine your way. Keep us posted.


  10. Kacy,
    I'm so sorry to hear about all you are going through right now. So scary, I hope your husband is okay. Make sure you follow up with the doctors.

    Norm had a good three months in a loving home and I'm sure he loved you all. You made his last days happy.

    Sounds like Wa mare and you had a much needed break from stress on the trails. Glad you could get out. Love your smiling pictures and your header makes me smile.

    I know there seem to be other troubles too hope your sis and Pantz are doing okay.

    Hang in there this will all pass.

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, it means so much.
      These occurances are amount those common to being human..but do take one down a notch with frequency.

  11. OK, that's it for all those things you have been going through. It's time for you and your husband to catch a break. Hope all goes well with the Doctor.

    Sorry about your sweet cat. I'm so glad he had some time with you.

    Thanks for checking in.

  12. Oh man, so sorry life has been a little rough lately. Many hugs!

    It's wonderful that you can find time to take Wa mare out and relax. Having a horse is a wonderful thing :)

  13. Praying for you and your man!Scarey moments.

    Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. 2 Peter 1:2

    Patrina <")>><

  14. So sorry that life is tough for you at the moment. Wa Mare sounds as if she is doing a good job supporting you through it.

  15. Oh Kac, I'm so sorry you've got so much sadness and worry in your life right now. Wa looks beautiful and happy, and I hope yall find joy together this summer :)

  16. I am so sorry for all the hard times you are going through. How scary for you and your husband to be worried about his health. I hope the doctors ease your mind. And I'm so sorry your sweet kitty has passed.

  17. Hey! Just got round to catchin` up. Sorry to read that your having a bad time, its never easy. Sounds also like your weathers like ours, miserable and wet!

    Cant even get out this week, everything`s soggy! Anyway, be good, and take care.
    A friend.

  18. My friend's husband had similar issues with chest pain and strange blackouts; turned out he had a virus that affected his heart (something to think about anyway). So sorry about Norm; how sad.
    Val does indeed have a wonderful blog, and there's nothing like some quiet time with a horse to make things right as rain again ;o)

  19. I am glad Norm got to be with you in his last days. I know he only knew kindness and love, which is a wonderful gift to give to an old kitty! In time, there will be another senior who will need you both, when you are ready to open your heart to another.

    I fully understand and sympathize over the health issues. Remember, I'm always just an email away if you want to talk.



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