Thursday, January 10, 2013

Looking to the future

Hello there everyone! 
I have sure appreciated all your lovely comments and emails regarding my disappearance, and inquiring in on the mare. It truly has been a super busy- past 12 weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities, sprinkled with daily rehab for the mare. My rehab will come soon I pray, with maybe a  ride with her. 

I think she is almost back...though I wonder if some injuries of anyone-human or horse-  ever really come back fully to normal? With that in mind, I have tempered my eye, as I look upon Washashe's movement and general appearance of her left limb and hock. So many people have asked about what happened. I truly believe she got cast, maybe even struggled with her portable grazer inside the stall. 

We've gone to the Vet twice, had multiple X rays that proved there were no bone breaks or chips ( which is very good). The real information regarding Washashes's injury came from my Equine therapist, that is a Vet certified Thermography expert. She was on the scene a little while after the injury, and then again several weeks after. She told me with her experience on these matters, it was not a kick but a trauma that included her bone surfaces all around the hock capsule and the long tendons and ligaments that run from her hips through to the hock. The heat/cold  images are truly telling. It is invaluable to know "how" to treat an injury because one knows "WHERE" the injury is. The swelling told us the hock was involved, but the heat readout indicated it was above, in the soft tissues.

The above  photo is a" Micro Current self adhesive patch" by "MATRIX" and "Sore No More's"  Arnica cooling clay poultice. I have done these  2-3 times a week now for 2 months, along with 10 min. cold hosing twice a visit and a twice a day 15 min. stints of hand walking . She also gets a massage once a week too. Busy, busy rehab!

While Wa mare was certainly happy to see me every day (sometimes trotting to the door while nickering)  and very happy to get to the outdoors, or walk up and down a solid surface via roadway, aisle way and more recently, softer arena ...she grew tired of the routine of doing JUST that, like her momma was!

She did enjoy all the bites of winter grasses...but what a long haul of minimum movement, while soft tissue healed!

 IN HOPES OF RIDING AGAIN.... just 2 weeks ago, to keep my spirits up, I gave the mare a mini-clip. You can barely see it in the above shot. Just a partial neck, chest and girth area. Oh and, one day before that clip, another boarder came in with a Western saddle...yea, we tried it on for size...the mare not too keen on it though!

On other fronts of life,
my man and me have spend lots more time together, as I mentioned ere now, with me being home alot sooner nights. We'd sit with the kitties and stay has been ultra cold and grey in these parts.

And...I did hint some, last post that I was RIDING.
Not mine of course, but my sister's rescue horse, D'Apple. She is Anglo/Connemara. She was the last of 17 horses that got seized, 2 years ago, to be adopted. 
My sisters had her in a nearby town, pastured for free..they drove 50 mi round trip to medicate her badly broken down self. She has EXTREME allergies and was raw/bloody from bug bites. It took nearly a year to rehabilitate her body and mind from the abuse and neglect she had been living in before.
My horsey sister talked my other sister into keeping her. And my newly horsed sis told my horsey sis to come get her...that 50 mi drive was too much! So, she resides at Pantz's barn now.

 She is of unknown age...somewhere between 12 and 20. Two vets said that. She still had Wolf Teeth last year. Too bad but, we know that she had been ridden that way, so unfortunate! She seems to have no formal training, so my sissy started with groundwork and lunging. It was rough, but she really seems to want to please. 
She is SWEET!

She has  "Blood Shoulder" markings, which are red roan in color on her. But she also has many, many black looking dapples..those are her scars. Both sides of her face, belly, shoulders,withers, legs,hips and rump.

So, I helped my sissy to start her. She had gotten on once, asked for go and the mare wouldn't move. She asked till she got a few steps and then got off. I helped with the second mounting, a few days later.
I lunged her my first time with her, then got on and waited to see if she'd walk, or what she'd do....YES...we went a walking! I used verbal commands that she responded to on the ground, for pace and stopping. She is severely reactive to the bit... ( I would have used biteless- but sister wanted to use the bit ) so all communication would be with body language...what a teacher she is!!! Only would my sister allow me to squeeze my fists for anything( no demonstrative lead rein or anything of the like)...all was me turning my body or simply breathing out, while stopping my motion for half halt or halt. Fantastic! Steering was terrible if you tried to do it, with your hands...but if you did it with your seat and legs, she'd go anywhere.(imagine that!) She really made tons of improvement each ride. I leaned so much about how I will be riding my mare soon... subtly!

I've lost momentum now, riding D'ap..with the darker- colder- wetter eves.It is a super duper busy barn, so eves are the best time to ride a green horse. But I hope to get to ride MY OWN mare soon! I do better in the day for riding winter.

So, back to my horse front..... the last saddle I tried fall of 2011 was a  used "Stubben Tristan". It turned out to be my sister's very first Dressage saddle! It fit the mare well and I needed stirrups for the coast  horse trip that I bought it at $300. I had to pad the cantle, as it sloped back to much. It went well for a time but, my BUM was being squished...the seat was too small for me.

I recently sold it to my sister, and though I HATED to see it go, because saddle fit is hard for us.... it fits D'apple wonderfully. So armed with $300 and some other Christma$ dough, sister sent me an ebay add last week. ANOTHER Tristan!
But this time, it was my size in the seat! I got it for $250! And the gal selling it tossed in a saddle pad, leathers, and the NICEST saddle cover I have ever seen. It arrived this week.

It actually fits her shoulder better than the first Tristan.

So today, I put a girth on the mare, for the first time since October 17th, 2012. 

 And something else it snowed!
A Bright beginning!


  1. Nice clip job you did on Washashe. I'm glad you found a new saddle and hope this one will really work for you both. It's good to hear that Wa is healing well. She's had her share of injuries and I hope she'll keep out of trouble in future.

    D'Aple sounds like a great horse. Nice and sensitive to your body language. In that photo with you riding her, she looks a bit 'hasty' as if she wants to run from under you, but it is always hard to tell from a photo. I love your posture, nice and still and steady looking.

    We've just had our yearly visit from the dentist for the horses and he suddenly noticed that Naloma has a wolf tooth. He never noticed it before, neither did I, but I don't make a habit of feeling inside her mouth ;-) She's 18, so it's hard to imagine that the tooth just appeared. But as she doesn't seem to be troubled by it when riding, he thought it best to leave it. Then, for other reasons we had a visit from another horse-dentist and I asked him for a second opinion. He agreed that leaving it was best, because it's not wobbly or sore. And then the vet came for something else, so I asked him for a third opinion (one can never be too sure ;-)), and he also said: 'just leave it if it doesn't seem to bother her'. So... (wouldn't it be great if I'd say now: so... we had it removed) we left it.
    It's good to be back in blogworld with all my good blogfriends. I did miss you all, but you know how it goes. Sometimes other things take over and you just can't seem to find the energy or time to write a post :-)

    Sorry for the long comment.

    1. Carolina! Hi Dear!
      It is actually my older sister in the photo, riding D'ap. With low light...sis couldn't figure out my setting for taking a acceptable none of me yet...but I'm so outa touch with anything riding now...I'm a sorry equestrian. She, the D'ap, is very ultra alert and listens while you are around her...riding or ground. I adore her. Being a rescue, I just want to treat her(all animals) always with gentleness..till she figures out-"Oh this human has my back and is my friend".
      But you're right...I reached back once, and simply tapped her rump with my fingers...WHO*O*OSH...we went down to the other side of the arena!

      At 2, my sissy says to take them out. It's done before biting lessons. I have never had so young a horse to experience it all. 18 and still wolfies... weird that no vet caught that before NOW!

      Yea, I know...Life*** can get overwhelming and sometimes, sorting it out in writing is a chore, when you'd rather not over think it! I am totally understanding when it comes to needing time down/away/ and far from normal stuff sometimes!

      LOVE TO YOU!

  2. Oh KC .....sorry to hear you have not been able to have precious new year rides on the gorgeous Wa mare ....but glad that she is healing and you will be able to trek the wintery hills in your new saddle. But hey bet your man is super enjoying that bit extra time with you. The happiest New Year to you and your family. Look forward to rides out with you and Wa 2013

    1. I have tried not to think about what I have missed. I have gained alot of ground experience with the things she's taught me too. She and I are ***READY for some saddle time(bareback or real)!
      The new job has such nice lifestly perks for my has been pretty neat to have him around!
      Thanks dear!

  3. Hi KC,
    I'm glad to hear that Wa mare is healing and doing well. It's been a long rehab. She looks fantastic in her new clip. She's very expressive in her picture with the western saddle. Wow, you can really tell what she's thinking by her facial expression and ears! Your new saddle looks like a great fit and she seems to be comfortable with it. I hope you have many good rides very soon.

    Poor D'Apple. How can someone treat a horse so poorly? I'm glad she's with your sister and you now. She seems like she just needs someone to love her and treat her fairly. You look good on her and I'm sure she'll be a wonderful ride in no time with the expert training she's receiving.

    Wishing you many wonderful rides in 2013 and good health for everyone.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Arlene.
      I think i may need to edit the post to say - It's my sister on D'ap! She is always looking pretty good, as a seasoned, skilled rider. Although, she's looking right at D'ap!
      I hope to be back into a normal life with my mare soon.

  4. Nice to hear things are heading in the right direction for Wa, hoping you will be enjoying happy trails soon! D'Apple looks like a sweet horse, lucky to have found you & sisters(s). I've never heard of Bloody Shoulders, had to look it up - interesting legend. Great capture of your man & kitty!

    1. Yea, the "BLOOD SHOULDER" is quite the story huh. My sis read it to me, as she looked it up when they first got D'ap.
      Here's to hoping and praying for smooth sailing into 2013! Wa should heal, and we'll get on with our way of going.
      Thanks for the visit!!

  5. KK! So glad you are back! Of course I was among the curious. Wa looks great and hopefully all that good care and attention will get you two out on the trail soon. Nice that you were able to work with D'Apple...I'm sure she appreciates the kind approach. I have a Stubben Tristan and it has fit so many different's an oldie but goodie and still looks great. Several years ago I invested in an Albion SL and love it too. I agree, the shot of your husband and the kittie is beautious.

  6. Hello Lori!
    Yea, I was off the internet most my 12 weeks... just living life and not sitting too much.I thought about my blogger friends. I may have actually needed to break for that time, even without the rehab stuff for Wa!

    It is a phone pic of Martina and Bruce. They look at each other it does make for some neat opportunities!

  7. Glad to see your mare is improving, and glad to see you back blogging. Hope things continue to move forward for the New Year for you. At least you're only missing cold, dark days of riding--not summer's eternal days! And isn't it nice you've got another mount to work with while your mare mends. :)

  8. KK you aren't the only one that's fallen behind keeping up with your blogging friends, I didn't even know that Wa Mare was injured! A hock injury no less. I'm glad that it looks like she's getting better, I bet the arnica has a lot to do with that, I've been known to slather it on myself like moisturizer ;)

    So exciting reading about Miss D'Apple, she's a lucky, lucky mare.

    1. You didn't miss me then!
      I bet you been really busy with all that horrendous weather, holidays, and snow!
      everyone's been totally busy this winter I'm hoping that 2013 is better!

  9. Imel, yea,I did think that waythrough this too...not missing the nicest days!
    Gotta look for the positives!
    Yes, sister knew I was getting down, not riding...but after winter really set in, riding from 7 pm to 9 wasn't so great....missing my man, the dark good thing Pantz was out of the loop and lame(not really good) sis tookover the cold night rides

  10. Hi KK! You have been missed. What can anyone say?......I was really glad to read that Wa mare is on the mend, it must have been so frustrating not to be a partnership for so long. On the other hand, your man gets more time with you! I bet he appreciated that, and with spring just around the corner? Well almost! Its been a long trail for you, but as I said, things are on the up, so stay well, be good and trust to the one who knows all! Nothing gets passed him. God Bless.

    1. Brilliantly written sentiments!
      Amen and yeeha Cheyenne.

  11. Welcome back KK. So glad to hear that Wa is on the mend. And congratulations to your sister on D'Apple. What a cute name. Thank goodness she found a great home at last. The new saddle looks like a really good fit for Wa.

    1. Terry, thanks so much. It's good to be back, can't wait till I'm actually riding.again! the new saddle will help that aspect of life that's for sure.
      Yeah, the D'ap is very happy to be with us now, she can trust us and we just love her.

  12. What a cutie D'apple is! Gotta love the spotty horses ;)
    I remember reading that Wa was hurt but I never realized it was that bad. Seriously I have something that might help her, please e-mail me (since I don't have everyone off blogger on FB yet)

    1. D'ap is a Star! For all she's been through she has trusted us from the get go.
      Okay, email sent !

  13. Good to hear from you and so glad Wa is on the mend. She'll be ready for spring and she looks good!

    D'apple is an interesting looking horse. Very striking. Keep us posted on her progress. Happy New Year & Welcome Back!

    1. Thanks T ,
      She has been pretty good , not getting out to pasture and all.She is ready now,I think, for light work.

      .D'ap is a very unknown horse. She appears to have been through alot.Acts as though she doesn't trust, but is kind.
      Thank you for coming by

  14. Great to hear from you! Wonderful news about getting back in the (new!) saddle with Wa. She's lucky to have you, and so is D'Apple. That sweet girl got a soft landing ending up with your sis and you. Oh to one day be a subtle tactful rider...

    The light is coming back slowly but surely - we're on the down side now. Hang in there and keep us posted on both of your girls. (((♥♥♥)))

    1. Yuppers, going into the lighter season now....with ya on that Christian!
      I'm hoping to actually SIT ON ~the new/,old saddle~ Monday. I've been taking my time..getting back on the mare.

  15. Glad the mare is getting better....I just love that poultice. Always keep a big pail of it on hand. Jingles for you guys a speedy rehab till the end. Love the new saddle.

    1. thanks Tori,
      Great you stopped by. Wow, you're a busy gal with 4 horses.,2 is my Max..
      That poultice is the best

  16. It is so nice to hear from you! It's been so dark and dreary, I haven't been on the blog much either. I am so happy that WA mare is on the mend, the patience you have is remarkable. Maybe this is the year Fred and I come visit you and WA. My daughter just moved into a house not far from the Beavercreek store. Stay warm, it's chilly out there!


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