Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth Of July with the Horses

We had sooo much fun At Silver Creek Falls this past weekend with the horses! It took so little time to get to this amazing- "rain-forest like"- place with our equine companions behind us in the trailer. And what fun it was to be all decked out in our RedWhite and Blue attire. After all, Washashe is my ALL AMERICAN MARE!

So, it was myself and two other-adventure-seeking-equine-lovers, who took off about mid day to the Silver Creek Falls Park . When we got there , we just tacked up immediately, and took off knowingly WITHOUT THE MAP to a favorite trail I remembered to be- NOT too long a ride. Trusted me on that one, and almost 3 hours later, at the beginning of sunset, we got into camp and Bruce, my lovely husband, was there with the fire going and we just knew= we had begun a weekend to remember, one without mishap or too high an expectation= aside from FUN and LAUGHTER!

Once we were riding a high ridge area where I HAD to get off in a hurry, my mare and I really don't do craggy terrain well. Nervousness turns into- dangerous- with no where to go fast. I had just remounted her and all was well... we lead the threesome down the trail and- All of a sudden- I see what I think to be a groundhog or small rodent pop out of the bush and come directly for my mares was an aggressive mother grouse! She was trying to divert us from her nest...but had come so close to us, hat I truly did not know what my mare would do with this Puffed-Up-feathery thing! She did Nothing, she just looked at her in disbelief as we all did...thinking"Grouse takes on 3,000 pounds of animals!" Oh, man... what a laugh!

What a time we had!! Thank you Lord for all the fun and safely we enjoyed this first time out camping this many~ many more times -as such!

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  1. SOOOO jealous! Sounds fantastic----can't believe the grouse didn't spook the horses. Can't wait to hear more. Miss you.


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