Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trail Views

Sometimes I am unable to process my times in the world without getting away and into the forests...

God does meet me there and gives me His sense of calm. I relax and enjoy times of peace with my mare Washashe. She and I just wander around the woods checking out the wildlife and fluttery animals as we hoof it by. We go through the nearby "tree glen" and practice Dressage up the alley's there..watching for deer as we do half passes and leg yeilds.... trot and canter through their wooded haven.

His creation is beautiful yet, we destroy it with all sorts of trash, pollution, and also the noise...As I left tonight I could hear the motor cycles .
Lately, I am known as the "Mounted Trail Police" at my stable...tonight it was mentioned that I get a badge and some flashing lights for my mare to they laughed it up! I actually do have a flashing light on my bridle...and I wear a whistle for safety if Motor Bikers come around.. It being illegal for them to use the Port Blakley lands for that kind of use, I feel very justified in my quest for silence and beauty (and safety) out there while I ride public lands available for Non-motorised use.

It was just so lovely tonight ...riding through the wooded trails, on the buckle, with my mare snorting along as she walked with only our Shadow ahead and the sunset behind us as company. My little saddle has developed a squeaking somewhat now. After all -it is 44 years old and me being older..well, I make noises too! Be looking for you all on the trails....

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