Monday, March 28, 2011

Old friend remembered

Yup, good ol' Vicks VapoRub.
While digging in the "Medicine drawer" I found this faithful friend from Childhood. While the container is plastic now, instead of the cool Cobalt Blue glass, the effects remain soothing and they were when mom slathered you with it, while you recovered from a bad cold. I did just that, slathered my chest throat and nose with Mr.Vicks.
Since last week, after that sale then Windy ride, I've been kicked to the curb(bed rather) with what I thought was Strep..then after self medicating for 4 days with Homeopathic's and lots of tea and bed/couch seems to have moved downward.  I am not usually down this long, having a pretty strong /healthy constitution. But whatever this is- took over my whole body-throat first!

My constant companion, Freyda cat, has been mimicking my moves on the couch.

Her furry toes gave me smiles, as she soaked up the little bit of sunrays we had last week.

She purred and made sure I had everything I needed, accoring to her,  to heal up~

I got to see the mare once, mid week, for about 2 hours of "hair removal", and grazing.
My mare too, made sure I was calm and relaxed, by sending me those vibes herself~

Something was definitely up with her at first, as I collected her from the field. Once we started to walk through the filed to the gate towards the stable...she began LEAPING like a gazelle-on a 12 foot line! Yea..imagine that. I decided quickly to stand still and let her leap, as she did, in counter clockwise rotation completely around me till she came to my right side again.  I knew at this point my disapproving "pressure" towards her would make her escalate. I was being the way I wanted her to control. Once she came around ( took about 3 leaps) I put my arm in the air to signal her to stop, and I turned also to face her. She did. I kept my arm in the air, till she put her head down and snorted...I then did a series of start- stops on the way to the gate. She was good then.

After I brushed her and then took on myself, all the flyaway shedding hairs, we went for a walk to hand graze some of springs new grasses.
 We got to meet the 31 yr old retired endurance mare Zee. Wa always (usually) lowers her head to meet others, verses up and over a fence. I take it to be submission.

"What now ma?"

 Answered that question herself...back to grazing!

So, now I am going into the "Urgent care" nearby. I don't have a proper Dr. yet since, we are in the hospital system now. I have done all I can, with all the resources natural..I need someone else to help me through. I am NOT a drug taker and I kinda think that's probably the route they will head me on the way home(if that is the case) I shall pick up some live"Probiotics" to add the the arsenal for recovery!

If I can recover enough...the gal that Owns THEO, the large Black Warmblood gelding Wa mare pastures with here

She is going to help me get back into shape by lunging me on her Theo, stirrup/rein less starting sometime this week.  Then, as I ready my mare again for the arena and a saddle...she'll lunge me on her, hopefully. I am excited.~
Off to urgent care I go...see ya all later..maybe I'll have the energies to focus more- and catch up with you all!!


  1. Vicks! Rubbed all over the chest! My Mum did that when I was small and in need of some TLC!....Oh! Then she always gave me Cod Liver Oil, ugh! But I never really ailed. So now its all I can do to get the other half to rub it on for me!!Lol

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I imagine you've already tried Vit C and zinc. Probiotics are also a good choice. I've heard there is a nasty (cold-like) virus that people are having a hard time shaking. If it is a virus, antibiotics won't help. Gosh - I'd have to be desperate to use Vicks - that is not a happy memory from my childhood! (Oh - just thought of something else for you to try. Get a mouthwash with tea tree oil in it - Jason's is good- and use it faithfully.) I like the pic of Wa being "respectful" to the older horse.

  3. Poor sick Kacy :(

    Here is some unsolicited medical health advice for you ;)

    It may be late for this, but gargling with warm salt water, as far back in your throat as you can - salty salty water - can help kill the bugs.

    And no dairy products - they create more mucous to deal with.

    Lots of folks around here have gotten what sounds like the same thing.

    I hope you kick it soon!!

  4. I'm a great fan of Vicks and have used it a few times this winter. Good move. Sorry you have been down for such a long time. Love the macro shots of your cat....especially the feet. Get better soon!

  5. I am never without Vicks!

    There is one more purpose for it. Smear in a stallion's nose when a mare is in season and you want to ride him anyway.

    Granny used to have us eat baked or boiled onions when a cold had settled in our chest.

    Heal quickly.

  6. Love Vicks!! Feel better soon Kacy =)

    Love the pictures of your kitty feet they make me smile too.

    @ Gail - we use vicks in our dogs noses at shows so they don't smell the females in heat. Never thought to smear it in a stallions nose!

  7. Okay. . .this is what I read recently. Rub your feet with Vicks and then cover them with warm sockies and go to bed. And voila! You wake up cured!

    I've never tried that. But I might.

    And I wish I had the eyelashes of that mare. And those kitty pictures. My heart melts.

  8. Kitty Feetses! SWEET!
    So sad that you are under the wether. Lots of hubby's elderly folks are really sick with it, but it's taken down several of our teachers and many of our kidlets. I won't offer medical advice, but do take care of yourself, sweety. Hopefully you'll be up and around and around on a big black WB soon!

  9. Going to beddy with some Vicks slathered tootsies! Tee he he!

  10. Feel better, Kacy. I am so sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope you kick it soon.

    I tried the Vicks on the feet but I found out it has to be the old version of Vicks to work. I found an old glass jar at my grandmother's and it worked.

    Also, I always stay away from dairy products, but I read that if you drink 1 cup hot milk with 1 tbsp. honey in it before bed you will sleep without coughing. I was skeptical but I tried it and it worked.

    Feel better dear friend!

  11. I'm so sorry you're feeling poorly. I love the beautiful photos of Nurse Freyda.
    I'm looking forward to friend Jan being well enough in the months ahead to lunge each othet again. It's great for just concentrating on your position, and it's great for girl bonding. Love it.

  12. Hope you are felling better soon!


  13. Thank You Skip!

    Terry...yes I hope Jan recovers in good time also!I loved what you said too.. "Girl bonding" viw lunge line!I am so looking forward to that. I have so much MORE "girl" to my body..I'll have to make some jokes about that to my stable partner..she is like a whisp of a willow!

    Thanks dear..I know you just made it through your flu bout..I may have had that too, who knows! Funny about the Milk and..whats the DIFF in Vicks versions??? Was it stronger before?

    Hi you...are you healed up too??
    Thanks...I don't mind medical advice...I actually had forgotten about Zink Losenges and bought some of those- pronto!

    Thanks Lucy...slathered the toosies last night and added one of my own remedies for warmth...Cayenne pepper!

    I have something called "Taileeze" for the horses noses...made for just that purpose. Bet if I looked at the would resemble Vicks!

    Gail~ Ouu will have to try that..if my man will allow me too!!!..he is so funny about smells and ONIONS!Grannys are full of wisdom!
    My sister, while she was pregnaunt and not able to use hardly the worst cold and she use a cheesecloth with a poultice of warm "dry mustard" to PULL out the slightly burns(not really, but feels as if) but it brought it all out!

    Thanks Lori..I though of you as I layed upn the couch taking macro shots of kitty toes!

    Christian!! Oh thanks so much for the advice...I did gargle...yucko- witht he salty gave me releif!. Yea, I do stay away form the dairy, and I take Kyolic Garlic/echinecia/C/ Goldenseal, and a host of sinus homeopathics!
    This is sure NOT being kicked- by my usual assalt of healthy alternative medicines.'s been years since I got this sick so, I should not complain too much!

    Thanks so much for the advice!! I was lacking in the ZINK losenge department..ran out after the Dr. apt. and got me some..taking them every 2 hours! I forgot that brand name..Jasons, will look for that one. I use tea tree for tons of stuff!
    Thanks for the well sishes..oou and sorry the memory of Vick was not too sweet for you~

    Cheyenne~ Yea, those moms!!

  14. Your mare is looking good, nice cat too, hope you feel better soon, as for medical advice, I don’t really know about that stuff sorry, but again hope you feel better soon.

  15. I'm sorry to hear you're sick. There really is a nasty bug going around that starts in the throat and goes to the chest. I had it a Christmas time and it took me weeks to get rid of it. I sure hope your recovery time is much shorter than mine was.

  16. Oh yes, Vicks! I can smell it, even from only looking at the photo. Hope you feel better soon sweetie. Been enjoying (NOT) a sore throat myself the last couple of weeks. But that's it. Nothing worse. Except for that nasty slimey irritating lump that's in my throat and won't be coughed up, however hard I try (the neighbours must be worried what's going on here and we live in a detached property), nor swallowed down. I knew you wanted to know that ;-) Love the cat photos. I'm sending all sorts of healing vibes your way.
    Good luck with the arena riding adventures. How's the new saddle? Has it arrived yet?

  17. I have been having Manuka honey in and on everything, it has really helped my raw throat. I use vic too but sadly I have a cat allergy so do not have a lovely one like yours for comfort. Hope you are feeling better soon. Kind regards, Abby

  18. Hope you feel better Kacy. This bug has been going around here too and it takes a long time to get rid of it. Hang in there.

    Lovely pictures of your menagerie. They all look so happy.

  19. Vicks rubbed on your forehead/neck will keep little gnats away. I can finally visit your blog since I'm on my Mom's wireless for the weekend!

  20. If you must be sick and laid up... Freyda would be the one to be laid up with. She is too cute.


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